Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 78 Such Horror


“Master, I want to see the demons. Where are we now?”

Lin Fan said to Fang Jiuzhen, and he wanted to see what the demons looked like.

Fortunately, he made Fang Jiuzhen very happy.

Fang Jiuzhen just agreed to his request without thinking.

At that time, he was standing above Fang Jiuzhen’s golden dust. And when he was looking down, he saw a plains. He won’t notice if the demons were hiding there.

“This is the Earth Demon Plains. They all live underground, because there is an underground world, extending in all directions. There are many demons inside, there are weak and but some is powerful.”

“Now, I will take you to see the underworld, but only at the edge, it will be dangerous if we go too deep, not only because of the powerful demon, but also the magical power in it will erode your body.”


They flew a dozen miles away in a blink of an eye.

Fang Jiuzhen began to sound like a master.

Soon, Lin Fan saw a crack in the ground in front of him, and bursts of magical gas came out from the crack.


Lin Fan found that his body wrapped in a golden light curtain.

Obviously, Fang Jiuzhen cast a spell, forming a shield with mana to protect Lin Fan from being attacked by that magical qi.

He was really excited now.

It felt like he was going to fly.

Perhaps after that incident, everything will change.


The underground world was in front of them, everything looked as usual, but full of magical power in the air.

“Master, what is going on with that land? Is there some connections with the demons?” Lin Fan asked.

Fang Jiuzhen answered patiently, “Nope, the land of the demon is just land, the demon is just the demon. They once live above the ground like us human, but later was suppressed by some things underground, in the final analysis, it is because of the existence at the center.”

“We want to be immortal, but the land of the demon is to be a demon.”

“As for the demons, they are hostile against immortals. They want to be immortal, but because of some ideological problems, they are regarded by immortal as an existence that should not exist in this world.”

“Son, you have to remember that there are many races in the world, not only demons but also many races. Immortal is someone who has a pure heart regardless of what their race is.”

“But the land of the demon is just a matter of strength. The powerful one is who has the final decision. And right now, we are in that kind of land.”

“What I want to tell you is that you can do whatever you want, whether it is the land of the demon or in the sect. No one is right or wrong. If you encounter a demon and you think that demon is a nice person, try to get along, don’t be swayed by the world.”

When Fang Jiuzhen said those things, he looked slightly gloomy, but soon recovered.

“Master, you are a man with a lot of stories.” Lin Fan noticed the change in the master’s face and felt that it was true. Otherwise, he would not have such an expression.

Fang Jiuzhen paused for a moment, then he laughed, “Of course, there are so many stories, there are things you must learn. Well, be careful, don’t stay too far away from me to prevent accidents.”

Lin Fan thought Fang Jiuzhen’s act wouldn’t deceive him.

At that time.

Lin Fan followed Fang Jiuzhen and carefully observed the surrounding. For him, that was a good opportunity that God gave him.


There was a movement around.

Fang Jiuzhen looked dignified, “Be careful, there is a demon.”


There was a burst of somber laughter heard from the distance.

“There are disciples from immortal again, my luck is really great.”

A demon appeared, and that demon had two horns, covered with black scale armor, walking barefoot, each nail was black and looked so heavy, holding a machete in his hand while looking at Lin Fan and Fang Jiuzhen’s eyes.

“Be careful……”

Fang Jiuzhen was cautious to the demon, but soon, when he saw the demon, he was relieved and said, “Don’t be afraid, your master is here, this demon is not a problem. Don’t be too nervous.”


For Fang Zhangjiao, he was really nervous. He was afraid to encounter a bunch of powerful demons, but when he saw the demon, he felt relieved.

Good God.

That demon just a little garbage.

He thought that his arrival would attract the strongest among the demons, and he was really frightened. He had to say that he was nervous.

Lin Fan looked at the demon.

The data instantly appeared in Lin Fan’s mind.

‘Little Demon: Reshape Fate’

‘Possible item drop: Earth Spirit Root – Shard, 230 years worth of cultivation, Earth Devil Machete, Raw Spirit, Soulbreaker Sword, Spiritualism Banner.’

Lin Fan pondered for a moment.

That was a demon who has reached a certain level of cultivation but has not reached the Immortal Realm, it has cultivation but didn’t have mana.

“Little demon, you are too arrogant.” Fang Jiuzhen screamed angrily, he came with his disciples, how could he lose face when he dealt with that kind of demon.

The demon was furious, it did not use the sword, but opened his mouth, its tongue stuck out, and something appeared on the tip of the tongue.

He saw the demon’s movement clearly, something on the tip of the tongue suddenly changed, and turned into a spirit.

“Souls… Eat them!”

That demon threw out the soul-crushing maggots from his hands, and suddenly a strong wind was blowing toward Lin Fan and Fang Jiuzhen.

Fang Jiuzhen shook his head slightly, and then laughed, “Little demon, this soul-crushing maggot is enough to kill average immortal, but in front of me, it is nothing.”

For Fang Jiuzhen, it doesn’t take much effort to deal with such a small demon.

Lin Fan felt his body was cold when the demon cast the soul-crushing maggots.

So scary!

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