Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 75 Entered


Lin Fan was quite helpless, although the old man didn’t say anything, he already knew something in his mind.

The so-called Jiutian Sect was probably dangerous.

Qin Heng also felt the architecture of Jiutian’s Sect was a bit different from the immortal gate, he thought.

He thought maybe the master was a humble person, so the architecture was so shabby.

Not long after.

You You, the senior disciples, and Lin Fan went to some building. It was not too shabby. It was a gorgeous one.

“This is where you will live in the future. You can’t skip the class on weekdays. It’s dangerous outside, Not only demons, but there are also many bad people who specialize in cultivating evil technique.”

Then You You patted Lin Fan’s shoulder and said, “Brothers, don’t think too much about it.”

“Thank you.” What else could Lin Fan say?

You You said something very clearly. It was not impossible to escape, but it was too dangerous outside.

“Master instructed to escort you to the residence to attend the ceremony, follow me.” You You said.

For some reason, You You looked to Qin Heng.

You You remembered how he felt the first time he arrived there. He felt Qin Heng was like him at that time.

But later You You regretted coming to the Jiutian Sect.

Qin Heng urged the senior disciples to move faster. He didn’t want to let the master down.

On the way, Lin Fan learned from You You that there were only more than 100 disciples in the Jiutian Sect.

It was far less compared with other sects.

Lin Fan was afraid he wouldn’t be able to grow stronger.

Led by You You, they arrived at a decent building.

“Come in.” Fang Jiuzhen smiled immediately when he saw Lin Fan and the other two.

“Master.” Qin Heng just to keep praising Fang Jiuzhen, his eyes stared at the building that he didn’t know what was inside.

He imagined the possibilities.

Although there was no special grand ceremony in there, it was so mysterious.

At that time, Qin Heng quietly patted Lin Fan on the shoulder and said, “Did you feel very nervous? I was nervous, anyway.”

Lin Fan didn’t want to talk to Qin Heng because Lin Fan had a hunch of the current situation.

Inside the building.

The lighting was not very bright.

Fang Jiuzhen was already kneeling there, and several portraits were hanging on the wall in front of him.

The portraits were so real as if they were the real person.

“Ancestor, your disciple Fang Jiuzhen is here to introduce two disciples, and please bless and protect them.”

Fang Jiuzhen knelt down a few times, then got up and lit three incense sticks of unknown material in the incense burner.

Then it turned back.

“You two, come here to worship our old ancestors at Jiutian Sect.”

Qin Heng respected the ancestors. He didn’t even lift his head, and he knelt down on the futon.

Qin Heng was almost crying.

The ceremony was to worship the portrait of the ancestors, and there were more meanings in it.

That was to teach the new disciples to be optimistic about the sect and gave their best effort to cultivate.

But when Jiu Zhen saw Lin Fan, he asked why Lin Fan didn’t come to the altar.

Lin Fan looked so hesitant to do that.

Because Lin Fan realized every disciple there didn’t have the Spirit Root.

And Lin Fan thought it was impossible if they wanted to be Immortals without the Spirit Root.

Lin Fan wanted to escape, but he thought he might encounter danger from demons and other disciples’ sect.

But even if he had the Spirit Root in the future, he had to wait for the assessment.

On the other hand, the situation of Jiutian Sect showed that the disciples were all warriors even without the Spirit root, and lived their life safely there.

No danger occurred.

Not to mention the old man in front of him was a good man.

After thinking about that, Lin Fan sighed slightly.

“That’s it!”

Lin Fan has already decided that he will stay there.

Lin Fan came to the futon, like Qin Heng, he worshiped the ancestors to have their blessing and protection.

Fang Jiuzhen smiled, looking at the scene.

“The first portrait was the founder of our sect, known as the Nine Heavens Emperor. His power is unparalleled in the world.”

“The second portrait is the second in command. He is known as Gai Huaxian and has unique talents.”

“The third …”

Qin Heng was amazed by those ancestors.

In the future, he will also be called… Qin Heng Emperor.

And Lin Fan looked quite helpless.

He just wanted to listen.

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