Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 68 The Assessment Begin


A few days later.

Chao Lu City.

Lin Fan couldn’t find the right words to describe that city.

“This place has a good culture. Chao Lu City is the place of Immortal Gate assessment, also known as Dengtian City. The prosperous city is like the heavenly palace, and the assessment place is so extraordinary.” A voice came from behind.

Lin Fan looked back, and there were a few handsome men and women riding a horse.

When he looked at their clothes, he knew they were children from a noble family.

Compared with them, he merely looked like a boy from the boonies.

Those men and women smiled lightly while looking at Lin Fan’s eyes.

Those who couldn’t read was waste.

Unexpectedly Lin Fan met with such an arrogant bunch.

Lin Fan glanced at them; he vowed in his heart if he already became Immortal Gate’s disciples; he will teach them a lesson or two.

Then he ignored those guys and went straight to the city.

Chao Lu City was indeed a big city, and Jiangdu City was incomparable with that city.

There were many people in Jiangdu City, but Lin Fan saw even more people lived there.

Not long after he entered the city, he saw a lot of people standing near the bulletin board, and he decided to take a look. It turned out to be related to the assessment of Immortal Gate.

“According to this information, it should be tomorrow. I don’t know if Li Zhiyong is also in Chao Lu City.” Lin Fan pondered.

He was relatively new to the outside world.

But that was not important.

He must find a place to stay and wait for the assessment of Immortal Gate tomorrow.

He was a bit panicked now because he hasn’t obtained a spirit root.

He thought that perhaps he had a chance even though he didn’t have a spirit root.

But when he heard the gossip in the pavilion…

“I heard that the assessment of Immortal Gate would be extremely strict this time. In the past, the spiritual root could become a huge advantage, but now they raise the standard.”

Lin Fan didn’t fully trust that information, but it could be regarded as useful info.

But if what that man said was true, Lin Fan would find it hard to enter Immortal Gate because he didn’t have any spirit root.

And when Lin Fan kept listening to them, he found the standard was to have the nine-grade spirit root.

“I told you, that guy who has the nine-grade root is the son of a commoner in our city. He and his mother depend on each other, and they could barely even eat a proper meal every day. However, because of the nine-grade spirit root, he passes the assessment.”

The people around there were surprised by those nobles’ gossip.

No one would expect a commoner could make it to the end, which was hard to imagine.

Lin Fan didn’t know whether what those people said was the truth or not, but at least he got some useful information.

There were various grades of spirit root.

For example, from the Shard all the way to the nine-grade spirit root.

And he felt a bit down then he left the pavilion.

Next day!

Immortal Gate Examination Square.

At that point, there were already a lot of people there, and many people were waiting for the disciples of Immortal Gate to come.

And Lin Fan stood casually among the crowd.

Maybe that was the sorrow of mortals.

Due to the presence of the immortals, no one even noticed the mortals.

The sky.

A dazzling boat floated in the air, with so many people standing on the boat.

One of the middle-aged men in robes stared down to the city like he was looking an ant, held his beard and saying, “I don’t know if the promised one will raise in this assessment.”

“Brother, it’s hard to find a good seed for a century. Now it has been only ten years after the last one. It won’t be that easy to find the good seed again. If it really happens, then this city is a real immortals’ house that can breed a good seed.” Said the man with the sword.

It was really a sight for sore eyes.

“I hope this year will not be a disappointed one.” The middle-aged man said.


The man with the sword stepped forward, and the long sword behind him flew to be his footing, and that man came down from the boat.

In an instant.

There was a roaring sound between heaven and earth.

“The assessment of Immortal Gate begins, please refrain from causing a ruckus.”

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