Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 49 It Is Difficult To Explain It


“Who do you think you are acting all high and mighty?”


Just when that big man yelled at someone who suddenly came, the big man felt his neck was cold, because a sword touched his neck.

Then he saw a group of bald heads approached him with swords.

Their heads were so bright and dazzling under the sunshine, and the big man instantly remembered who those guys were.

They were the bald head group who crushed Lang Jun from Dragon Gang at the port.

“What are you trying to do? Be careful, the sword has no eyes.” The big man said, he looked calm, but in fact, he was panicked, and he drew his sword and then pointed it at Lin Fan without saying a word.

Even Dragon Gang was not as crazy as Lin Fan.

The big man’s name was Qiu Er, and he was just one of Dragon Gang’s thugs, so he could only bring a few men with him.

Compared with Lang Jun, there was a big gap.

“Sir, are they trying to do something toward you?” Lin Fan walked to the old man and said, “Don’t be afraid, we are here, those guys can’t do anything.”

Qiu Er was furious and wondered who that man was.

But Qiu Er had to endure his anger because Lin Fan’s sword was on his neck.

The old man didn’t dare to say anything.

It wasn’t because he didn’t believe in Lin Fan’s words, but the stigma of Dragon Gang made the old man so scared. He was afraid Dragon Gang would bring trouble to him afterward.

Lin Fan knew that the old man might be afraid.

“We didn’t do anything suspicious. This is the Dragon Gang area. They have to pay the rent to set up a stall here. Even if you are the government’s dogs, you have no right to interfere with us.”

Even though Qiu Er was frightened by Lin Fan’s sword around his neck, he still acted like a tough guy.

He didn’t believe Lin Fan had the guts to kill him.

“Hehe…” Lin Fan shook his head and slapped Qiu Er’s face, again and again, although Lin Fan didn’t put any strength to it; still, it felt so shameful.

Qiu Er looked at Lin Fan furiously.

Dragon Gang’s power made Qiu Er at ease.

As long as he got back up from Dragon Gang, he did not believe there was anyone who dared to mess with him.

“Forget it, seeing you look so confused, I know that you are stupid enough and don’t understand what I’m saying, it’s useless.” Lin Fan said lazily and stretched out his hand to Qiu Er.

Qiu Er was frightened and shouted, “What do you want to do in broad daylight and in the middle of the crowd like this?

Lin Fan found twelve silver from Qiu Er’s pocket.

The poor couldn’t believe those people were actually helping them.

“Sir, our job is to make sure Jiangdu City keep safe. These silver are the compensation for your broken stall.” Lin Fan said.

“Sir, this is too much, I can’t accept it.” The old man was afraid to take the silver.

But Lin Fan insisted on giving the silver, “It is also the compensation for your mental loss.”

“What does that mean?” The old man was confused and couldn’t understand what it meant.

Lin Fan didn’t want to explain too much.

With the old man’s knowledge, he was afraid that it would be difficult to understand what the mental loss fee was.

“Hurry up, leave this place with that money.” Lin Fan urged the old man to leave quickly.

“Bo Liu, pick up the pear on the ground for the old man.”

“Yes, sir.”

The people and hawkers around looked at the situation in front of them and couldn’t believe their own eyes.

They did not expect the Hunters would act like heroes.

It was as if they descended from the sky riding on colorful clouds, and brought judgment to Dragon Gang.

“Take all of them to the dungeon.” Lin Fan was so happy that he could teach them a lesson or two.

Lin Fan, the bald-hero.

Even though Qiu Er was Dragon Gang’s lackey, Lin Fan didn’t care and still wanted to punish them.

“What do you want to do?!”

“We didn’t do anything wrong! You have no right to arrest us!”

“We’re from Dragon Gang! You’re looking for death!”

Lin Fan didn’t listen to the dog’s bark.

“Gentleman, please rest assured, as long as you don’t commit any crimes, you will be safe.”

“Let’s go.”

When Lin Fan arrested Qiu Er and his men, everyone on the scene was eagerly talking about it.

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Inside The Dungeon.

Qiu Er was tied to a wooden pillar, and Lin Fan tied a lot of books to Qiu Er and his men’s belly.

“Leader, are we not practicing today?

Wang Bao asked.

Lin Fan said, “I appreciated your efforts for all this time, and now what you lack most is actual combat, but hey, the opportunity has come, they are your actual combat dummy. Rest assured, you can go full power since there are books protecting them.”

Lin Fan observed his men’s growth day by day; he knew his men would reach the second stage of Iron Head in no time.

Someday, Lin Fan will leave the city.

It was important for him to prepare his men so they could survive on their own.

Qiu Er did not quite understand what Lin Fan said.

But somehow, he had a bad feeling about that.

“What do you want to do?” Qiu Er shouted with a slight panic.

Wang Bao and others slowly approached them.

Lin Fan’s men were so nervous.

They had been training their bald heads and worked hard for many days.

Now, they were going to practice it on a real person.

Bald heads slammed Qiu Er and his men’s belly.

“Urgh!” They were screaming.

Even with a lot of books protecting them, Qiu Er still felt the impact.

Lin Fan was drinking tea leisurely, watching his men was devoted to the new training menu he gave, he was quite relieved.

His men’s hard work will be rewarded.

But Zhu Hou, one of the eight leaders in Dragon Gang, was feeling gloomy.

The government arrested Dragon Gang members.

That obviously destroyed Dragon Gang’s reputation.

“Come here.” Zhu Hou shouted.

Soon, a middle-aged man slowly walked approaching him. He was Zhu Hou’s right arm. He did not have a high position in the organization, but he indeed was quite skilled.


“Master, do you need something from me?” Ji Zhen asked.

“Our members were arrested by the government. Get them out for me and ask Wang Zhou what he wants.” Zhu Hou said.

“Yes, master, I will do it immediately.” Ji Zhen went out immediately. He did not expect the people in the government would actually do something to Dragon Gang members.

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