Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 51 Shameless


Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 51

Qiu Er’s legs were shaking.

Not because of fear.

He almost fainted because Lin Fan’s men kept using him as a training dummy, but since Qui Er has been rescued. He really wanted to cry, because Dragon Gang did not give up on him even though he didn’t have a high status in Dragon Gang.

They loathed Lin Fan, and also cursed Wang Zhou.

“Sir Lin let you go, be careful.” Ji Zhen said in a deep voice. He was a bit upset because he must spend his silver money for those maggots.



Qiu Er and others bowed their head.

Ji Zhen clenched his fist, “Sir Lin, then I will take my leave, and I wish I will have the opportunity to thank you soon.”

“You’re welcome.” Lin Fan smiled.

He enjoyed his power as a Hunter.

Ji Zhen then left with Qiu Er’s group.


Lin Fan looked at their back while sneering.

“Leader, are you sure to let them go?” Wang Bao felt that his leader wouldn’t let them go easily.

There must be a secret plan.

Lin Fan brought out all the silver money, “We will divide this money among ourselves, by the way, I’ll send Zhenbin’s share to him myself.”

“What!” Wang Bao and others were completely stunned and nervous at the same time. “Leader, this is too much, I don’t dare to take it.”

Everyone else thought so.

“Just take it. What are you afraid of? We can’t live without money, right?” Lin Fan said.

Lin Fan had a small goal.

When the time has come for him to leave the city, he wanted his men to have a wealthy life.

“Leader, if I bring this silver money back home, my father will be shocked.” Wang Bao said happily.

He never saw that such a huge sum of money.

“Yeah, I’m happy to hear that, hurry up, take the money.” Lin Fan said.

Lin Fan thought Ji Zhen was stupid.

He spent such a huge sum of money just to take away those small fries.

Ji Zhen intended to let the people knew that Dragon Gang was immune to the law.

Outside Of The Dungeon.

“Get back to the street where you get arrested. You understand what I mean.” Ji Zhen looked at those small fries furiously.

“Yes, we got it.”

“We understand.”

Ji Zhen nodded, “What are you waiting for? Hurry up!”

Qiu Er and others ran away.

They understood what to do.

Main Street.

From time to time, the hawkers talked about Qiu Er’s case.

That was a piece of big news for them.

Nobody believed what they saw, and they thought that maybe their darkest day would end.


As the hawkers continued their conversation, they saw the infamous person they have been talking about suddenly appeared.

“Ha ha ha ha, I’m back, do you guys miss me? I’m from Dragon gang, do you think a mere Hunter will able to hold me down?”

“Stop dreaming!”

Qiu Er and his men walked on the street, and no one could stop them.

At that time.

The hawkers were really disappointed with the government because Qiu Er was already back to the street.

“You dumb Hunters!” The hawkers cursed Lin Fan’s group in their hearts.

“Hurry up! Show me your silver. I will pick up what we left off earlier.”

“Listen to me. I just got jailed in a few hours. What does it mean? I think you all already understand it.”

Qiu Er was like a king there.

Some hawkers sighed, took out their silver money, and placed it on their stall.

Their hopes were shattered when they saw Qiu Er back to the street.

Qiu Er came to the stall, which sold porridge and took the money.

“Huh? I remember you!” The hawker’s face, who was selling porridge, turned pale.


Qiu Er punched that hawker’s face.

“I remember your face. You were the happiest man when I got arrested. Can you laugh right now?”

The hawker did not dare to resist and bowed his head while praying for some help.


Qiu Er trembled when he heard a man’s voice.

“Arrest them! Whoever dares to resist, I will show no mercy.” Lin Fan and his men have been waiting for that moment.

Wang Bao hated Dragon Gang so much, and he approached them while carrying a sword.

Wang Bao kicked Qiu Er until he fell to the ground, and Wang Bao drew his sword then poked Qiu Er’s neck with it.

Qiu Er didn’t understand what was going on.

Didn’t Lin Fan release them?

What was currently happening?

Lin Fan approached Qiu Er and said, “I admit you have some guts. I want to give you a chance to reflect on your sins, but I didn’t expect you will commit a crime right away. I will not tolerate you this time.”

“Bring them back to the dungeon!”

At that moment, Ji Zhen, who was hiding in the dark, saw that scene and looked terrified. He immediately rushed out and said, “Sir, please wait.”

Lin Fan smiled when he saw Ji Zhen coming to him.

“Sir Lin, this is just a misunderstanding.” Ji Zhen hurriedly said that. He did not expect Lin Fan would come.

Lin Fan said, “Misunderstanding? I saw them commit a crime with my own eyes, and my brethren also saw them. They are extremely dangerous for citizens. Brother, I have told you before, if I see them commit crimes again, I won’t hesitate to arrest them again.”

Ji Zhen didn’t expect Lin Fan to be that shameless even though he already received Ji Zhen’s money.

Lin Fan said, “Look at those people, they are so thin, they even can’t eat properly. But he keeps taking those people’s money.”

“What do you think?”

That was a passionate speech.

The hawkers were crying with excitement.

“Yes, Sir Lin is right.”


“Our small business is just enough for our daily necessities.”

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