Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 47 Spy


Liu Ru was not the only one who was seriously injured, but also the other two veterans, but their wound was not fatal as Liu Ru’s wound, and at least they didn’t faint.

However, Liu Ru was thoug enough for a woman.

Even if she was injured bad enough, she never called for help.

If the other girl was in the same condition as her, that girl would have cried for help.

“She is okay, fortunately, there is no life-threatening wound.” Wang Zhou looked at the injury, checked her pulse, the pulse was steady, and then he said, “We can’t stay in this place for too long, we must leave quickly.”

“Wait.” Lin Fan said, he immediately walked towards Feng Yisan’s corpse, he seemed to be searching for something on Feng Yisan’s body, and he found the secret letter that was already burned. And he also found the silver money in Feng Yisan’s pocket.

Wang Zhou and others looked at Lin Fan without knowing what Lin Fan was doing.

“It may give us info about who is the one behind all of this.” Lin Fan said, “There is a mole, the enemy has eyes and ears in our government or Hunter Guild.”

Wang Zhou and the others were shocked when heard that.

Li Zhiyong took Liu Ru on the horse, and they rushed on the road overnight. It was not recommended to stay there for too long. It was safer to return to the city immediately.

On the way back.

Lin Fan took out the secret letter, and he found two words on the corner of the letter.

‘Dragon Gang’

Lin Fan guessed that it should be an important letter, Feng Yisan left that letter and wanted to take it back, but he did not expect to die in the battle.

Thanks to the system Lin Fan was able to find that letter.

“Everyone, Dragon Gang is the one who did this.” Lin Fan handed the letter to Wang Zhou and everybody was speechless.

“Fuck Dragon Gang, I will make them pay for it.” Li Zhiyong’s eyes showed that he was very angry.

“Don’t be reckless.” Wang Zhou hurriedly said, “Although we already knew Dragon Gang is behind all of this, Dragon Gang’s power in Jiangdu City is relatively large, and we can’t handle it easily.”

Lin Fan remained silent. To him, he no longer needed to be careful. His cultivation has already reached 107 years, it was the cultivation of immortals.

So, Dragon Gang’s lackey was nothing in his eyes.

Jiangdu City.

Dragon Gang headquarters.

“Grandmaster, the mission failed.” Yuan Bei and others bowed while reporting the situation. They didn’t expect they will lose and even lost Feng Yisan.

“Do you still have a face to come back even though you fail?” The Grandmaster yelled at them. “You can’t even kill one of them even though you bring the demons. Don’t you think that is crazy?”                                                                      

Yuan Bei and others looked down and shivered.

The Grandmaster knew what happened recently, but he didn’t care about that. His lackeys must get rid of every bugs which wanted to destroy their garden be it the government or the Hunter Guild.

In the past, they did not make a move because there were no disputes with the government or Hunter Guild, but now that the problem has arisen, it must be resolved, exterminated them, and put all the blame on the demons.

“Grandmaster, I suspect that we have spies in our gang.” Yuan Bei remembered that Lin Fan knew about their names, and he was shocked because that was not a simple matter.

“What?!” The Grandmaster suddenly stood.

Yuan Bei said, “When we besieged those people in Gucun, Wang Zhou’s men named Lin Fan knew our names. He called our names one by one. How could an outsider know us?”

“Impossible!” The Grandmaster denied it, how could anyone know his lackeys’ identity?

“If we didn’t hear it with our own ears, we would never believe it ourselves. There must be a spy inside the gang, and this spy is not an ordinary person.” Yuan Bei said.

He didn’t say anything furthermore.

The Grandmaster was smart, he could definitely understand what Yuan Bei meant.

He thought there was a possibility that Lin Fan’s party knew Dragon Gang will come to kill them and took a precaution.

The Grandmaster pondered, he waved his hand to let Yuan Bei leave.

The Grandmaster wondered who the spy was.

He arranged that operation himself. If there was any mistake, it was Yuan Bei who was most likely the spy himself. Because the demons couldn’t defy him.

And he remembered Lin Fan.

If he wanted to know who the spy was, he could only learn about that from Lin Fan.

Hunter Guild.

After Li Zhiyong and others returned, they immediately called for a doctor to treat them. Although Liu Ru’s life was no longer in danger, the injuries on her body were quite serious, especially the wounds on her calf, anyone could see her bones.

He regretted it.

If he knew that would be the case, he won’t let Liu Ru go with them.

Wang Zhou and Lin Fan left the Hunter Guild.

The operation was not a success, but it was not a failure either.

“Master, can we do something about Dragon Gang?” Lin Fan asked.

Wang Zhou stopped while hearing that, and then he said, “If I say there is nothing we can do, will you be disappointed?”

“Yeah, a bit.” Lin Fan said.

Wang Zhou sighed, “Dragon Gang in Jiangdu City is just one of the branches. It is too difficult to convict Dragon Gang from this small city.”

In Lin Fan’s eyes, it was just a matter of strength.

That was the fundamental point to solve everything.

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