Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 56 I Will Kill You


Lin Fan knew Dragon Gang would never let that slide.

He arrested the Hall Master, one of their leaders might come to restore Dragon Gang’s reputation.

Lin Fan just needed to wait for the fish to bite the bait.

Dragon Gang has been controlling Jiangdu City for so many years, and no one ever dared to mess with them.

Lin Fan’s actions will completely wake the tiger up.

Zhu Hou kept glaring at Lin Fan; he wanted to kill Lin Fan if he could.

Lin Fan also wanted to kill him, but Lin Fan chose to wait for the time being.

Lin Fan was thinking of Wang Zhou, who was eating spicy food in the restaurant; he was very envious. He regretted he hadn’t eaten anything at Zuixianlou earlier.

Night has come.

It was a sleepless night.

Wang Zhou, Li Zhiyong, and others were still drinking in Zuixianlou.

Even though Wang Zhou was happy to drink, but he was still worried about Lin Fan’s situation.

In the middle of the night.

Two Hunters were guarding dungeon’s gate.


They found that someone was coming from afar, and looked like that man was upset.


A figure appeared in front of those two Hunters.

“No one is allowed to enter.” Wu Yi, who was a dedicated person, took a stance and prepared to draw his sword. Wu Yi will take that man down if he dared to rush in.

That man stopped, under the moonlight, they saw his face was very gloomy, and that man said, “I’m the third Master, get away from me.”

Those two Hunters were shocked.

What a crazy guy, did he really think the dungeon was his home?

When they were about to pull the sword and attack that man, they suddenly realized. That man was the third master from Dragon Gang. They looked carefully. When they saw that man’s appearance, they were frightened.

That was a dangerous man; they couldn’t afford to lose their lives.


The third master shook his sleeves and walked into the dungeon.

The government seized Zhu Hou and imprisoned him in the dungeon without paying attention to Dragon Gang.


Lin Fan was waiting impatiently while eating snacks, and then he heard footsteps slowly approaching from the distance.


Lin Fan didn’t know who was coming.

Zhu Hou also heard the footsteps.

Zhu Hou opened his eyes widely, and when he saw the one who was coming, he immediately shouted, “Third Master! Thank you for saving me.”

At that moment, Zhu Hou laughed and looked at Lin Fan while sneering. He wanted to see what Lin Fan could do.

“You dare to break the law for coming here without permission, don’t you respect the government?” Lin Fan said slowly.

The third master glanced at Lin Fan furiously. To him, a mere Hunter was just ant.

Lin Fan was getting on his nerves even though he didn’t want to respond to the good for nothing Hunter.

“You dipshit, just stay there if you want to stay alive.” The third master was worthy of being one of Dragon Gang’s leaders.

Wang Bao and others were afraid.

Their parents always told them to avoid Dragon Gang since they were a child.

If Lin Fan was not there, maybe they will run for their lives.


They were with Lin Fan.

For them, they were afraid of the Dragon Gang, but they wouldn’t let Lin Fan down.

Lin Fan laughed and said, “As expected of the third master, you will be a great example for others.”

“Huh!?” The third master said, “You son of a bitch, I want to ignore you, but I have changed my mind. I hope you will be a nice dog for me. Otherwise, you will bear the consequences.”

“If you don’t believe me, just try me and see what I can do to you.”

The third master didn’t want to respond Lin Fan, he walked toward Zhu Hou, he crushed the iron chain, and then looked back at Lin Fan, “Tell Wang Zhou, I will let this slide.”

“Let’s go.”

The third master walked toward the exit.

Zhu Hou pointed at Lin Fan, and said, “Boy, don’t think that Wang Zhou can protect you. You will pay with interest.”

“You will be a goner by tomorrow morning. Even Wang Zhou won’t be able to protect you.”

Lin Fan stared at their back; he was smiling and put down the chopsticks, then he took the sword while kept staring at their back.

Lin Fan walked toward them step by step.

When those two arrived outside, Lin Fan drew his sword and shouted, “You criminals …”

At that moment.

Lin Fan rushed toward the entrance with extreme speed.

Their expressions changed when they saw Lin Fan was chasing them.

“Boy, you’re looking for death.”


The third master stretched out his palms and tried to grab Lin Fan’s feet.

But when his palm was in contact with Lin Fan’s feet, his expression changed greatly, an unstoppable power swept through, Lin Fan successfully landed a hit on him, he fell to the ground and vomited blood.

Zhu Hou was completely dumbfounded as if he saw a ghost.

Lin Fan kicked the third master to the ground; he will go to heaven for sure.

“You …” Zhu Hou was furious, and just when he was about to do something, he stopped immediately, because Lin Fan’s sword was already placed on his neck.

“Are you trying to escape?”

“Answer me, but I don’t mind if you choose to die.”

Lin Fan really wanted to cut Zhu Hou’s head off, but it was not the time for that.

“I …” Zhu Hou was speechless.

Lin Fan kicked him to the ground and then arrested those two.

“You are guilty of helping the prisoner to escape.”

“I will lock you up and make you a spectacle in front of the crowd tomorrow.”

The third master passed out when he heard that, but when he was about to pass out, he cursed Lin Fan in his heart, “I will kill you.”

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