Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 82 Jealousy


He wondered about his status window in the System.

He had both spiritual power and qi.

He thought it would not appear at the same time, but looking at the current situation, there was really no connection between those two.

Lin Fan activated the qi for the first time. In the blink of an eye, many light spots emerged from his skin and concentrated in his palm.

“Is this qi?”

He found that qi seemed to be soft, but it contained a terrifying power.

After experiencing it for himself, he fully understood how wide the gap between spiritual power and qi was.

He didn’t understand it up until the moment.

But at that time.

He could say that for sure.

It was really different, the gap between those two was amazing.

Afterward, he sat and began to practice, but he didn’t know if he could control it or not.

Not long after that.

Lin Fan opened his eyes, and exactly as he thought, he couldn’t control the qi.

Without the Spirit Root, he couldn’t cultivate to be Immortal, even if he now had qi, it was useless.

But that didn’t matter.

Lin Fan just had to keep cultivating.

Lin Fan came to the courtyard to practice the boxing technique.

When he took a stance, all of his energy was to circulate from his feet then concentrated on his fist.

The basic boxing techniques of Immortal was not comparable to any mortal martial arts.

It could arouse all kinds of wonderful energies between heaven and earth, and the vibration was one of them.


The blood in Lin Fan’s body gradually circulated faster.

That was the effect of Earthen Boxing. It would be beneficial if he kept practicing it. It could pump one’s adrenaline for a moment and gave an amazing power.


That was what others needed. When he practiced that boxing technique, he was already destined to be extraordinary.

“Brother Lin, where are you?” At that time, Qin Heng came from a distance.

Lin Fan stopped practicing, “What’s wrong? What’s the matter?”

“It’s okay, I just worry about you, I heard you just returned, and I asked some disciples.” Qin Heng said, but somehow Lin Fan felt something strange with him.

Lin Fan looked at Qin Heng and understood what Qin Heng meant.

He felt the sour taste of jealousy.

“Yeah, Master said that I am a genius, I can’t help it when he said he wants me to be his disciple.”

“Brother Qin, don’t you know, sometimes I don’t like too much attention?”

“What do you say?” Qin Heng asked.

Qin Heng looked indifferent at first, gradually changing to consternation, to hidden envy, jealousy.

As Lin Fan’s words kept hitting him, his expression completely turned sour.

“Huh! Brother Qin, you look a bit uncomfortable, are you sick?” Lin Fan asked.

Qin Heng blinked and felt so sad. He thought that a talented person as himself was the most outstanding disciple in the Immortal Gate.

But at that time, he did not expect Master picked Lin Fan instead of him.

Although he admitted that Lin Fan was also talented, he had always believed that he was the best.

“No, I was just thinking about something.”

Of course, Qin Heng could not say that he was so jealous.

Lin Fan patted Qin Heng’s shoulder, “Okay, chill. I don’t care about become stronger. We just need to work hard.”

“Do you think I’m jealous?” Qin Heng looked like a rabbit who stepped on his own tail.

“Brother Lin, I admit that you are very talented, but I am also a very talented person, that was what Master said in person. Just watch me.” Qin Heng was so confident.

“Well, indeed, you are very talented.”

There was nothing else that Lin Fan could say other than a word of encouragement to Qin Heng.

Qin Heng left quickly.

Lin Fan could continue his cultivation.

Earthen Boxing was indeed very good.

Lin Fan thought he was already familiar enough with Di Gang boxing, but when he practiced in person, it felt different.

He didn’t care about others’ comments.

Now he was also a man who had qi, he will be stronger started from that day.

“Master, are you there?” After Qin Heng left Lin Fan, he secretly vowed that he must let his Master know who the best disciple was.

He wanted to impress his Master with his excellent skill.

So he went to the kitchen to prepare a lot of pastries for Master, those were his specialties.

If someone wanted to control a man, one had to attack that man’s stomach.

“Come in.” Fang Jiuzhen answered.

Qin Heng smiled and walked in with the pastry.

After entering the house, he saw Master was drinking tea and looked very happy, “Master, I prepared some pastries for you.”

Fang Jiuzhen looked at those pastries and couldn’t help but worked up an appetite, “Come in.”

Qin Heng put the cake down happily and saw the Master twisting his neck gently, and then immediately massaged Fang Jiuzhen and said, “You must be tired, Master.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing your growth while you are here.” Fang Jiuzhen felt that he really got a talented disciple.

The two new disciples were very capable.

Qin Heng seemed on fire.

“Master, where did you go with Lin Fan? I was very curious.” Qin Heng asked, and he must ask clearly, knowing himself and knowing each other, he could win a hundred battles.

He was so envious.

“I went to the Earth Demon Plains for a walk.” Fang Jiuzhen said, lifting his shoulders lightly.

“It’s hard to sit here. It’s uncomfortable to sit for too long. It’s bad for your health. By the way, I didn’t think you would be this talented.”

A smile appeared on Qin Heng’s face.

As for exactly where the Earth Demon Plains was, Qing Heng hasn’t been there yet, and he wanted to see it, but at that time, it was definitely not the right time to ask, and he had to find an opportunity.

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