Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 71 It Is Better To Deny Yourself


Lin Fan was ready. Since he didn’t have the spirit root, he must continue to become stronger.

“Son, that was such a pity. You are so talented in martial arts, but you didn’t have the spirit root. It is really regrettable.”

The man standing behind Lin Fan sighed, showing a regretful look.

But looking at his expression, it didn’t seem to be comforting at all.

“I know that you really want to enter Immortal Gate, but the reality is so cruel. Watch me, I will enter Immortal Gate in your stead.”

“Son, don’t talk too much, it’s your turn.”

The man behind Lin Fan walked forward with his head held high, Lin Fan glanced at that man.

“He is an asshole!” Lin Fan thought


It wasn’t too long before a heartbreaking voice was heard from afar.

“How can I not have the spiritual root, I don’t believe it…”

That sounded a bit familiar.

Wasn’t he the man who just made fun of Lin Fan?

It may be he was too arrogant, and God felt he was quite unpleasant.

After leaving the assessment site, Lin Fan returned to the inn and took the horse on foot to walk on the street. He could not join Immortal Gate without the Spirit Root, but he was not disappointed at all.

He even felt that he was so talented in martial arts, and he was quite happy to know his martial arts qualifications for free.

When he arrived at the gate of the city.

A lot of people gathered around it.

A man was standing on the wall.

He was the man from the assessment earlier.


He suddenly roared, and then he cursed God for not giving him the spirit root. He couldn’t accept the reality and go back to his home so casually.

“Whenever the assessment begins, will we always find someone dead in Lucheng? Do you think this is because of feng shui?”

Everyone suddenly talked about it.

Lin Fan didn’t pay much attention to that matter and left.

But there were too many people watching that man, and it was difficult to pass through.

Lin Fan didn’t want to watch that man died in front of his eyes, because he hasn’t prepared for a situation like that.

Lin Fan tried to persuade that man to regain his sense. He talked to that man that he had a bright future ahead with his martial arts skills.

Lin Fan even explained about himself, that Lin Fan was also talented in martial arts, even more talented than that man, but he also couldn’t enter the Immortal Gate either because he didn’t have the spirit root.

But that crazy man invited Lin Fan to die together with him instead of stopping his attempt to suicide.

Lin Fan also explained that he wouldn’t die if he jumped from that height because he was a talented person in martial arts.

But …

“I want to die now. Whether I will die or not if I’m jumping from this height, it has nothing to do with you. I will jump a hundred times, even a thousand times till I die.”

Lin Fan looked at Qin Heng and pondered, maybe there was something he could do.

“Why bother? If you want to die so much, then I can help you, and you just need to follow me. I promise you can die easily.”

In that case.

Let’s see what that man will do.

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