Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 57 The Parade


The atmosphere at that time was cold and quiet.

Those frightened Hunters who were guarding the dungeon gate shuddered and looked pale.

They were really scared.

The man lying on the floor vomiting blood was the third master.

They thought they were in big trouble.

Their mother and father couldn’t save them.

Inside the dungeon.

“Leader, let’s kill them as if they never set their foot here.” Wang Bao leaned in Lin Fan’s ear and whispered.

Lin Fan looked at Wang Bao in surprise, “You are crueler than I thought?”

“That’s not what I meant, leader.” Wang Bao scratched his head.

Anyway, with his IQ, the fact that he could think of that way was already very good.

Lin Fan patted Wang Bao’s shoulder and said, “Rest assured, we are justified in this matter, don’t overthink.”

At that point, when the third master who fainted has already woken up and opened his eyes, his vision was a bit blurry, but then he recalled what had just happened.

“Let me go and tell Wang Zhou to come here.” The third master shouted. He didn’t expect Lin Fan was brave enough to fight him, and what surprised him even more, was Lin Fan’s strength was beyond his imagination.

Lin Fan’s kick was so powerful.

He couldn’t dodge that kick.

“Yeah, yeah, save some energy, don’t shout and yell all the time, I will take you to the parade tomorrow.” Lin Fan looked at the third master. He will stay in the dungeon in case the other Dragon Gang members wanted to release them.

With Wang Bao’s ability, Lin Fan was afraid Wang Bao would die in the hands of Dragon Gang.

“Damn you!”

The third master has never tasted such humiliation, and his heart was about to explode because of hatred.

When other prisoners saw the third master was so arrogant and took Zhu Hou out of the dungeon. They were proud to be part of Dragon Gang.

But ……

Something unexpected happened.

The other prisoners couldn’t accept reality.

Lin Fan said, “Continue your practice tonight. We can’t skip Iron Head practice just because of this.”

He will arrange a huge parade tomorrow. But before that, he will make sure that his men practiced properly that night. He also knew Dragon Gang would not give up, but it didn’t matter. He wanted to see what course of action Dragon Gang will take.

A scream was heard from the dungeon.


Wang Zhou was already drunk, and he had a lot of thoughts. In addition, Li Zhiyong and others already left Jiangdu City.

Wang Zhou lay on the table while muttering something.

“You have to tell that … the boy, the dragon’s leader is here, and it’s almost ready to make a move.”

As soon as he said that, he fell asleep, and then the other Hunters came to help Wang Zhou left the restaurant.

Kaishan Hall.

Ji Zhen, who did not sleep, was walking back and forth in the courtyard. From time to time, he looked anxiously at the gate. Why hasn’t the hall master come back, and the third master who went to the dungeon in person?

Ji Zhen couldn’t believe if Wang Zhou and the Hunter guild dared to take any action to the hall master and the third master.

He kept waiting … Until the sky was about to change to dawn, Ji Zhen lied on the stone table for a while.

The nagging turned into snoring.

The next day.

The people had begun to work early in the morning.

Soy milk stall.

The hawker was busy.

The two customers ordered, “Two bowls of soy milk and a fritter, please.”

“Right, please wait a minute.” The hawker greeted him enthusiastically. He sounded like a professional businessman.

“Brother Li, I have big news, you will definitely be shocked after hearing it.”

Those two talked about what happened in Zuixianlou last night.

The man named Li was shocked when he heard the details.

Nobody wanted to mess with Dragon Gang for decades.

The man named Chen laughed when he saw Li’s expression.

At that time.

The hawkers were suddenly dumbfounded.

The bowls full of soy milk was dropped and fell to the ground.

The Hunters arrested the hall master?

Not only Zhu Hou, but even the third master was arrested too.

Those two prisoners really stood out.

They did not expect Lin Fan was brave enough to really fight Dragon Gang.

“Leader, are you sure about this?” Wu Yi asked. Because what Lin Fan was doing right now was really amazing.

Moreover, everyone from the government never took any real action about Dragon Gang.

“I have something in mind.”

Lin Fan laughed, and then he shouted, “Wang Bao, get ready for our parade on the street.”


Wang Bao and others seized the third master, San Hou, and Zhu Hou while carrying a sword.

Originally those two were all gorgeously dressed, but at the moment, they were all in prisoners’ clothes, and their hair was messed up—Hair-do and makeup by Lin Fan.

“Lin Fan, you are looking for death.” The third master, San Hou, shouted toward Lin Fan.

He did not expect Lin Fan really dared to do that.

He was one of the Dragon Gang leaders.

Once the parade started, it will bring a shame that will never be washed away to Dragon Gang.

“What’s the point of barking right now after all this time? You, as the third master, came to the dungeon helping the prisoner to escape, deserve to get this punishment.” The third master, San Hou, walked into the moving cage, leaving his head and hands outside.

“Let’s go to the street.”

Lin Fan led the team.

The third master, San Hou, was really going crazy.

At the same time, he thought, “Damn it, what’s Dragon Gang doing right now?”

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