Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 63 Messing Around


Jiangdu City’s street.

Several men moved fast through the street while holding swords in their hands.

“Second master, what are you doing?” Wang Zhou shouted in anger.

He was very shocked at that time, he left the banquet so he could sleep early, he did not expect the second master will rush in, and then he saw Dragon Gang’s masters came thinking they are there to kill the demons and was trying to help the second master.

“They were working together with demons and violated Dragon Gang’s rules. Master Wang, let’s kill the demon with me and arrest them.” The second master said.

Wang Zhou wanted to scold the second master.

“Are you sick, can’t you see the situation?” Wang Zhou thought.

“The masters are hunting the demon down.” Wang Zhou thought.

Those two kept running.

There was no way Wang Zhou and the second master could win against their numbers.

If Dragon Gang was able to catch them up, those two would die for sure.

Wang Zhou usually was very calm.

But at that time, he was not calm at all.

Wang Zhou thought if those masters were really chasing the second master because he saw they were working together with the demon, then that was a serious matter.

The veterans have already left Jiangdu City.

The newly appointed master has not arrived yet, and Wang Zhou didn’t know how strong that person was.

The second master was seriously injured, and his bleeding just won’t stop.

The second master broke through the affair between the other masters and demon because he wanted to leave peacefully.

But that was just a dream, an amazing battle occurred.

His strength was not a joke, but if he fought several masters at once, that would be difficult.

They are not masters for nothing, they were undeniably strong, and the demon was about to shapeshift.

Wang Zhou and the second master tried to escape.


The fatigue caught up with the second master, his speed was getting slower and slower, and when he looked back, those masters almost caught up to them.

The second master shouted loud, “Master Wang, I can’t go on. You must leave Jiangdu City to tell the Higher-ups of Dragon Gang about this matter.” The second master knew that he wouldn’t be able to escape.

But he would not just sit and wait for the death to come.

Who didn’t want to live?


The second master’s expression was anxious when he found out that the other masters were working with the demon and tried to silence him forever.

Killing an officer would bring Dragon Gang trouble, but they had no choice but to kill Wang Zhou.

If the main hall knew that Jiangdu City’s grandmaster was working together with the demon he would be in big trouble.

At that time.

The leopard demon that was about to transform seemed to exert some kind of talent and magical power; its speed soared high to catch up, slamming the second master to the ground.

The second master, Yin Ji, was severely wounded and spitting blood.

“Master Wang hurry up, remember my words, and leave Jiangdu City.”

Wang Zhou, who ran far away, saw the second master, Yin Ji, fell to the ground because of his injuries.

The leopard demon leaped, Yin Ji was in a life or death situation.


Just when Yin Ji thought he was about to die, a nine-ring sword blocked the leopard demon’s attack.

“Why are you here?” Yin Ji asked and felt relieved at the same time because he didn’t want to die too soon.

Wang Zhou said, “If you die, I can’t say anything about this matter. Do you think they will believe me if I’m the one going to the main hall and explained this matter?”

“Yeah, you’re right.” Yin Ji nodded and agreed with Wang Zhou, and then seemed to think of something.

“Master, this is a serious matter. If I can escape and return to the main hall, the Higher-ups will surely believe me. But this is only up to you … “

“Don’t get your hopes high.” Wang Zhou glanced at Yin Ji when he said that.

Several men appeared, blocking their way, and the atmosphere changed.

Looking at Wang Zhou and Yin Ji’s current situation, it was impossible to stay alive.

Yin Ji leaned on Wang Zhou’s shoulder with his pale skin, “I didn’t expect Dragon Gang in Jiangdu City can gather so many talented masters. It seems that you guys have gained a lot from working with demons.”

“Yin Ji, I don’t want to kill you, but you saw something you shouldn’t see, maybe God is on my side since the veterans have already left Jiangdu City. Without their help, the two of you won’t survive.”

Yin Ji said, “If I die here. I’m afraid you can’t hide the fact when the higher-ups investigate this matter.”

“Oh, that’s simple. I am good enough at drama. I will kill you and then kill Wang Zhou. And I will say that you two kill each other.” Said the grandmaster.

Well, it was indeed the grandmaster’s lucky day because the veterans already left Jiangdu City.

“This is bad.” Wang Zhou whispered, “I can’t protect you. If things go out, I will give up on you and save myself.”

“Master Wang, let’s fight together. Maybe there is a chance for us.” Yin Ji was a bit nervous because of the current situation.

Wang Zhou and Yin Ji looked at each other’s eyes.

Wang Zhou didn’t know if he could kill the enemies.

Those two were clear at the disadvantage side.

Suddenly, the grandmaster grew impatient and signaled his men.

“Kill them!”

Three masters plus a demon which was about to shapeshift were already a terrible threat, and their strength was clear above ordinary people.

The nine-ring sword in Wang Zhou’s hand trembled, but he won’t back down.

Yin Ji was abandoning Wang Zhou and tried to escape on his own, but Dragon Gang already thought of that possibility.


Not too long after that.

Wang Zhou knelt down, struck his sword on the ground, and he was spitting blood. He looked up and said.

“They’re too strong.”

“Let’s finish this.”

Master Yuan sighed, he moved so fast and struck Wang Zhou and Yin Ji.

“You moron!”

Wang Zhou tried to block the incoming attack even though he was already out of breath.

And suddenly…

A voice shocked Wang Zhou.

“Messing around?”

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