Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 64 Why I Cannot Kill Him


Lin Fan was coming out of nowhere.

The rumor said that someone who entered the second stage could move as fast as a horse.

And when he/she entered the third stage, he/she could move even faster.

Wang Zhou wanted to confirm whether it was Lin Fan or not, but he was shocked before he could confirm who it was.

Lin Fan was too fast, and he was surprised when he saw everyone’s expressions.

Yuan Bei’s expression changed because Lin Fan stopped him when he was about to kill Wang Zhou.

“I will kill you with my own hands.”

Yuan Bei’s palms were as fast as lightning, causing afterimages.

Lin Fan swung his sword so casually, regardless of the swordsmanship technique, but his messy swordsmanship technique successfully hit Yuan Bei.

He was so excited at that moment.

“How is this possible?”

Yuan Bei saw Lin Fan’s swordsmanship was like an amateur and a lot of opening here and there.

Yuan Bei was still taunting Lin Fan, but then something that shocked him happened.

Lin Fan’s swordsmanship brought him big trouble.

However, Lin Fan’s movement was too fast when he swung his sword, Lin Fan’s sword was already in front of his eyes in a blink of an eye.

Plus, Lin Fan’s cultivation was bigger than him.

There was no way to win against Lin Fan.


Lin Fan shouted, and he used The Ox Crushing The Mountain to slash Yuan Bei’s head.

Yuan Bei was frightened.

Lin Fan was too fast, and he couldn’t avoid it.

He tried to block Lin Fan’s attack with his sword, but…

The sword was broken.


In the blink of an eye, Lin Fan’s sword stuck on the ground.

Yuan Bei’s body split into two, and his blood stained the ground.

Clearly, he already died.

“Master, rest assured, You can count on me, please take a good rest.” Lin Fan sheathed his sword and looked back at Wang Zhou, but he was shocked when he saw the second master.

“What kind of combination is this?”

And then Wang Zhou explained to Lin Fan what happened to both of them.

“Okay.” Lin Fan nodded.

In fact, he didn’t care about that kind of thing at all.

Because he didn’t have any interest or dream, he wanted to achieve in his current world.

But when he heard Wang Zhou was being chased, he came out without a second thought, regardless of who the enemy was, and killed them all.

Yin Ji was startled and said, “Brother, he is so powerful. How do you feel if your men are more powerful than you?”

Wang Zhou glanced at Yin Ji said, “Yeah, right, several masters, and a powerful demon…”

Lin Fan didn’t care what item Yuan Bei dropped.

He didn’t pay attention to those things at all, at least at that time, but he looked at the other guys.

The grandmaster frowned.

He felt that Lin Fan’s eyes were like the beast’s eyes that were ready to kill its prey, and he was upset about that.

“Come and fight me!” The grandmaster yelled because Yuan Bei’s death shocked him greatly.

Wan Qing attacked Lin Fan with all his might.

Lin Fan struck his sword to the ground, and the ground became cracked, and then he attacked Wan Qing in a blink of an eye.

That was superb.

His fingers were shining under the moonlight, he spread his fingers, grasping Wan Qing’s chest.

“Five-Fold Strikes!”

“Sharp Edge!”

Lin Fan’s fingers pierced Wan Qing’s chest.

Wan Qing felt that his heart seemed to be dragged away by a mysterious power, and he was pulled toward Lin Fan’s direction, then he felt so much pain instantly.

Lin Fan’s attack damaged Wan Qing’s internal organs, especially his heart.


Wan Qing fell to the ground.

Lin Fan rushed to him at a very fast speed, with Lin Fan’s Five-Fold Strikes attack landed on his chest; he felt as if he couldn’t control his power because Lin Fan’s Five-Fold Strikes could block acupuncture spot.

So if the technique landed properly, the target wouldn’t be able to control their power properly.

Wang Zhou and Yin Ji stared at each other.

“Is that guy dead?”

“Brother, what kind of power your subordinate has?”

Yin Ji and Wan Qing have fought against each other.

And Yin Ji knew Wan Qing was not an easy opponent because he was almost as strong as Yin Ji.

“My blood is boiling.”

Lin Fan felt like every pore in his body was wide open.

“Now, it’s your turn.”

Lin Fan stared at the grandmaster.

“Boy, you’re looking for death.” The grandmaster said.

Lin Fan leapt into the air, spread his arms, he suddenly appeared in front of the master and landed an attack.

But the grandmaster was able to block it, and the aftereffect of their fight was so great.

Lin Fan’s face became red because he clashed with the grandmaster.

At the same time, the grandmaster could not bear Lin Fan’s power.

“How is this possible?” The master was terrified.

But he couldn’t afford to lose focus at that time.

Suddenly Lin Fan was holding the grandmaster’s wrist, and even though he saw Lin Fan’s attack was coming, he couldn’t avoid it.

As soon as Lin Fan moved, his fingers were moving on the grandmaster’s wrist, and he reached the armpit, in the blink of an eye…


At that moment.

All the bones in the grandmaster’s arm were broken.

“What! Aaaargh!”

The grandmaster screamed.

“You’re screaming too early. The main course is about to be served.”

Lin Fan pulled the master’s arm backwards, pulling it into a bizarre angle like a pro wrestler.

Then he locked the other grandmaster’s arm, and then legs, hip, waist, reaching up to the back of the neck.

The grandmaster’s body was looking fine from outside, but it was already crushed inside.

The grandmaster was screaming endlessly.

The moment Lin Fan let go of his hand, he only heard the sound of cracking bones.

The grandmaster’s body was shrinking, several times smaller than before.

“I’ll kill you in my special way.”

Lin Fan pressed the top of the grandmaster’s head and raised his jaw.

“Master Lin, please show your mercy, don’t kill him.” Yin Ji looked at him and shouted.


The grandmaster’s head turned 180 degrees, sticking out his tongue, his neck crooked, and died.

“Don’t kill him?”

“If I’m not here to kill anyone, then what am I doing here?”

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