Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 53 The First Person Under The Immortals


Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 53

Those people were a bit embarrassed.

They just used Dragon Gang’s name to scare people, and now a group of bald-heads tried to stop them.

Lin Fan’s underlings snapped them out.

“Oh gosh, those bald-head Hunters are really annoying.”

“Who are they?”

“They are the new recruit Hunters, and Lin Fan is their leader.”

“Aren’t they afraid to mess with Dragon Gang?”

For those people, Dragon Gang was more terrible than the government itself.

Even the government didn’t dare to arrest Dragon Gang.

But the Hunters under Lin Fan’s command were brave enough to mess with Dragon Gang.

The citizens were full of excitement because Lin Fan may just be their new hope.

If the government could destroy the Dragon Gang, their lives will be much better.

“Leader, are we going to fight Dragon Gang?” Wang Bao asked.

“Fighting? What do you mean by fighting?” Lin Fan looked at Wang Bao in surprise. “We are maintaining order and stability in Jiangdu City. Those Dragon Gang members make a ruckus in the city. As a Hunter, we are responsible for that.”

Wang Bao habitually touched his bald head, “Leader, what you said is so reasonable.”

The Hunters around felt the blood in their bodies was boiling.

They realized they were doing something big.

“Those guys must be sternly interrogated. Ask them how much destruction they have caused.” Lin Fan said.

“Rest assured. We will meet your expectations.” Wang Bao answered.

Recently, Jiangdu City’s citizens had been seeing those bald-headed Hunters in every corner in the city.

For Dragon Gang members, the situation was very bad. Lin Fan will arrest them if they committed a crime, and those who did not commit the crimes tried to avoid those bald-headed Hunters.

Jiangdu City’s citizens really believed in what they saw.

The government started to handle Dragon Gang seriously.

Lin Fan’s name spread in the city within a short time.

All people knew the Hunter named Lin Fan took his men to arrest Dragon Gang members in the city.

As soon as someone committed a crime, he/she will be arrested immediately.

Dragon Gang Hideout, Kaishan Hall.

“Master, something happened. Those Hunters didn’t stop causing trouble for us. Dozens of our brothers have been arrested.” Ji Zhen hurried forward and immediately reported the situation to Zhu Hou.

One of Hall’s leaders went to meet Wang Zhou. He thought the problem would be solved there.

After all, Dragon Gang’s power and influence in Jiangdu City was not something that the Hunters could deal with casually.

And the government turned blind eye into that matter.

As long as nothing serious happened, the government will keep their eyes closed.

But the situation has changed.

“What?” Zhu Hou was drinking tea.

When he heard the report, he stood up suddenly; his eyes were staring fiercely. “Wang Zhou really wants to fight Dragon Gang?”

Ji Zhen said, “Master, what should we do now? Too many of our people are arrested by the Hunters, which will have a great impact on Dragon Gang’s reputation. If we do not immediately resolve this matter, the situation will be quite complicated. Jiangdu City will not be afraid of us anymore.”

“And it wasn’t Wang Zhou who did it, but Lin Fan.”

Ji Zhen really hated Lin Fan.

He never met such a shameless man.

Lin Fan was so greedy.

“How could a mere Hunter have the courage to fight us without Wang Zhou protecting his back? I can’t believe it.” Zhu Hou was very furious, and he pondered for a moment, “Don’t worry about it, tell everyone about it. I will go meet Lin Fan and see what he was made of.”

“Yes.” Ji Zhen answered, and then left in a hurry.

Zhu Hou really furious because a mere Hunter tried to mess with Dragon Gang and his Kaishan Hall.


Li Zhiyong, Wang Zhou, and others have already arrived, but Lin Fan was nowhere to be found.

“Master Wang, today’s Jiangdu City is very lively. Brother Lin stirs up the situation, are you trying to cover him?” Li Zhiyong sipped the tea and asked about that with a smile.

Although Li Zhiyong was in the Hunter Guild, he knew the situations in the city.

Wang Zhou said, “He is my subordinate, regardless of whether or not he has done something with or without my consent, I have to support him, don’t you think so?”

“Haha.” Li Zhiyong laughed and said, “Yes, yes, as Master Wang said, but we really can’t do anything about this matter.”

“Brother Lin has done enough for Jiangdu City, but some things are going a bit inconvenient.”

Wang Zhou could guess what Li Zhiyong and others thought.

Dragon Gang was a huge organization.

As a Hunter, Li Zhiyong hated the demons, but he often turned his back to Dragon Gang.


Someone pushed open the door.

“Sorry, everyone, I’m late.” Lin Fan entered the room with a smile on his face, quite helpless; there were a lot of Dragon Gang members in the dungeon, so he has been busy for quite a while. 

“We are worried about you so much. We thought some bad things happened to you.” Li Zhiyong said.

Li Zhiyong was not a compassionate person, but he was not used to Lin Fan’s actions. It was indeed a bit excessive.

“I just make the situation more lively here and there.” Lin Fan said.

Wang Zhou pretended to be very angry, “You know that is causing trouble for me. I have told you, don’t even think about leaving the city for a while, just stay safe in the city.”

He didn’t blame Lin Fan, but he knew that Dragon Gang has already made a move.

But he didn’t know.

Lin Fan’s cultivation has reached 107 years.

He was one step closer to be one of the immortals.

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