Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 70 I Lin Fan, Scolded The Way


Bypassing seconds, confident people had left one after another in frustration after taking the assessment.

Because they didn’t have the spirit root.

That was a very cruel reality.

“There are fewer people who have the spirit root than I thought.” Lin Fan found a problem. After so many people took the assessment, there were only a few of them left.

And by looking at those people, Lin Fan knew they were from noble families.

The proportion of nobles who had the spirit root was around 70%.

What a terrible number.


That was a family monopoly of the immortal threshold.

Ordinary people had to depend on luck if they wanted to have the spirit root.

“Hou Tian, Seven Grade-Spirit Root, qualified.” The assessment staff said.

That man who was participating in the assessment cheered and roared.

The appraisal staff smiled; it was not bad; it was the highest grade of the spirit root so far.

“Congratulations on your qualification to enter Immortal Gate. Now, if you have the credit, you can register right now.” said the staff.

That man said, “Credit? I don’t have any credit. I just want to join the Immortal Gate. What is this credit you are talking about?”

The staff was expressionless and said, “Hou Tian, Seven Grade-Spirit Root, no credit, unqualified, next.”

That man shouted, “I have Seven Grade-Spirit Root. Can’t I talk with the higher authority?”

The officer said, “That is the rule, and no one can change that.”


That man was not satisfied, but he didn’t dare to say anything. Otherwise, the consequences would be horrible.

Lin Fan did not know how long it has been; he was almost drowsy standing in the line.


A terrifying shout sounded throughout the assessment venue.

“Second class, Nine Grade – Spirit Root.”

The man with the sword on the chair got up and nodded; his eyes were flashing with excitement.

Nobody expected to see someone with a Nine Grade – Spirit Root in Chaolu City. That was the highest spirit root.

One, two, and three were inferior.

Four, five, and six were medium.

Seven, eight, and nine belong to the first class.

The ordinary disciples in Immortal Gate only had inferior spiritual roots. Even the one who was in charge of the assessment only had Four Grade – Spirit Root.

A disciple with Nine Grade – Spirit Root will certainly be the elder in the future if he cultivated well enough.

Immediately afterward, another voice sounded.

“Second class, Nine Grade – Spirit Root, submission credit, qualified.” The appraisal man smiled, the other one before did not have credit, but that time he had the credit.

Regulations have always existed to bind ordinary people.

The staff congratulated that man with sugar-coated words while hoping when that man became the elder, that man would not forget that staff.

Lin Fan felt disgusted with the staff.


“Brother, it’s your turn.” The man standing behind Lin Fan pushed him.

Lin Fan reacted and felt helpless. He had accepted the reality because he didn’t have the spirit root.

The appraisers were in a good mood.

It was a great thing to find a Nine Grade – Spirit Root disciple in Chaolu City.

Even his attitude towards Lin Fan was so nice.

“Don’t be nervous; just take it easy; the result will come out soon.” said the assessment staff.

Lin Fan put his hands in the mirror and waited for the result.

The appraisal staff was so leisurely waiting for the result, but then, when he looked at the test result, he rubbed his eyes and blinked fast.

As if seeing something unbelievable.

Then he looked up at Lin Fan and then looked down at the result again.

He shouted.

“High quality of spiritual power and martial arts qualifications … qualifications of gods.”

In an instant.

The crowd was in an uproar.

Many people were shocked by Lin Fan’s result.

And the men with a sword on his back looked at Lin Fan in surprise. He did not expect to encounter such an impossible thing that mortals could achieve.

The martial art was much harder to cultivate than spiritual power.

It was possible to an immortal to cultivate martial arts to the highest stage.

But suddenly, there was a guy with high-quality spiritual power.

And martial arts at the gods’ qualification.

But it was such a pity.

Lin Fan didn’t have the spirit root to be qualified to enter Immortal Gate.

“You have the highest quality of spiritual power, and your martial arts is at the gods’ qualification, but you don’t have spirit root. Thus you are unqualified.”

As soon as those words came out, the crowd was quiet.

The appraisers patted Lin Fan’s shoulder and said, “The spirit root is a must. But look at the bright side. Based on your cultivation, you can be the king in the mortal’s world.”

Lin Fan laughed, “Thank you for comforting me, anyway, I just come to experience the assessment myself.”

But his heart was also broken.

It was really annoying.

Although he knew that he didn’t have the spirit root, he felt so uncomfortable when he heard that from other’s mouths.

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