Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 52 Take Action


Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 52

Ji Zhen’s expression was magnificent; he was really upset at the moment. He really didn’t expect Lin Fan to show up suddenly.

“Master Lin, please let it go, I will punish them later.” Ji Zhen whispered on Lin Fan’s ear.

“No, who do you think I am? They will take full responsibility for their crime.” Lin Fan raised his hand and stopped Ji Zhen when he knew Ji Zhen wanted to said something.

Lin Fan commanded Wang Bao to take those criminals back to the dungeon and ignored Ji Zhen.

“Sir, are you serious?” Ji Zhen’s tone changed.

Lin Fan turned and said, “Is there something wrong? If that’s all then excuse me, I have some business with those guys.”

Lin Fan really pissed Ji Zhen off.

“Okay, fine, I admire your guts.” Ji Zhen suppressed the anger in his heart; then he left the scene.

Ji Zhen never met someone who was against Dragon Gang straightforwardly.

“Dear people, you guys can rest assured that as long as we are here, we will absolutely protect your safety. We won’t let Dragon Gang pressure you anymore.”

The hawkers were speechless; they didn’t know what to say.

They wondered what kind of action Dragon Gang will take.

Dragon Gang Hall.

“That guy is a bastard. We gave our money in vain.” Ji Zhen told what happened to someone.

Zhu Hou was furious, “Will he ignore Wang Zhou? Or did he really want to fight Dragon Gang?”

“When I met Wang Zhou, he didn’t give any response. Instead, he asked me to meet that man. I didn’t expect that man to receive the money. He did release our men, but soon after, that man arrested our men again. Not to mention in the presence of so many hawkers, it is clear that man did not fear Dragon Gang.” Ji Zhen said.

Zhu Hou’s face was grim, “Okay, you don’t need to worry about this for the time being. I’ll talk to Wang Zhou personally. If he doesn’t give the result that I want, I’ll settle this matter with that man.”

Government Building.

Lin Fan did not go to the dungeon; instead, he asked Wang Bao to stay there to continue the training; those guys were just criminals anyway.


Wang Zhou found Lin Fan with a weird expression and did not understand what Lin Fan was trying to do.

“Zhu Hou came to see me. He wants me to release those people. What’s the situation on your side?” Wang Zhou asked. He valued Lin Fan very much, and did not agree to Zhu Hou’s request; he wanted to ask Lin Fan first.

“Master, I did let them go once, only to witness them commit a crime again as soon as I release them. So I have no choice but to arrest them again.”

“But I think Dragon Gang is so crazy, even though those guys were just small fries, the gang won’t turn their back to this matter.”

Lin Fan mentioned various reasons to convince Wang Zhou that he did that for the people’s sake.

But Wang Zhou asked Ji Zhen to meet Lin Fan before; did he intend to eradicate Dragon Gang as well?

But Lin Fan didn’t care about that.

Lin Fan seemed to realize something from what happened recently.

“But you’re a bit overdoing it.” Wang Zhou said.

Lin Fan laughed, “Master, rest assured, I’m well aware myself, I just want to crush their pride.”

Wang Zhou valued Lin Fan more than a mere Hunter.

The incident in Gucun made him understand that Lin Fan’s strength was extraordinary.

But he didn’t ask about that; everyone had their own secret, why bother asking so much.

“Then please be careful, I’m afraid something bad might happen. Tonight we will go to Zuixianlou for a banquet. Li Zhiyong will leave Jiangdu City.” Wang Zhou said.

It was a pity Li Zhiyong would leave Jiangdu City.

“Thanks.” Lin Fan answered.

The next day.

Lin Fan made an uproar in Jiangdu City.

At that time.

On the street.

Several members of Dragon Gang had nothing to do, they were just playing around on the street, seeing the hawkers’ goods, and if they liked it, they took it.

A woman walked down the street.

Dragon Gang members saw the woman, poked at each other, and their eyes were flashing when they stared at that woman.

“Hi lady, let’s play for a while.” Those Dragon Gang members hurriedly pursued that woman and teased her.

“Let me go.” The woman was scared.

Everyone who saw that was angry, but they didn’t take any action to help that woman.

“Don’t be afraid, we are not bad people, we just want to play with you.” They said that with a grin, like wolfs.

Soon after …

A group of bald-headed Hunters appeared as if they were like gods descended from heaven, and those bald-headed Hunters drew their sword and poked those thugs’ neck.

“You are under arrest for sexual harassment in broad daylight.”

Those thugs shuddered and then shouted.

“What do you want to do?!”

“We are from the Dragon Gang. Do you want to fight us?!”

“You will be finished for sure!”

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