Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 67 Leaving Jiangdu City


The rumor was always the fastest message application to send a message. Regardless of whether it was true or not, as long as they could relieve the distress in their hearts.

There were rumors about government and Dragon Gang in Jiangdu City.

The citizens talked about Lin Fan, who beat the crap out of the grandmaster.

All sorts of gossips were spreading.

Some were true.

But some were also fake.

Yin Ji took the grandmaster’s position.

Nu San Hou thought that when he returned to Dragon Gang, he could feel the warmth of the family.

But Yin Ji took some actions; he gathered all of the members and hall masters.

He made an upset.

Yin Ji made sure that the rest of Dragon Gang members in Jiangdu City abided the rules. Otherwise, they will die.

In the past, they dared to be so arrogant because the grandmaster gave permission.

And the current grandmaster has changed; they could only obey Yin Ji.

As for Lin Fan, he promoted Wang Bao in the government.

He raised the reputation of the baldhead Hunters.

Everyone did not expect the baldhead Hunter would kill Dragon Gang’s grandmaster.

Then… Something awkward happened.

The baldhead was becoming more and more popular in the city.

Many people came to the barbershop to shave their heads clean.

The baldhead turned out to be insanely hot.

The owner of the barbershop was laughing when he saw the situation.

“Leader, aren’t we training today?” Wang Bao asked, the newcomers were already well-known in Jiangdu City.

When they returned home, their neighbors respected them.

Lin Fan looked at fifteen of his men without saying anything, although they haven’t been together for that long.

But they already established a deep bond of brotherhood.

Lin Fan waited for them in the city gate.


Wang Zhou and Captain Zhao led the horse, and at the same time, brought a burden to Lin Fan.

The day of Immortal Gate’s assessment has came

He felt that even if he didn’t have spiritual roots, in the martial arts realm, he should be more powerful than others.

Moreover, he also desperately wanted to go out and see the outside world.

Wang Zhou approached Lin Fan and patted his shoulder, “This time, you worked hard.”

“Sir, what kind of hard work that I do?” Lin Fan laughed.

Then he looked at his men

“Brothers, I wanted to tell you sooner, but parting is so sad, so I didn’t tell you until now. I’m leaving to participate in the assessment of Immortal Gate. I’m counting on you to protect this city.”

Lin Fan felt that staying in Jiangdu City was also a good choice.

But he must go to Immortal Gate in order to bring peace for Jiangdu City.

“Leader, didn’t you say you want to live here?” Wang Bao was so sad.

Everyone felt the same; they knew how good Lin Fan was to them.

Even though it was short, they have really regarded Lin Fan as the leader for their entire life.

“Goodbye, I will leave for a while.” Lin Fan said.

Wang Bao wanted to say something, but he didn’t say it, and smiled, “Leader, don’t worry, we will live up to our reputation.”

“Leader, this is my father’s bun, please take it with you.”

Wang Bao took out the bun.

“Rest assured, I’m only going out for a while, and I believe you guys will have a chance to go there in the future.” Lin Fan took the bun and said that with a smile.

“By that time, you will see more baldheads.”


Lin Fan laughed, and then looked at Wang Zhou, “Master, please take care of my brothers.”

“Rest assured. They are the government’s people. Naturally, they are my brothers too. I will take good care of them.” Wang Zhou said.

Captain Zhao nodded to Lin Fan, gave him a sign that he could leave at ease.

Jiangdu City will be fine under their watch.

“Master Wang, I have to leave.” Lin Fan said.

Wang Zhou had no hope to be part of Immortal Gate anymore and entrusted his hope to Lin Fan.

He just wanted Lin Fan to enter Immortal Gate.

“Be careful along the way, remember, when weird things happen, don’t bother it. When you arrive at Chaolu City, you will see the sign of Immortal Gate’s assessment.” Wang Zhou pulled Lin Fan and told him something.

Lin Fan listened to them one by one, then he said goodbye to the crowd and went straight out of the city.

“I will return.” Not long after that, Lin Fan’s voice was heard from afar.

Wang Bao could not help crying, “I can’t bear to let him leave, but I can’t tell him.”

Gao Zhenbin comforted Wang Bao.

Wang Bao shook his head, “No, Our leader takes a huge step, he can become a disciple of the Immortal Gate. How can I make our leader feels uncomfortable because of my sentiment? I must let him leave at ease.”

Wang Bao was having difficulty controlling his emotions.

And all of Lin Fan’s men decided to train as hard as they could, so if Lin Fan came back, they already became stronger.

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