Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 79 Here To Dominate


At that time.

Lin Fan saw Fang Jiuzhen moved in an instant and immediately shouted, “Take him down …”

A sword flew through the demons, breaking the wind barrier of the Soul-Crushing maggots, and directly chopping off the demon’s head.

The speed was too fast.

The demon’s head had already fallen to the ground right when Lin Fan finished his sentence.

Lin Fan sighed, and his heart was beating so fast, he wanted to slow the pace a bit.

“What’s the situation?”

Fang Jiuzhen was puzzled.

Didn’t Lin Fan realize how powerful he was?

The demon has turned into a corpse, which was enough to show how powerful the master was.

How could Lin Fan tell Fang Jiuzhen that he wanted to kill the demon himself?

He had to rephrase his words.

“Master, I want to kill that demon before because I want to overcome my fear. “

Lin Fan said nothing wrong.

He couldn’t reveal his real reason to kill that demon at all.

That will bring problems.

“What you said makes sense, I will let you finish off the next demon we find.” Fang Jiuzhen said.

Subsequently, Fang Jiuzhen recruited the intact spirits.

“Young boy, this will be useful. The demon dropped this treasure, and it can give a foundation of Longevity.”

Magic weapons piqued Lin Fan’s interest.

He just wanted to kill the demons with his own hands, he didn’t really care about anything other than that.

Fang Jiuzheng collected the dropped items. He didn’t use those things, nor did all people in the sect. He just wanted to sell them for his family.

“Young boy, You can’t use it yet. Otherwise, you will be seen as an evil disciple by others.” Fang Jiuzhen said.

“Yes, master.” Lin Fan didn’t really care about those things, he just wanted to kill a demon with his own hands and hoped the demon dropped something that will be useful to him.

Later, Fang Jiuzhen took Lin Fan around the land of the demon, to the plains.

Fang Jiuzhen also told Lin Fan about the situation there.

Many disciples will come there to practice.

However, they couldn’t fight carelessly there.

No one knew how many disciples died there.

Lin Fan nodded while listening, just to tell his master that he listened properly to what his master said.

That information was also important to Lin Fan.

When he was strong enough, he could come back there for training.

While Fang Jiuzhen prayed so he won’t encounter the demon, Lin Fan prayed in his heart that he could encounter the demon as soon as possible.

“What are you muttering?”

Fang Jiuzhen was puzzled.

Lin Fan has been mumbling ever since they arrived at that place, he couldn’t hear it clearly and did not know what Lin Fan was muttering about.

“It’s nothing, I just can’t wait to meet the demons. To see if I can overcome my fear or not”

Lin Fan was good with words as usual.

He preferred to go deeper.

Even though he listened to what his master said earlier, he knew that that was basically impossible. His master seemed to be afraid, how could his master bring him in.


Lin Fan’s eyes lit up, and he saw a shadow in the distance.

“Master, look, there are demons there.”

Fang Jiuzhen looked at him, “Well, that is a group of the earth demons. Four earth demons in total. I will capture those earth demons for you to overcome your fear.”

Lin Fan’s face turned red with full of excitement.

Lin Fan has already missed his chance to kill the previous demon because of his master, but luckily, he got a second chance.

When the four demons walked, talking to each other.


A golden light was coming from afar, the golden light directly wrapped around one of the earth demons, and then the golden light turned and entangled the other three.

That golden light was Fang Jizhen’s real magic weapon, tied with fairy rope.

The earth demons struggled and screamed on the ground, they were frightened, they didn’t know what was happening.

“Young boy, what do you think of this magic weapon? It can capture those demons alive.”

Fang Jiuzhen’s was slightly proud.

Fang Jiuzhen showed his magic weapon, which looked like a pendulum.

He deliberately showed off in front of Lin Fan to show how amazing he was.

“Great, as expected of Master, You will become my role model in my whole life.” Lin Fan’s sugar-coated words made his master flustered.

“Hahaha.” Fang Jiuzhen smiled brightly.

But he didn’t see Lin Fan’s eyes had already changed when Lin Fan stared at the demons.

It seemed like a burning flame.


As long as Lin Fan was lucky, he will get something good.

‘Little Demon: Reshape Fate’

‘Possible Item Drop: Golden Spirit Root Fragment, Raw Spirit, Fast Recovery, 220 Years Worth of Cultivation, Demon Machete, Tao Medicine’

The demon looked normal, but there was something inside its body.

‘Little Demon: Reshape Body’

‘Possible item drop: Water Spirit Root Fragment, Raw Spirit, 99 Years Worth of Cultivation, Steel Fork’

‘Little Demon: Reshape Fate’

‘Possible Item Drop: Golden Spirit Root Fragment, Raw Spirit, 180 years Worth of Cultivation, Earthen Fist.”

Among those three demons, two of them were strong enough.

However, he could see from the possible item drop that little demon who already learned Earthen Fist must have killed the disciples; otherwise, that demon won’t be able to learn that technique.

The last demon was a bit extraordinary.

‘Earth Demon: Foundation Immortal’

‘Possible Item Drop: Earth Spirit Root Fragment, Raw Spirit, Fast Recovery, 50 Years of Mana, Treasure Bag, Earth Demon Scale Armor’

As expected.

Cultivation was not the same as mana.

That longevity earth demon had fifty years of mana.

If he could get it, then his power will drastically increase.

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