Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 48 So Arrogant


Lin Fan remained silent for quite a while, and those two went separate ways.

The night was quiet.

He came to that world without any family and for no reason, and now there was a group of men following him.

His goal was to become immortal after he knew about the system; he must become the strongest being in that world.

After all, that world was fucked up, everything the strong said was right, regardless of all facts.

Lin Fan wanted to leave Jiangdu City to see the other side of the world.

As for Wang Bao, he naturally couldn’t take Wang Bao away.

His cultivation was too weak, and Lin Fan’s cultivation was only enough to protect himself.


Lin Fan returned to his room, thinking about what happened recently.

The cultivation of immortals, spirit root.

But he didn’t even have a shard of spirit root, because he has bad luck.

Lin Fan returned to his room, sat there, poured a cup of tea, and took a sip to quench his thirst.

The items he obtained from the enemies were pretty good.

‘Fivefold Strikes (Fourth-Stage): Severing the bones, slaying them, divine death, extinction.’

The info on that technique was amazingly grotesque.

Anyway, that was also a Fourth-Stage technique.

That will solve one of Lin Fan’s problem since he lacked technique.

The biggest fish was the other technique.

‘Sharp Edge (Pseudo-Gold): The Eagle Demon’s talent, the indestructible fingers, extremely hard, extremely sharp, and it was enough to split mountain into two.’

Lin Fan already had black iron, bronze, and gold grade talent.

He obtained those talents from monsters as if he was born with it.

He thought if he defeated a strong demon, for example, the demon who had a fire immunity talent, a regeneration talent, thunder bender talent, etc., then he will be the strongest for sure.

If all talents were combined together, it would be absolutely terrifying.

He tried the Sharp Edge first.

The shape of his fingers changed. If he used those fingers to do something evil, he would be far more terrifying than the demon itself.

If he combined with Fivefold Strikes, its strength would be amazing.

The next day.

One thing happened in Dragon Gang.

A group of lackeys gathered, holding a piece of paper in their hands, facing each other, they were confused.

Dragon Gang wanted them to fill in their place of origin and personal information.

But the problem was… they couldn’t write, they didn’t even now a single letter.

That was the Grandmaster’s plan to reveal the spy’s identity. If the spy knew about the data collecting, the spy would be panic.

He was very proud of that plan, he used to be known just for his strength and his guts, but he was using his brain at that time.

Government Building’s Gate.

Even though Lin Fan experienced terrible things last night, he still waited at the gate like usual.

“Today, our training will be slightly different.”

In the past, they ran around the road outside Jiangdu City.

But now they were preparing to run on the main streets in the city.

Wang Bao and the other’s spiritual power raised significantly, thanks to the training.

The street was very lively.

In front of a stall who was selling pears.

“Sir, this pear is very sweet.” The hawker who was selling pears was an old man in his sixties.

Due to chronic malnutrition and fatigue, he looked like he was seventy or eighty years old.

At that moment, the old man kneeled and tried to please several Dragon Gang members in front of him.

A big man took a bite of pear and then said, “It’s time to pay the stall fee.”

The old man begged, “Sir, you know really well that the market is in terrible condition, and my wife is also sick. I hope you can take these silvers as the downpayment, and I will pay the rest later.”


The big man smashed the pear to the ground, he was so fierce, and he kicked the pear stall.

“You are in the Dragon Gang area, have you considered about the consequences?”

“My pear …” The old man was so distressed that he rushed to the ground to pick up the pears, but the big man stepped on his hands.

“Your wife has nothing to do with Dragon Gang. You must follow the rules if you still want to open your stall here.”

The hawkers around saw those people with a disgusted gaze.

And suddenly …

“You bastard …”

The big man who was harassing the old man heard that voice.

Who was so arrogant and brave enough to say that?

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