Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 66 You Smell So Bad


The next day, inside the dungeon.

“Cheer up! If you’re lucky, you can leave.”

Lin Fan was in a good mood. Last night’s harvest was very good, which made his mood changed slightly.

“Ouch! Why is it so smelly.”

“Who is taking a shit in this dungeon?”

Lin Fan walked in, and then Wang Bao came to him.

Wang Bao’s mental state was not very good because he was so tired.

“Wang Bao, what’s happening with you, didn’t you go back last night?” Lin Fan asked.

Wang Bao said, “Leader, you have given me such an important task. How can I go back?”

Lin Fan wondered, “What task?”

“Leader, you said before you left last night that I must stay here, and you will come back to beat the shit out of them.” Wang Bao said.

“But fortunately, I succeed to make them shit themselves.”

“Leader, you can rest assured, I have checked those guys one by one.”

Lin Fan was shocked when he heard Wang Bao’s words, and everyone remained silent.

That was…

He really didn’t expect Wang Bao will take his words without thinking about it first.

At that time, he casually said it…

Wang Bao actually did it perfectly.

“Leader, just now you said the dungeon is so smelly. But that is proof that we did our job perfectly.” Wang Bao said proudly, after completing the things that Lin Fan ordered, he felt that he was useful.

His father once said that if the leader trusted him, and he couldn’t perfectly execute what the leader wanted him to do, then he was useless.

Lin Fan looked at Wang Bao’s expression, what else could he say, but Lin Fan patted his shoulder and said, “Wang Bao, you did a good job.” Lin Fan said such a compliment.

Wang Bao became more proud of himself, “It’s my job to help you, leader.”

What else could Lin Fan say, he could only say, “Let everyone go, except for San Hou.”

“Yes, leader.” Wang Bao said and immediately did what Lin Fan asked.

Although the current condition was a mess, they showed their professionalism as a Hunter.

At that time, Zhu Hou’s condition was very messy and dirty. He shouted, “Lin Fan, I won’t let you go!”

Lin Fan was holding back, even though he wanted to kick that man’s ass, but he was afraid shit might be coming out.

Lin Fan came to San Hou, “You can leave, but remember, there are some things that are not as simple as you think, but I have to say, I’m sorry, I will beat the shit out of you.”

Lin Fan kept his distance from San Hou.

He was afraid that the smell would stick to his clothes.

San Hou remained silent, but just stared at Lin Fan’s eyes with hatred, and wanted to swallow Lin Fan alive.

Outside the dungeon.

Yin Ji led his men to wait outside the dungeon. Although he was seriously injured, he must endure it.

Actually, he didn’t want to report that case to the main hall; he didn’t want to know about the demons because it will be a pain in the ass for him.


San Hou and others walked out of the dungeon.

At that time.

They saw Yin Ji was standing in the distance and immediately ran excitedly.

“Second Master … I know you will come to us.”

Yin Ji wanted to say something, but immediately, he smelled, an unusual smell, and he said, “Don’t come near me, you are so smelly, follow me but keep your distance.”

The gang members who followed Yin Ji immediately stepped forward, but when they approached, they were seriously shocked by San Hou’s smell.

“Second Master, what do you mean?” San Hou said in shock.

Yin Ji didn’t want to say anything to save San Hou’s face, “Bring them back.”

Then he clenched his fist and said, “Brother Wang, I’m really sorry for the past years. You also know that I get transferred to this place, I didn’t expect Dragon Gang here violated the rules. I will fix this and hope to coexist with the government.”

“Glad to hear that.” Wang Zhou said.

Dragon Gang was approved by the kingdom, and their base was all over the land for a reason.

If Dragon Gang broke the laws, the kingdom would hunt them down mercilessly.

Everyone on the street saw the second master caught the third master, and it seemed the situation was not good.

At the same time, the smell was so horrible.

No one knew what those guys have gone through in the dungeon.

Outside the dungeon.

Wang Zhou said, “You have proved your worth. You are ready to take the test of Immortal Gate.”

“Are you sure it is not too fast?” Lin Fan was surprised; he also wanted to go out. It was really comfortable to stay in Jiangdu City, but he wanted to see more of his current world.

Wang Zhou patted Lin Fan’s shoulder.

“You are my pride. I believe you can reach greater heights.”

Lin Fan nodded and didn’t say anything.

He was worried about his subordinates.

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