Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 60 Wake Up


The parade in the morning spread through the entire city.

The citizens rejoiced and celebrated it.

At first, many people were just waiting and watching, and they were not sure if the government was really serious about handling Dragon Gang, but looking at the current situation, there was still hope for them.


Yang Xiaozhen was the owner of the barbershop.

Today, he was frowning and almost out of business. There were still customers every day, but the number was too small.

Just then.

A dark-skinned man came in, “I want to cut my hair.”

Yang Xiaozhen greeted the guests cheerfully and told the customer to sit down. “What kind of style do you want? A simple cut or short cut?”

“Baldhead.” Said the customer.


He could go to the temple to cut his head for free if he wanted to be bald.

However, he couldn’t afford to lose his precious customer; he must treat the customer well.

It was done.

“Please help yourself to look at the mirror.” Yang Xiaozhen smiled.

The customer said with satisfaction, “Very good. Your shop doesn’t have anything special, but it’s a good thing that Mr. Lin cuts his hair at your place.”

Yang Xiaozhen was confused, “What do you mean?”

The customer looked at Yang Xiaozhen like he didn’t believe what he just heard; he didn’t expect Yang Xiaozhen was completely clueless about it.

“Don’t you know Mr. Lin? He arrests San Hou from Dragon Gang. Nobody doesn’t know about Mr. Lin’s reputation. You are lucky to even cut Mr. Lin’s hair.”


Yang Xiaozhen pondered about what his customer said earlier; he got an idea. He hurriedly prepared some banner with Baldhead Hair Cut written on it.

Not too long after that.

There were many customers lining in front of his store, most of them were children, but there were many workers too.

Yang Xiaozhen smiled; he will earn a lot of money.


Lin Fan drank tea while watching San Hou and Zhu Hou, “Don’t say that I’m not giving you a chance. You have committed crimes, but I can release you for rehabilitation.”

“Don’t threaten me with Dragon Gang’s name. If it is so powerful, you won’t be here.”

San Hou still stared at Lin Fan.

The cloth in his mouth had not been taken out yet because that guy’s mouth was like a machine gun that couldn’t stop when he started talking.

San Hou was really angry, until the end of the parade, the organization did not send anyone to rescue him.

He couldn’t believe it.

Grandmaster will never abandon his men.

There must be a reason for it.

Captain Zhao walked from a distance and glanced at Dragon Gang members tied to the wooden pillar. He thought things had gone too far.

“What’s going on, Captain Zhao?” Lin Fan didn’t have to guess; it must be related to Dragon Gang.

Captain Zhao leaned toward Lin Fan’s ear and whispered, “Tonight, Dragon Gang organize a banquet, and they invite you and Master Wang. Master Wang asked me to inform you to go there with him. So what do you think?”

Captain Zhao patted Lin Fan’s shoulder. “I personally think it’s okay.”

“Well, I have something in mind.” Lin Fan nodded. He knew Wang Zhou’s concerns. He thought it would work.

It will depend on how the Dragon Gang’s attitude tonight.

“That’s good. See you tonight.” Captain Zhao came only to inform that matter.

He didn’t expect Dragon Gang would organize a banquet just for them.

It won’t happen without Lin Fan.

When Captain Zhao left, Lin Fan back to the dungeon and slapped his face.

“I just learned Dragon Gang is going to hold a banquet tonight. It seems that it is for me.”

“Maybe after tonight, you can get out of here, but I have to remind you that there are things you can’t do, but I also understand that you guys are all ignorant people.”

The third master was struggling, his neck was red, and he was whining all the time.

Lin Fan smiled and took off the cloth in San Hou’s mouth.

“Impossible!” When the cloth was removed, he immediately shouted. “You are nothing, but you dare to say Dragon Gang will hold a banquet for you, what a joke!”

Lin Fan frowned, he was very disgusted, San Hou’s voice was so loud, his mouth was as haul as ever, and Lin Fan gagged his mouth again with a cloth, “You are as loud as ever.”

A moment later, Lin Fan picked up a bottle of wine to pee on it.

The third master was frightened when he looked at Lin Fan.

The liquid in the bottle fell, which scared him so much.

“Wake up, wake up …” Lin Fan said.

Zhu Hou and others looked at the humiliated third master, and their hearts were angry and full of hatred, but they were afraid to speak, and they were afraid Lin Fan would also teach them a lesson or two.

It was almost time to go.

“Watch them!” Lin Fan didn’t take Wang Bao with him.

He was thinking about the banquet.

He didn’t know if that was a grand feast or not.

And he must be careful in that banquet; they were talking about Dragon Gang after all.

Jiangdu City’s Street.

Lin Fan’s presence attracted people’s attention, but he didn’t care about that.

A paper booth.

The owner received two papers for two.

“Serve this customer nicely.”

The man took the paper then he smiled and left.

Lin Fan touched his bald head, who said that he couldn’t eat well as a Hunter.

What happened in the morning connected to the evening.

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