Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 76 Open His Own Path


The ceremony continued.

Fang Jiuzheng didn’t stop talking and bragging about the sect.

Lin Fan looked so bored all the time.

Finally, maybe Fang Jiuzhen felt that he had talked too much, he suddenly shut up without saying anything, which made Qin Heng very anxious.

“Why didn’t Master continue to talk?” He hasn’t heard enough.

“The ceremony is over. From now on, you are Jiutian disciples. As long as you have our technique, you will not be in danger.”

“Both of you should be grateful. Most people can’t see your potential, but I have already seen it, be sure to practice seriously on weekdays.”

“Yes, please rest assured, I will certainly live up to Master’s expectations.”

Qin Heng stared firmly at Fang Jiuzhen.

When he saw Qin Heng’s gaze, he felt a little nervous. When Qin Heng knew the real condition, he didn’t know if he could bear it.


The disciple came in, holding two things, a book about Immortal.

“The first task is, read this book so that you can understand the Immortal.”

Fang Jiuzhen didn’t say anything, which made the disciples felt that was strange, Fang Jiuzhen used to praise the newcomer excessively.

Back to inside.

Lin Fan immediately reading Immortal Record.

When he finished reading it, he felt something in his heart.

He always wanted to know at what stage a person with a Spirit Root would be.

From that book, he knew that the fifth stage was nothing to Immortal.

As long as someone had the Spirit Root, even if he did not have the power to kill a chicken, he could become powerful with an elixir in a blink of an eye.

That elixir may be very common in the Immortal world, but it was very precious in the mortal world.

“Sure enough, money is more deadly than people. People born with a gold spoon may be able to catch up with other people’s hardships with just one elixir.”

Lin Fan sighed because he had to kill many people and demons to reach that stage.

But for people without status, he was afraid it would take a lot of effort even to reach that stage.

According to the Immortal Record, Immortal had two realms.

Initial Realm and Immortal Realm.

Initial Realm was divided into five small realms.

There were Reshape Body, Reshape Fate, Reshape Dantian, Reshape Sight, and Unity of Heaven and Earth.

Initial Realm was not the cultivation of mana.

Just like the name of the Initial Realm, cultivator needs to take off the mortal body as an initial step to become Immortal.

Only by reaching Unity of Heaven and Earth, and absorbing the energy of heaven and earth, one could enter the path of Immortal’ cultivation and embark on a lifelong journey.

At the same time, according to the book.

There were nine realms of the Immortal Realm.

Foundation Immortal, Destiny Immortal, Trinity Immortal, Golden Immortal, Tranquil Immortal, Establish Immortal, Disaster Immortal, Void Immortal, True Immortal.

There was no additional information for those stages in the book.

Perhaps Fang Jiuzhen knew that it was useless to explain it since they could not cultivate it anyway.

“So it seems that Fang Jiuzhen’s real power is bad.” Lin Fan thought.

The true cultivator might realize Fang Jiuzhen’s true strength.

But the people there were in a low stage, they wouldn’t know about such things.

If Lin Fan came across some trouble, he was afraid Fang Jiuzhen might not be able to protect him.

Lin Fan sat there thinking so hard.

What to do next…

His martial arts has already reached its peak, but he couldn’t improve his spiritual power. It couldn’t compare with the immortal’s mana.

Unless he could get the Spirit Root, or find the way to cultivate his martial arts even further.

In the novel he was reading in the past, to be an immortal was through wisdom, but…

“Forget it, practice come first.” Lin Fan said.

Theory of Confusion, that was the basic technique he must master first.


Lin Fan sat on the bed, settled, and started practicing the Theory of Confusion.

But as time goes by.

“Fuck, it’s useless.”

Lin Fan tossed the book of Theory of Confusion away.

Lin Fan stopped practicing, maybe it was too much for him.

He must find a way to find a solution for today’s training. Being stuck in the halfway was annoying.

He pushed the door open.

He went to You You, that man was an enthusiastic person, maybe You You had stayed there for too long.

You You’s residence.

Lin Fan saw someone in the courtyard, You You took a hoe to soften the soil around. At the same time, there were some vegetables everywhere.

“Brother You, I hope I don’t bother you.” Lin Fan asked outside the courtyard.

You You looked up and immediately smiled, “It turned out that Brother Lin was here. I don’t mind, come in.”

Inside the house.

Lin Fan asked, “Brother You, what would happen if I left here and go outside?”

You You was making tea for Lin Fan. He heard Lin Fan’s words and paused. Then he said, “It is too dangerous outside, you will die for sure.”

Lin Fan kept asking whether he had a chance to become stronger or not in that place.

But You You laughed and told him if he himself couldn’t be an immortal, then his descendant will have a chance through the information he accumulated.

Lin Fan looked so helpless, and he said, “What about the teaching in here?”

“You can rest assured the teaching is really good, I have been here for ten years. Our Jiutian Sect is indeed Immortal Sect, but I don’t know why this sect never recruits disciples with the Spirit Root.”

Lin Fan wondered if there was not Spirit Root, how could someone inherit that place?

You You wanted to escape when he thought about that, but he gave up when he knew the risk.

Lin Fan pondered for a moment and knew what to do, then he thanked You You.

He was going to see Fang Jiuzhen right after.

He had to squeeze something from Fang Jiuzhen himself.

He had to open his own path.

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