Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 59 Who Do You Want To Shock


Jiangdu City’s Street.

“Hear me out! San Hou and Zhu Hou here is violating the law for jailbreak.”

Lin Fan shouted wherever he went so the others would hear it.

San Hou’s mouth was gagged with a cloth.

But the cloth in his mouth was stained with blood.

He stared at Lin Fan like a beast.

The citizens followed him behind the carriage.

They were talking and whispered; for the first time in so many years, they saw such a pleasant thing.

At the distance.

“This boy is really not afraid of the Dragon Gang.” Li Zhiyong rode on the horse slowly.

Liu Ru said, “Although he is a bit overdoing it, still, it is really a great thing to see.”

“Let ’s go. As long as we have Wang Zhou, Dragon Gang won’t dare to do any reckless things. If we succeed in entering Immortal Gate, we can do something for Jiangdu City.” Li Zhiyong said.

Everyone agreed.

They rushed out Jiangdu City’s gate and disappeared without a trace.

Wang Zhou was one step behind them.

They were going too fast.

If Wang Zhou knew Lin Fan’s cultivation, he would be shocked.

Lin Fan’s cultivation was equal to 107 years, which was enough to stand on top of the world.

Moreover, the chance to be Immortal Gate’s disciple was extremely low, and the test was life-threatening.

He wanted to meet Lin Fan and saw Zhu Hou and San Hou in a cage.

But that was fine.

He had an important mission to do.

On the way to the street.

Several figures stood in the middle of the street and stopped the carriage.

Ji Zhen was shocked when he knew Lin Fan caught the third master too. So he tried to set those two free.

“Ji Zhen, are you trying to hijack the cage?!” Lin Fan shouted furiously, he already knew that someone might come to hijack the carriage, but he did not expect that it would be Ji Zhen, he was a bit disappointed because Ji Zhen’s status in Dragon Gang was very low.

But forget it.

Ji Zhen was better than nobody at all.

Ji Zhen was angry, “Lin Fan, do you know what you are doing?!”

“Hahaha, it’s interesting. As Jiangdu City’s Hunter, I am just carrying out my duty. If someone violates the laws, they will be punished.”

“And I will arrest you for hijacking the carriage with prisoners on it.” Lin Fan signaled his men and prepared to make a move.

Ji Zhen roared, “You will die!”

Ji Zhen thought Lin Fan was like a gangster who was wearing Hunter clothes.

Wang Bao didn’t understand what happened, but he will act if needed too.

Iron Head!



All of the enemies fell to the ground, with the swords crossing on their necks. If they dared to move, there was no guarantee their head would remain intact.

“Lin Fan, you are digging your own grave.” Ji Zhen stared at Lin Fan with so much hatred.

In a flash, Lin Fan and his men already captured all of them.

He took Ji Zhen and his men back to the dungeon.

Dragon Gang Headquarter, Meeting Hall.

The atmosphere was a bit depressing.

That was an atmosphere they never felt before.

The sacred place where everyone ate together and talked about things.

As for the moment.

Seven of the eight masters came; only the third master didn’t come.

“I won’t tolerate this matter! They throw shit on our faces! Let’s kill them all!”

A roar echoed in the quiet hall. That was the fifth master.

“Little five, it’s not good for your health to shout like that. Who do you want to shock?” The second master was holding a teacup, felt a bit dissatisfied.

The hat on his head was shaken a few times because of the sound.

The fifth master said, “I’m sorry.”

The second master’s appearance was not outstanding; he had a thin figure and the lazy eyes; it gave a feeling of elegance and gloomy at the same time.

“The government has arrested our brethren. It must be for a reason. Does anyone know the reason the government did that?”

“That parade indeed had a great impact on Dragon Gang.”

“But our men indeed wanted to hijack them on the street. They don’t care about the government’s reputation. Well, the government can still help us to save our face. Tonight I will invite the most famous chef in the city. I will invite Wang Zhou and the bald leader.”

“If we talk it out in the dinner table, things will go smoother. Brothers, what do you think?”

The second master looked at the grandmaster and asked for opinions.

Several Hall Masters were rather upset.


Those Hunters caught the third master, and the second master wanted to invite them to dinner.

It didn’t make sense.

The grandmaster said, “I will follow your plan.”

“Thank you.” The second master said with a smile, then looked aside, “Little five, you are a talented person, can you help me?”

“Yes, second master.”

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