Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 74 Let’s Cultivate to Become Immortal


Qin Heng was unable to control his emotions. He was laughing like crazy.

Perhaps after all the roller coaster of emotions that he has been through, he became too excited.

“What do you think? The senior is willing to take us to cultivate until we become the immortals, why don’t you seem happy at all?” Qin Heng couldn’t understand Lin Fan’s mind.

Qin Heng was very grateful at the moment.

They agreed to let the old man helped them cultivated.

They were really lucky.

“I really want to go back.” Lin Fan didn’t want to talk to Qin Heng.

Was that guy really stupid?

Because the old man’s origin was unknown, there was no telling what that old man might be to do.

Qin Heng shook his head and said, “What’s so good about working on the farm, it’s better to follow our master.”

Lin Fan ignored Qin Heng and looked down carefully, and he found they were indeed sitting on a cloud.

He wondered where the old man was going to take them.

“Senior, where are we going now?” Qin Heng asked curiously.

Fang Jiuzhen laughed and said, “We are going to the land of Immortals, it will take years for the mortal to go there, and the closer they get, the more dangerous they are.”

Qin Heng was amazed.

But for Lin Fan, he heard something different.

It was like an old man was warning them while revealing as little information as possible.

Lin Fan silently prayed in his heart.

Seeing they were flying really fast, but they couldn’t feel the gust of wind at all.

Normally, a human will die in that condition.

He took a closer look.

A thin layer of light curtain surrounded them.

Maybe that was mana.

Fang Jiuzhen explained again that it was impossible for a mortal to get in the land of Immortals.

Lin Fan was afraid of what Fang Jiuzhen was trying to do because the old man didn’t let him go.

Day and night.

A few days later.

“Here, the land of Immortal is up ahead.” Fang Jiuzhen pointed to the distance.

Qin Heng has been waiting for that moment, clenched his fists. He was full of excitement, he was about to scream, he took a deep breath, and always felt that the air there was so fresh, much fresher than the world he lived in.

Lin Fan, who wasn’t interested in it at all, looked up.

On a huge mountain in the distance, there were many buildings.

Not long after.

Fang Jiuzhen and both of them landed at the entrance.

Qin Heng planned to greet everyone in there.

But Lin Fan frowned. He was a bit puzzled because that place was different from what he thought.

“Welcome back, Master.”

At that time, two disciples came hurriedly to the entrance.

“Well, you have been working hard when I’m not here, but is there any disciples going out?” Fang Jiuzhen asked.

The disciples said, “I think no one came down from the mountain.”

“That’s good. The outside world is too dangerous.” Fang Jiuzhen sighed, and then said, “I recruited these two myself. You guys will take care of them.”

“Yes, Master.” The eyes of those two disciples looking at Lin Fan and Qin Heng were so weird as if they felt some sympathy for Lin Fan and Qin Heng.

Maybe that was sympathy for the trouble those two will have.

Qin Heng was about to faint. He didn’t expect the old man was one of the masters in that mountain.

And he thought the way those disciples looked at him was because of jealousy.

Lin Fan frowned, it was suspicious.

The cultivation of those two disciples turned out to be still at the early stage, hell, how could that be possible?

The most important thing was that neither of them had the spirit root.

Just like them, Lin Fan and Qin Heng could not cultivate without the spirit root.

Qin Heng looked left and right with excitement and accidentally looked up to see the words on the gate. He was suddenly confused.

“Master, aren’t we Wuxian Sect? How come it was written as Jiutian?”

He remembered that the Immortals in Chaolu City were from the Wuxian sect.

Fang Jiuzhen said, “The nine heavenly gates are taken from heaven and earth.”

Qin Heng nodded as if he understood.

“Come on, change your clothes first, and I will take you to the ceremony.” Fang Jiuzhen said.

“Yes.” Qin Heng was agitated.

The ceremony, could that be dangerous?

Fang Jiuzhen looked at those two newly recruited disciples, showed some kind act.

On the distance.

Lin Fan and Qin Heng walked side by side, then whispered, “Do you know what we are now?”

“I know, and I’m going to cultivate to become the immortals.” Qin Heng said excitedly.

Lin Fan was talking to one of the escorts, “Big brother, can you tell me what is going on here?”

“Don’t ask anything. You will eventually understand.” He whispered while looking around, making sure no one heard him, “You can rest assured that there will be no danger, it’s just you can’t go back to your home, that’s it. “

“You were all forcibly recruited?” Lin Fan asked, looking at the other person’s expression and knowing there was an unspeakable secret.

He looked at Lin Fan, his expression was a bit complicated, and there were many things he wanted to say, but he held back.

But the disciples thought they were lucky enough for not being able to return to the corrupted world down there.

He felt comfortable there, and the master was good to them.

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