Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 72 You Son Of A


Qin Heng came down from the wall and followed Lin Fan.

The people were very disappointed because the show got canceled.

Where did those people even come from and why did they like to see something bad happened?

They both left Chaolu City and headed to a dense forest in the suburbs.

Lin Fan looked back at Qin Heng, “Where are you from?”

Being helpful could cheer up someone.

“Qin Heng, a son from Qin Family in Dazhou City.” Qin Heng was distraught, and his mind was full of the spirit root problem.

He couldn’t imagine what will his family say to him when he came back and said that he didn’t have the spirit root.

Qin Heng regretted that being a talented person in martial arts. He was so fast in cultivation. His spiritual power has reached 100 years. As a result, his family put high hopes in him.

So he didn’t dare to return to his family.

“So you are Qin Heng from Qin family, how old are you?” Lin Fan asked.

“Twenty-six.” Qin Heng said, and then asked, “What are you asking? Are you not taking me to a place where I can commit suicide?”


Qin Heng looked around, a bit puzzled.

“There are only trees or grass here. How can I commit suicide?”

Suddenly, Lin Fan pulled out his sword and looked forward with some hope, “Engrave your name and age on the stone tablet now.”

“Brother, I’m serious here, stretch your neck a bit, I will swing the sword so quick that you won’t feel any pain.” Lin Fan couldn’t wait anymore.

That man had a hundred years’ worth of Exp.

It would be great if Lin Fan could kill that man himself.

“You …” Qin Heng was shocked and stared at Lin Fan.

He didn’t expect Lin Fan was seriously going to take his life, but his trauma about the spirit root overwhelmed his surprise.

He really wanted to die.

Later, Qin Heng really stretched his head and shouted, “Don’t hesitate to slash my head. I have decided to die. No one can change my mind, kill me!”

“My pleasure.” Lin Fan held the sword tightly and was very excited.

That was the best moment he’d ever encountered so far.

He didn’t need to put any effort, and there was no guilt.

That was only to help each other.

“Come on. I’ll be dead soon. Thank you in advance. I didn’t expect to meet someone like you.” Qin Heng said.

Lin Fan laughed, “You don’t need to thank me. You will go all the way to heaven and be a person with the spiritual root in the next life.”

Qin Heng stretched his neck, closed his eyes tightly, his eyes were shaking, although he wanted to die, when he was facing death for real, he suddenly felt fear in his heart, but he suppressed that fear and shouted.

“Come on, kill me!”

Lin Fan took a deep breath, “Okay, here I go.”

But Qin Heng suddenly shouted, “WAIT …”

“I want to change the angle. This angle is not very good.”

“Okay, let’s change the angle.” Lin Fan was not in a hurry and had enough patience to wait for Qin Heng to be ready.

After all, Lin Fan will kill him in the end.

Qin Heng stretched his neck again, and his palms were all sweaty, “Come on. I’m ready this time. You have to kill me instantly. I am really worried.”

“Okay, rest assured.” Lin Fan lifted up his sword again, then swung it quickly.

As expected of someone with one hundred years of experience in martial arts, Qin Heng could feel the incredible attack was coming when Lin Fan swung the sword, and it sent chill down to his spine.

He even blocked Lin Fan’s attack.

“What’s the matter?” Lin Fan asked.

Qin Heng’s breathing was not stable, and he waved his hand and said, “Nothing, it just feels a bit wrong. Because when you chop off my neck, my head will fall down, but the ground is dirty, and I’m a noble, I can’t afford to look dirty even in my death.”

“Okay, you can do whatever you want. I respect your thoughts.” Lin Fan calmed down and endured the anger, he must be patient, and he couldn’t afford to make any movement that could change Qin Heng’s mind to suicide because of Lin Fan’s bad attitude.

Qin Heng found a clean place, and the ground was covered with grass.

He was very satisfied with it.

“Yeah, let’s do it here.”

“I don’t have a spiritual root. Even if I return to my family, I will be a joke for them. Instead of being a joke, I’d rather die.”

What he said was true.

Lin Fan didn’t say anything, he swung his sword extremely fast, but when the sword was about to touch Qin Heng’s neck…


Lin Fan could pretend he did not hear it, but he was not that kind of person.

“What’s wrong with you? In the end, you still want to live. If you don’t want to die, you should have said it from the beginning. Don’t waste my time.”

Qin Heng sweated a lot, he was very nervous and panic, “I do want to die, but when you swing the sword, and I know that I will die, at that moment, I am so afraid, maybe you are right, I am wasting time.”

“I really want to die, but my heart is telling me that I am afraid of death.”

“Or, you can follow me for a while, let me calm to terms with my fear and overcome it, and then you can kill me.”

Qin Heng’s idea was a joke.

Lin Fan sheathed his sword and scolded him, “You son of a… I have never seen someone who is as indecisive as you, so go ahead, return to your family and be a joke for a lifetime.”

“I’m done with you. You should go find someone else.”

“I don’t have time for you.”

Lin Fan was so angry.

Qin Heng was embarrassed and felt guilty, “Brother, I’m sorry, I’m that I disappoint you. I know you just want to help me, but I can’t get through this for the time being.”

Lin Fan looked at Qin Heng without saying anything.

It would be better for Lin Fan if he didn’t take Qin Heng seriously and decided to stroll instead, maybe if Lin Fan was lucky, he could encounter a demon hiding somewhere.


Just as Lin Fan was about to leave, there was a voice around.


“Traveling through the world was worth the trouble. I can meet such an interesting bunch of people.”

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