Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 65 Ruthless


Leopard demon was in a panic when he saw Lin Fan’s power; his instinct told him to escape right away.

“Escape, I must escape.” He thought.

At that time.

The leopard demon ran away. He was about to use his full strength, to be able to kill Wang Zhou instantly.

But he met a terrifying existence.

He couldn’t believe it.

A pig hunted a leopard.

“Where are you going?”

Lin Fan noticed the leopard demon wanted to slip away while Lin Fan was talking with Wang Zou.

Lin Fan didn’t want to let the leopard demon escaped, because he might be able to get some jackpot from that demon.

Ox Crushing The Mountain was a good technique.

Lin Fan’s legs became extremely fast, and he ran directly toward the leopard demon.

Under the Moonlight, Lin Fan’s bald head emitted a unique lustre.

“Iron Head!”

Although the leopard demon was fast, he could chase the demon, he rushed up and hit the demon’s back.


The leopard demon felt that his lower back seemed to be broken, and a huge magical power swept the demon’s body.

“How could a human’s head be so hard?” The demon thought.

The leopard demon was much more resilient than the black fox demon.

If he stopped running and fought Lin Fan seriously, he might be able to hang on for a while.

But unfortunately.

The leopard demon was already afraid of Lin Fan, so running away was the only thing in his mind.

“Demon, you sure have the guts to come to the human city and cause a ruckus, but can you survive from this?” Lin Fan grabbed the leopard demon’s tail, punched and smashed the leopard demon to the ground, because the leopard demon’s body was very elastic, he bounced directly from the ground.

The leopard demon was furious, and his sharp claws grabbed Lin Fan.

The claw full of hatred toward Lin Fan, he was preparing to escape with all his might after he stopped Lin Fan for a sec, but he did not expect a mere human was able to catch up.


That was so humiliating.

When Lin Fan’s Five-Fold Strike clashed with the leopard’s claws, there were sparks.


The leopard’s claws shattered.

Lin Fan tackled the leopard demon’s forefoot, and the leopard fell to the ground.

Then he grasped the leopard demon’s legs and tore it apart.


Leopard’s expression changed.

Lin Fan caught the leopard demon’s legs, then stepped on the leopard demon’s head, and slammed his head like crushing a watermelon.

“Hey, it’s so simple and easy.”

“But I can’t keep going with only this. I have to cultivate.”

Lin Fan touched his glowing bald head while looking at the sky.

Yin Ji shuddered, and he said, “Brother, you are going too far.”

Wang Zhou himself looked dumbfounded, Lin Fan’s way to kill that demon was ruthless.

“Sir, what about those guys in the dungeon?” Lin Fan asked.

He wanted to kill San Hou in the dungeon.

“Don’t, don’t do it. You can’t kill anymore. If you kill San Hou, we won’t have enough evidence.” Yin Ji said.

Wang Zhou said, “Forget it, just hand the case over to Dragon Gang. Yin Ji is not in cahoot with them, but unfortunately, we don’t know how many people are involved in this matter.”

Lin Fan had no interest in those kinds of things.

“Master, the rest is yours. I will go back first.” Lin Fan waved and left.

He was a bit disappointed when he couldn’t kill anyone in the dungeon.

“Just forget it.”

Because Lin Fan already had enough harvest tonight.

Wang Zhou looked at Lin Fan’s back as Lin Fan left, and he was even more convinced for sending Lin Fan to Immortal Gate.

Lin Fan was a rare talent.

Jiangdu City was too small for him.

Inside Lin Fan’s house.

Lin Fan hurriedly closed the door, looking a bit excited.

He needed to check his inventory.

‘Obtained two hundred silver’

‘Obtained Martial Arts: Boxing (Fourth-Stage)’

‘Obtained Eighty years worth of cultivation’

‘Obtained Footwork: Four Steps (Fourth-Stage)’

‘Obtained Spirit Root: One Gold Spirit Root Shard’

‘Obtained: Sprint (Bronze)’

There was also a congenital skill that could be useful.

Boxing (Fourth-Stage): A powerful technique that could dry the ocean. There were three styles of boxing, Boxing Pouring The World, Boxing Style, and Boxing For The World.

And also the enemy dropped footwork.

Footwork was something he lacked at the moment.

He had an amazing magical power, but he lacked mobility and flexibility.

Four Steps (Fourth-Stage) Walking Through The Clouds: Could fly like a god, the movement was hard to read, and it was very dangerous. Four styles of footwork, First – Horizontal, Second – Ascend, Third – Proficient, Fourth – Wander.

Not bad.

Judging from the current condition, he has become a master of the mortal world.

He also got eighty years of cultivation.

Leopard demon was not weak.

But in the end, it was so easy for him to kill the demon.

When fighting the leopard demon, his cultivation was no longer 107 years, but 187 years.

And the fragment was useless for the time being; it needed to be synthesized.

In the end, he just obtained a bronze level.

What bad luck, he even killed a demon which could shapeshift only to get a bronze-level talent.

When slaying the leopard demon, he saw the possible item drop from that demon.

Among them was a golden talent.

Unfortunately, he didn’t get lucky enough.

He only obtained a bronze-level talent, the sprint.

Come to think of it again.

He couldn’t say that was bad, but he also couldn’t say that was good.

Sprint (Bronze Level): Increase user speed in a short time. The duration is short, but no one could catch up to the user.

Name: Lin Fan.

Spirit Root: None.

Realm: Fourth Stage.

Cultivation: 187.

Martial Arts: Wild Boar Crash (First Stage), Harvesting (Fourth-Stage), Twin Sun (Third-Stage), Iron Head (Fourth-Stage), Ox Crushing The Mountain (Fourth-Stage), Five-Fold Strikes (Fourth-Stage) Boxing (Fourth-Stage).

Footwork: Four Steps (Fourth-Stage).

Talent: Hardening Skin (Black Iron Grade), Quicken (Pseudo-Bronze Grade), Sharp Edge (Pseudo-Gold Grade), Sprint (Bronze Grade).

Item: Golden Spirit Root Shard x 1.

And it was so hard to get 187 years of cultivation.

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