Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 77 The Next Generation


Inside the house.

Fang Jiuzhen sat, there was an abacus on the table in front of him, and his inflexible fingers calculated something using the abacus.

“One hundred and thirty disciples, plus those two newcomers, a hundred and thirty-two in total, this is gonna cost me a fortune.”

“Last time, I got some spirit stones, and there aren’t that many materials left.”

“This is trouble.”

Fang Jiuzhen was sad.

Only a few people supported him to take care of the Jiutian Sect, and some people would leave the sect to learn in another sect.

But Fang Jiuzhen didn’t stop.

Everyone had their own aspirations, and he only hoped that he would become an Immortal.

Of course, he also had thought about closing the Jiutian Sect or turning it into a museum.

But he didn’t want to disappoint the ancestors, he didn’t want when the ancestors paid a visit they found the sect was long gone.

Fang Jiuzhen, who was only twenty years old at that time, promised that he would certainly pass on the sect to the next generation.

At a young age, he has already born such heavy responsibility.

And he also believed in what the ancestors told him.

At that time.

Lin Fan’s voice was heard from outside.

“Master, are you here?”

Lin Fan wanted to ask Fang Jiuzhen to have a little tour. He wanted to kill some demons if he could.

“Come in.”

Fang Jiuzhen waved his sleeves, and the abacus on the table disappeared and was replaced with tea sets on the table and a cup of hot and aromatic tea.

Then he was holding a teacup, drinking it leisurely.

Lin Fan entered the house, and he saw Fang Jiuzhen was drinking tea, he immediately laughed, “Master, you sure have it easy.”

Fang Jiuzhen laughed, poured a cup of tea for Lin Fan, and asked.

“How’s it? Get used to it already?”

“Master, I’m naturally very accustomed to the situation here. It is an honor for me to come to this place, especially master and all brothers who have enjoyed themselves as if they have returned to their hometown. I’m enjoying it.”

“Previously, I said that I would go home and work on a farm, but now I don’t want to go back anymore.” Lin Fan said while smiling.


Lin Fan was already changed before Fang Jiuzhen has a chance to scold him.

Damn it.

What Lin Fan said left Fang Jiuzhen speechless for a while.

He didn’t know what to say.

“Is that so?”

Fang Jiuzhen stared at Lin Fan with a cheerful expression. He did not expect that the arrogant newcomer disciple saw the only characteristic and the only advantage of Jiutian Sect.

That was harmony.

“Really, it is better than anything. After seeing the portraits of the ancestors and hearing their stories, I understand although we don’t have many disciples, and the architecture is not as luxurious as other sects, but it was simple and unsophisticated buildings, it has a meaning, that is, low-key. The path to immortality is to suppress your desire and control your emotions. Such luxury will blind us all.”

“All those ancestors were people of great wisdom.” Lin Fan tried his best.

Fang Jiuzhen was speechless once again because of Lin Fan’s words.

He was thinking, was it really that complicated?

The old ancestors also obeyed the previous master, so Fang Jiuzhen believed it, but the building was indeed not very good. He once wondered whether his master lied to him or not.

But because of Lin Fan’s words, he thought about it again.

It seemed to make sense.

The architecture has amazing meanings.

“Hahahaha …” Fang Jiuzhen laughed, covering up the embarrassing expression because of what Lin Fan said, and then looked at Lin Fan’s eyes as if Lin Fan wouldn’t know what was he thinking. All disciples there could only understand the surface.

“Yeah, I’m thinking like that too back in the days, and he trained me well and picked me as his successor.”

“At least realized that much, it means that you have extraordinary wisdom. I have decided to accept you as a disciple. When I become an Immortal in the future, you will be the new master.”

Fang Jiuzhen’s expression suddenly became serious.

Although Lin Fan didn’t have the Spirit Root, he was really good with words, and some of his words were out of the box and made sense.

Lin Fan stared at Fang Jiuzhen, shameless.

But wait …

Accept him as a disciple?

The next master?

“Isn’t that too easy?”

He did not expect that Fang Jiuzhen would accept him as a disciple, and give him the position of the next master.

Just how far?

Fang Jiuzhen said, “Lin Fan, you have to remember that our sect is not an ordinary one. As you said, we have been keeping our priorities to remain low-key for a long time, and the others always look down on us.”

“A master does not always necessarily have to be powerful. After all, low-key is the teaching of our sect.”

“Are you willing to take on such a big task?”

“We will continue to carry forward the low-profile teaching of our sect.”

Lin Fan looked up at Fang Jiuzhen. He thought that his head was about to burst.

And at the same time, he wanted to be stronger.

He might be stuck there for a long time, though.

Lin Fan bowed his head and instantly changed his expression. When he looked up again, he looked so excited, “I, Lin Fan, want to help Master.”

No way.

Straight into the dark pit.

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