Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 50 It Is Not About Money


Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 50

Inside The Dungeon.

“Don’t! I promise I will change my way from now on.”

“Help me!”

“Sir, please show mercy.”

Wang Bao never hit people until he practiced the Iron Head technique. He always practiced on the tree. Now, he will be practicing on an actual human.

At that time.

Captain Zhao came to the dungeon; he heard a scream from afar.

Surprisingly, all Dragon Gang members were all tied to the wooden pillars, and Wang Bao’s behavior shocked Captain Zhao.

“Captain Zhao, is there something important that you come here all the way by yourself?” Lin Fan knew that Captain Zhao was a busy man.

Captain Zhao was seriously injured last time.

Captain Zhao was just bandaged; he was already back to work again.

Lin Fan admired his spirit.

Captain Zhao glanced at the screaming Dragon Gang members and approached Lin Fan; he whispered, “Master Wang asked me to come here and ask, what are you trying to do? One of the Dragon Gang leaders came, and Master Wang asked me to come to you.”

Lin Fan said, “Those guys committed crimes in the street, and then I arrest them right there and then, I can’t ignore it when I see it.”

“Well, there is nothing wrong with it.” Captain Zhao agreed with Lin Fan’s way of thinking, and after hearing the scream, he had to remind Lin Fan, “Don’t kill those guys. Otherwise, it will be difficult to explain to the higher-ups.”

“Rest assured. I don’t intend to kill those guys.” Lin Fan said.

Captain Zhao also hated Dragon Gang, and naturally, he turned his back on what Lin Fan did.

Lin Fan stopped the training and told his men to take the books back.

Wang Bao and others were addicted to Lin Fan’s new training.

Qiu Er’s belly was slammed many times, and he kept screaming, but what happened next made him almost fainted.

After a while.

The servants guarding the gate of the dungeon hurried in, “Sir, there are people outside asking to get in.”

“Let them in.”

Lin Fan knew that was Dragon Gang.

As for which division it was, Lin Fan didn’t really care.

The last time was Hu Tang, this time, it was Kaishan Tang.

Lin Fan indeed wanted to eradicate all of them, so if the enemies were looking for Lin Fan, that would save him the trouble.

Outside the dungeon, Ji Zhen was waiting in his elegant clothes, although he was a middle-aged man he always looked so elegant.

So stylish.

“You can go in.” Wu Yi let Ji Zhen went in.

Ji Zhen never thought he would be welcomed there.

He never met Lin Fan in person before.

Last time, Lin Fan broke Lang Jun’s legs from Hu Tang, and Gao Yixiong didn’t even do anything about that, which surprised him a lot.

Lin Fan was just a mediocre Hunter, nothing extraordinary in Ji Zhen’s eyes.

Soon, Ji Zhen saw a shining head when he entered the dungeon, and that person smiled at him.

“Is that the person I’m facing this time?” Ji Zhen thought.

Seemed like a plain old joe.

Ji Zhen’s expression slowly changed; a smile appeared on his face; he acted as if he was Lin Fan’s old acquaintance.

“Hahaha.” Lin Fan smiled.

“I didn’t expect to attract such huge attention. I never know until today.”

Ji Zhen’s smile gradually faded, Lin Fan seemed difficult to deal with.

“Please sit down.” Lin Fan let Ji Zhen sat down.

Ji Zhen smiled and nodded, Yu Guang looked at Qiu Er, and others were tied up to the wooden pillar, “Sir, those little ignorant guys have offended Sir Lin, and I’m here in their place to apologize to you.”

Lin Fan waved his hand and said, “It’s fine.”

“But they are breaking the law in the street. As a Hunter of Jiangdu City, I can’t just sit idly watching them.”

Ji Zhen said, “Sir, although Dragon Gang is a thug, we have strict rules. These guys used Dragon Gang’s reputation to do bad things, and I’m so ashamed because of it.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Lin Fan laughed.

“There are scums like them everywhere. Dragon Gang has a great business and influence. It is normal if there are several people like them. My opinion about Dragon Gang will not be biased just because of those guys.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to them, it’s just a month in prison, and after that, I will return them to you personally.”

But Ji Zhen’s purpose was to get those people out.

Actually, those guys were not important to the organization, but Dragon Gang’s name will be tainted if the outside world learned about it.

And eventually, there will revolt against Dragon Gang in the future.

At that time.

Ji Zhen took out two thousand silver money, slowly put them on the table, and gently pushed them into the middle, looking straight at Lin Fan sincerely, “Sir, it’s just a trivial thing to do. I promise to take them back and give them a severe punishment.”

Lin Fan and Ji Zhen looked at each other, he looked down, glanced at the silver money, and smiled, “Ji Zhen, are you trying to insult me?”

“No, I wouldn’t dream of it, I just hope that Sir Lin Fan can understand me, and this is for you and your men to have a meal after this.” Ji Zhen took out another silver money and pushed it gently to the middle of the table.

Lin Fan sighed, “Hey, it’s hard for me to accept this. I caught them in the street for breaking the law, how can I just let them go?”

Ji Zhen was a cold person.

His ability to be the representative of Kaishan Tang was enough to show that he was a capable person. Lin Fan’s behavior gradually changed.

That showed the silver money was just not enough.

Ji Zhen took out silver money again and sincerely said, “Sir Lin, I need your help.”

“I can’t let disappoint my brethren. If I let them go now, what will my brethren think?” Lin Fan pretended to be very embarrassed.

Ji Zhen glanced at the Hunters standing behind Lin Fan and cursed them in his heart.

At that time.

Ji Zhen no longer took out the silver money one after another; instead, he took out a lot of silver money at once and pushed it directly in front of Lin Fan, “Sir Lin, please show your mercy.”

“Okay, since you are so sincere. I will accept this, but you must understand that this matter has nothing to do with anything, I appreciate your sincerity that’s all.”

“But remember, don’t let me arrest them again for the second time.”

Lin Fan got up and hid the money in his sleeve; his heart was filled with joy.

Ji Zhen smiled but cursed Lin Fan in his heart.

He pretended to be grateful, “Sir Lin, don’t worry, we will take this lesson as an example, please don’t hesitate to arrest them if you find them guilty.”

“Okay.” Lin Fan answered.

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