Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 69 Impossible


The appraisal of The Immortal Gate disciples arrived.

As mortals, even if they had self-confidence, they were like ants in front of the Immortals.

“So strong.”

Lin Fan looked up, and he couldn’t control his breathing for a sec.

If that man intended to use that sword to kill everyone in that place, even Lin Fan would not be able to survive.

The man stepped on the immortals’ sword and slowly descended to the ground, intimidating all participants. The immortals’ power was the real deal.

“Is that the Immortals’ sword?”

After the man arrived at the ground, the sword at his feet revolved around his body and flew directly back into the scabbard.

“The assessment of Immortal Gate in Chaolu City has officially started.”

“People who have spiritual roots in their past life can become disciples too, but this year’s rules have changed. Only a person with a good quality spirit root is qualified.

“Let’s begin.”

The voice sounded loud.

The man walked directly to the highest part of the boat, sat on the chair, closed his eyes, and waited quietly.

Although it was almost impossible to enter the Immortal Gate, Lin Fan still had hope in his heart.

Soon, many Immortal Gate disciples came out from behind, maintaining order, and dividing the participants into several lines to conduct the assessment at the same time.

Lin Fan stood among the crowd, a bit nervous, but he himself knew that he had no spirit root.

There was some commotion among the people.

Because the Immortal Gate changed the standard for the current assessment.

Perhaps they have already had enough disciples, and to reduce the passing candidates, they purposely raised the assessment’s standard.

At that time.

Lin Fan felt someone’s hand patted his shoulder, and he looked back in confusion.


The young man who was standing behind him looked a bit nervous, “Brother, do you have a spirit root?”

“I don’t know.” Lin Fan answered.

Lin Fan was a little guilty because he was lying.

The young man whispered, “Actually, I have a spirit root, but I’m afraid I won’t be selected, this year’s assessment will be very strict.”

Lin Fan wanted to have a good chat with that guy, but when he heard what the other guy said, he immediately ignored that guy.

He had no intention of going along with nonsense.


If they were not in the assessment site, he would have kicked that guy’s ass.

He believed the guy just wanted to deceive him.

That guy stopped when Lin Fan kept ignoring him.

Suddenly, he heard the voice of a person in front of the assessment site.

“Those with 100 years of experience in martial arts, will be qualified if he has a spirit root.”

In an instant.

The crowd murmured, talking about how lucky if someone had 100 years of experience in martial arts, then they only needed a low grade of spirit root to pass.

On the assessment table.

A man showed up in a spirited manner, and when the appraiser told him the instructions, he felt the attention, and he basked the spotlight.

That was envious eyes.

He was used to that kind of attention.

“Now test your spiritual roots, don’t be too nervous, just put your hands on the mirror.” The appraiser was so polite.

If the appraiser found there was a spirit root in him, he didn’t have to have such a high grade of the spirit root, as long as he had the three-grade spirit root, he will pass.

His position in the Immortal Gate will definitely be much higher than the appraisal.

So it was necessary to build a good relationship from the beginning.

The man smiled confidently, “I know.”

Then he put his hands on the mirror, thinking in his mind that it would be a high-grade spirit root.

A seven or eight-grade would fine, or even the nine-grade would be enough.

Every participants at that time focused on him.


There was something wrong with the atmosphere.

The Immortal Gate’s appraisal who passed that guy frowned and looked carefully at the mirror, and but it did not give a response.

“Don’t be too nervous, let’s try again.” Said the appraisal.

“Well, I must be too nervous.” The man tried to remain calm, but deep inside he was not calm at all, how could that happen, he will never believe that he didn’t have the spirit root, he confirmed himself that it must be because he was too nervous.

He took a deep breath and put his hands again.

The mirror still didn’t give any response.

The examiner took a closer look, and said, “You don’t have spirit root, unqualified, next.”

Compared with the enthusiasm from before, the appraisers’ attitude toward him changed drastically.

That man couldn’t accept the result and denied reality while leaving the assessment’s place, because the Immortal Gate disciples made him fainted and dragged him away.

The appraiser of the Immortal Gate said, “The first thing you need to know is there will be no error in our assessment. Maybe you are talented in martial arts, but without Spirit Root, you will have no chance to become disciples. That is the rule. Whoever dares to make a ruckus here will be punished severely.”

“Assessment continues, next.”

The crowd was shocked because even though they were talented in martial arts, they couldn’t enter the Immortal Gate if they didn’t have a spirit root.

“It’s so hard.”

Lin Fan began to panic.

Without a spirit root, he was just wasting his time.

Was there any point in continuing the assessment?

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