Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 62 Finally I Can Kill Someone



Xiang Wu came in from outside and said furiously, “Second Master, why bother to respect them, they framed us, this is their excuse to go against us.”

The second master looked at the food on the table and said, “It is a pity that this table is full of delicious foods. Sit down and eat it. The chef is a legend. It cost a great price to invite this chef who already retired.”

“Come here, what are you standing for?”

One of the masters said, “Second Master, that kid was just talking nonsense, that is not true.”

The second master was very calm, holding the wine glass and said, “Don’t say anything. Let’s eat first. This meal is not easy to get.”

Several hall masters stared at each other and picked up the chopsticks.

Jiangdu City’s street.

Captain Zhao patted Lin Fan’s shoulder, “The words you just said are really beautiful. I don’t dare to say that myself.”

“Hahaha, that is the strong point of a foolish young man.” Lin Fan laughed at himself.

If he didn’t have the system, he would never do it.

He might die for sure.

Wang Zhou said, “Tomorrow, they will be released early in the morning, and Dragon Gang will be regarded as a peacemaker, so there is no need to think anything complicated.”

Lin Fan looked so helpless.

“The truth is, I don’t want to release them, it’s better to chop their heads off. Or giving them a verdict a lifetime punishment. Unfortunately, I already ate all their foods.”

“But the world is not as simple as what you think, boy.” Wang Zhou said.

He spent most of his life in Jiangdu City. In the past, he couldn’t tolerate Dragon Gang’s behavior and wanted to kill them as soon as he saw them, but the world was working in a way that you don’t expect.

“Hah… I’m going to stay in the dungeon tonight. It’s too easy to let them go just like that. I feel very sad.” Lin Fan said.

Wang Zhou said, “Don’t push yourself.”

“Relax, I know it.” Lin Fan said.

Dragon Gang headquarters.


The second master sat on a classy wooden chair, grabbed some white mud with his finger, and gently rubbed it on the back of his hand.

“Can’t we just tell grandmaster that we all follow Dragon Gang’s rules?”

Xiang Wu’s expression was so fierce and held so much hatred, but in the presence of the second master, he was just like an obedient chicken.

“Second master, you have always acted according to rules, and you have not violated any rules.”

“Come on, guys, do you think I’m that close to grandmaster?” The second master walked to Xiang Wu’s side.

Xiang Wu lowered his head, he was sweating a lot on his forehead, and his eyes moved quickly. “Second master, I’m innocent …”

“Which part of you is innocent?! Government’s offices started to see us as an evil existence.”

“I have never seen our men in another city get trouble like us.”

Xiang Wu shivered and was afraid.

Many hall masters turned blind eye into that.

“Second master, I …” Xiang Wu didn’t know what to say, but suddenly, he felt a bit cold behind his neck.

Second master’s sword slid gently on Xiang Wu’s neck, and the second master said with a gentle voice, “Little five, I don’t want you to lie, otherwise, I will do something to make you speak the truth, and the process might be a little painful.”


Xiang Wu knelt on the ground; he was almost crying, “Second master, I will … I will tell you everything.”

The second master became so furious.

It was so quiet that night.

Grandmaster’s Mansion.

A figure entered the mansion like a ghost.

“What’s the grandmaster thinking, even helping those people.” The second master was very angry.

He was interrogating the other person.

Could he follow Dragon Gang’s rules?

The second master opened the door.

When he was ready to ask something, he was shocked by the creature in front of him.


The grandmaster was talking to a demon. That demon has not changed shape. The way it talked was very primitive; that was, writing what it wanted to say on paper.

The grandmaster was shocked due to the sudden intrusion of the second master.

“Why are you here?” The grandmaster asked.

The second master stepped back slightly, “What are you doing? Working with the demon is breaking our rules, and it can’t be tolerated.”

“You are looking for death. “

The grandmaster stared at the demon, and then he smirked.

“Kill him.”

The Second Master was coming from another city; he always followed the rules.

After knowing the reason from little five.

He knew that the government had done nothing wrong; they did the right thing.


“I will release you tomorrow. But I am quite reluctant. So I come here tonight, to have a sweet talk to you guys.” Lin Fan said.

San Hou’s mouth was gagged with cloth, he couldn’t speak at all, but Lin Fan knew that he was angry by looking at his expression.

“Leader, are you really going to let them out tomorrow?” Wang Bao asked.

Lin Fan said, “Yes, they will be released tomorrow morning, so tonight is our last moment with them. Find some sticks and show me a good show tonight. If they go out without any souvenir, what will others think of our government?”

Zhu Hou said, ” How dare you …”

He was afraid that he might die.

Lin Fan was too lazy to respond to them and waved his hand, signaling Wang Bao.


The prisoners were screaming in the dungeon.

Lin Fan looked at it with glittering eyes at first, but as the screams kept coming into his ears, he even regarded the screams as a lullaby, and he fell asleep.


Someone rushed in and shouted, “Master, this is bad, Dragon Gang brings demon to save the prisoners.”

Lin Fan, who has just fallen asleep, opened his eyes fiercely.

He didn’t know the details.

But those were not important.

He only knew the opportunity for killing someone was coming.

“You stay here. I’ll go alone.” Lin Fan said.

Lin Fan held a sword and disappeared into the dungeon at high speed.

He was so excited.

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