Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 46 The Girl Can Not Afford To Get A Serious Injuries


Lin Fan was in a good mood; he successfully defeated the opponent, who was stronger than him.

Feng Yisan had a hard time breathing, and a lot of blood spewed out of his mouth.

He didn’t expect to be hurt badly like that by Lin Fan.

He saw Lin Fan was approaching him; he was a bit hesitant to ask for help, because his comrades were on par with the rest, and even had the advantage. But look at him now…

Damn it.

Lin Fan approached Feng Yisan and would never let go of the treasure in front of his eyes.

“Kill me.”

With a sword in his hand, a living creature left this world so peacefully.

Lin Fan wanted to help others in their fight hurriedly.

“Yes! I might get 70 years’ worth of cultivation.”

Lin Fan prayed in his heart that he could get the cultivation.

‘Martial Arts: Fivefold Strikes (Fourth-Stage)’


He didn’t get the cultivation.

“You guys deserve a painful death.” Lin Fan scolded and left; he rushed to Captain Zhao. “Captain Zhao, I’m here.”

Captain Zhao was too busy dealing with a Fourth-Stage demon, and he got many scars from the fight.

The demon he dealt with was an eagle demon, with its extremely sharp claws and speed as its main weapon in battle. A weapon that hasn’t been enhanced by spiritual power would break to pieces by its claw.

“How’s it going?” Lin Fan asked Captain Zhao.

Captain Zhao breathed a sigh of relief.

“I can’t hold it anymore if you don’t come. This beast is troublesome.”

Lin Fan looked at the eagle demon, which was almost two meters wide with its wings spread, and its eyes were shining.

‘Eagle Demon: Fourth-Stage Demon’

‘Possible Item Drop:

  • 40 Years’ worth of cultivation
  • Spirit Root (Fragment)
  • Hawkeye (Pseudo-Bronze)
  • Sharp edge (Pseudo-Gold)
  • Hawk Hitting The Sky (Fourth-Stage)
  • Wind Wings (Third-Stage)’

“I didn’t expect the demon can drop such things.”

Lin Fan muttered the demon had not only the spirit root but also high-grade technique. Hawkeye was a Pseudo-Bronze grade, but the Sharp Edge was a Pseudo-Golden grade. That was the highest grade Lin Fan had encountered so far.

Looking at other demons, none of them exceeded the Pseudo-Gold grade.

Maybe it had nothing to do with cultivation.

“Brother Lin, what are you mumbling about?” Captain Zhao asked, the sword in his hand was in poor condition caused by the Eagle Demon’s attack, and it was not far from being scrapped.

“It’s nothing. I just think that I can defeat this eagle demon.” Lin Fan said.

Captain Zhao would never allow Lin Fan to show off in front of him if that was the case.

The eagle demon hovered and spread its wings; its beak radiated white light.


The eagle demon flapped its wings and charged in.

Then the wings spread wide; its body rotated at high speed, which caused a razor-like airflow that could harm anything near it.

“Be careful!”

Captain Zhao reminded Lin Fan that the eagle demon was too strong. If he were not careful, he would be fatally wounded.

“Captain Zhao, I’m sure I can beat this guy. I have a plan.”

Lin Fan ran straight to the demon.

“Ox Crushing The Mountain!”

At that moment, Lin Fan’s sword slashed towards the eagle demon’s beak, even though the eagle demon’s power seemed so strong, but Lin Fan didn’t fear it at all.

A light flashed when those two clashed.

Lin Fan slashed across the enemy while holding his sword in a slashing stance, and then he slowly lowered his arm.

As his arm was lowered down.


The demon’s beak cracked, and then a fatal wound spread from the beak of the demon to its neck, body, and tail.

The demon was bleeding, and its huge body fell to the ground.

Captain Zhao was stunned, looked at the dead eagle demon, and then stared at Lin Fan, who was standing there calmly.

What happened?

Lin Fan was so powerful.

Captain Zhao fought with the eagle demon for quite a while, but the eagle demon almost killed him, but he did not expect that the eagle demon was defeated in a split second by that kid.

The gap was a bit big.

Lin Fan was a bit nervous, waiting for the system to inform him of the item drop.

‘Obtained: 40 years’ worth of cultivation.’


Lin Fan almost jumped up in excitement. He didn’t expect to get the cultivation. He wanted to kneel down to honor the eagle demon.

“You didn’t die in vain.”

And it was not just the cultivation was things like …

‘Obtained: Sharp Edge (Pseudo-Gold)’


Lin Fan already had 67 years’ worth of cultivation, and thanks to the eagle demon now, it skyrocketed to 107 years.

His spiritual power has reached its highest level.



Yuan Bei, who fought with Wang Zhou, did not expect the situation to change.

Indeed, casualties were inevitable.

But Feng Yisan’s death was a big shock for him.

And they were all wounded; they couldn’t continue to fight.

Yuan Bei’s body was like an arrow; he blasted away towards the distance. It was okay for the demon to die, as long as they could leave.

When the demon saw the humans fled, they also tried to escape.

But Lin Fan wouldn’t want to lose the source of cultivation.

“Don’t chase them!” Wang Zhou shouted while kneeling on the ground, spitting blood, and his face turned pale.

“Sir, are you okay?” Lin Fan asked. It was a pity that he couldn’t kill all of the enemies.

“My injury was a bit serious. One of my opponents’ cultivation is higher than me, plus the demon injured my hand, but I have to fight.” Wang Zhou said, then looked at Lin Fan, “You never cease to amaze me.”

He didn’t expect Lin Fan would improve Iron Head to such a degree.

Li Zhiyong, as a child from a wealthy family, naturally had no shortage of talents.

It was not difficult to accumulate cultivation, but for Lin Fan, who was just a commoner, that was impossible.

Everyone heard Li Zhiyong’s voice.

“Sister Liu …”                                                    

It turned out that Liu Ru was in critical condition.

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