Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 73 I Will Train You Well


“Who’s there?”


Those two looked at the same time.

They didn’t see anybody as far as they could see.

They looked up and found a white-bearded old man who was standing on the white clouds slowly descended from the sky.

“Immortal … immortal.” Qin Heng was surprised and saw the old man with the dazzling golden light emerged from behind him as if the immortal descended from the sky.

He didn’t have the Spirit Root and didn’t qualify the assessment.

He was already discouraged.

But now the true immortal came before him, he was hoping for a second chance.

Qin Heng didn’t say anything, bowed down, and shouted, “Qin Heng, a son of the Qin family in Dazhou City, here I am bowing and begging you to take me as your apprentice. I would like to serve and listen to your teachings.”

The opportunity has come; that was the only chance for him.

Although he didn’t know who that old-man was, the way the old man showed up was not something a normal human could do; he must be from Immortal Gate, and in a high position too.

He and Lin Fan didn’t have the spirit root.

The seniors didn’t come to both of them for no reason.

It must be because both of them had talents in martial arts, and the senior wanted to make them as his disciples.

They wouldn’t miss that chance.

Even being a servant for the senior was better than returning to his family and being ridiculed by the clan members.

The old man was shocked.

Before the old man had a chance to say anything, Qin Heng was kneeling on the ground.

It was too fast.

Lin Fan didn’t say anything when he saw Qin Heng was kneeling.

It was a sight one could see on any day.

Lin Fan observed carefully.

Although he didn’t know anything about Immortal Gate, but he could see the senior’s information.

“Fang Xiao, Longevity Golden.”

“Details: Fire Spirit Root Shards, Gold Spirit Root Shards, 1800 years worth of cultivation, Geng Jin Xuan Sword Art, Fire God, Golden Smoke, and Demon Magic Manipulation…”

Lin Fan looked at the senior’s details, and it was something unbelievable.

And 1,800 years worth of cultivation.

Lin Fan’s current cultivation was only over 100 years.

Moreover, that was the spiritual power cultivation, and there should be a big gap between it and martial arts cultivation.

Lin Fan minded his manner because of what he saw.

But the problem was a bit more complicated.

What made a big shot like that old man came to see them personally, to ask why both of them were so handsome?


Lin Fan was afraid it might lead him to something bad.

Maybe the old man wanted them to be his experimental subject.

“I like your determination, young man.” The old man said, and then he looked at Lin Fan, “Why don’t you beg me to take you in like him?”

Lin Fan couldn’t figure out what that old man meant. Lin Fan just said, “I’m not interested in entering Immortal Gate. Plus, I don’t have the spirit root. I’m going back to my hometown to work on the farm.”

“Senior, I think he will be more suited to be your disciple, and I hope you will accept him instead of me, now if you excuse me.”

Lin Fan wanted to run away, but couldn’t afford to act recklessly.

Anyway, with the system, it was better for Lin Fan to follow the flow.

Qin Heng looked at Lin Fan gratefully and was about to cry. He did not expect that there was such a good person in that world.

Not only was Lin Fan willing to help him commit suicide, but Lin Fan was actively recommending him.

“Senior, I sincerely want to serve you, please take me with you.”

In order to enter Immortal Gate, Qin Heng will throw away his dignity and pride. He will say anything to enter Immortal Gate.

The old man pondered for a moment as if he was moved by Qin Heng’s determination and said, “Seeing you are so determined, I couldn’t help but accept you, and you will come with me to Immortal Gate.”

After hearing that, Qin Heng was shocked and then shouted, “Long live master.”

“Well, yes, my name is Fang Jiuzhen.” Fang Jiuzhen was very pleased, and suddenly, when he saw Lin Fan was sneaking away, he could not help but said, “Young man, where are you going?”

Lin Fan tried to escape without anyone noticing him, he did not expect to be found out, and suddenly he smiled awkwardly, “Senior, I don’t care about Immortal Gate at all, so I won’t disturb your moments here.”

Fang Jiuzhen stared at Lin Fan.

He did not expect Lin Fan to refuse his offer.

If Lin Fan was normal, he would not escape.

Fang Jiuzhen smiled and said, “I’m so surprised. Although you don’t have the spirit root, in my opinion, you are the only genius in this world.”

“Originally, I have to wait for the genius to undergo trials, but the two of you have some faith with me, and I want to take you on the path of immortals.”

“How can I give up on you?”

Lin Fan rolled his eyes and didn’t believe what the old man said.


After hearing those words, Qin Heng couldn’t keep his cool any longer and cried on the spot.

“I knew that I was a genius, even though I don’t have the spirit root. When I heard Master’s words, I suddenly realize I really am a genius, and I will stand at the top.”

“Now, I am fortunate enough to receive Master’s order, and I will serve you my whole life.”

Lin Fan glanced at Qin Heng.

Lin Fan thought Qin Heng was such a naïve man to believe in such words.

It was because the old man knew that Qin Heng’s family would ridicule him if he failed the test, so the old man exploited that condition to his own advantage.

“Senior, I really want to go home and to work on a farm, all of that doesn’t suit me at all.”

Lin Fan left, saying that he will not go with the old man. Lin Fan knew the old man was a dangerous man with 1800 years worth of cultivation.

Fang Jiuzhen squinted his eyes and muttered in his heart, that Lin Fan was a bit difficult to deal with.

Didn’t Lin Fan know who the old man was?

That wouldn’t work.

It was lucky enough to come across with a rare talent, how could he just give up like that?

“It’s useless. Just follow me already. We are fated to meet each other. Both of you will miss a big chance in your life if you do not come with me.” The old man said.

Lin Fan felt that his body was out of control as if being pulled by some power, and Fang Jiuzhen flew toward the sky.

In contrast, Qin Heng was full of excitement.

“Cultivation of immortals, I can be an immortal …”

Lin Fan shouted, “Senior, this chance will be wasted on me.”

Fang Jiuzhen calmly said, “I will train you well.”

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    The names do not match, and since in this work the MC sees almost everything as a series or movie, he would believe that the old man really used them as a demonic pill that consumes vitality and those things or as test subjects …

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