Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 83 What Do You Want To Do


Taiwu Sect, Zhentian Mountain.

That mountain was just a site for Taiwu Sect disciples, and that site was much bigger than Jiutian Sect. The buildings, the vast area, misty clouds.

The mountain penetrated the sky as if it was higher than the sky itself.

Countless spirit beasts flew around the mountain while crying beautifully.

“Brother, I have good news.”

A man dressed in luxurious clothes hurriedly passed the white jade pavement and walked into the building. When he saw his brother closed his eyes and practiced, he knew that was spiritual power cultivation. Even if that man was disturbed, it would be fine because that was mainly just to kill some time.

He was an extraordinary Taiwu Sect’s disciple, there was an aura flowed when he opened his eyes.

“What news?” One of the disciples asked.

“Sometimes ago, the tool for detecting the treasure that brother bought at Tianbao Pavilion at a high price finally show some result, it discovered a spirit vein.”

That man seemed very excited because of the word spirit vein.

At that time, senior disciple spent a huge sum of money on buying a one-time-use treasure spirit detector, he felt very worthless.

But he did not expect to find the spirit vein after a year of searching.

Although he still didn’t know what kind of spirit vein he found, one thing for sure, it was priceless.

Ye Zhentian suddenly got up, even if he was a talented person and had status, he was delighted by the matter.

“What rank is it?” Ye Zhentian asked.

“I don’t know yet, but according to the survey, the spirit vein is at least three ranks above standard, and perhaps the spirit stone can be condensed inside.”

“Senior, do you want to round up some people to start mining immediately? With this spirit vein, our town net worth will skyrocket immediately.”

Ye Zhentian said, “Let’s have the disciples mine the spirit stone, our manpower may not be enough, and they also need to practice, we don’t have much time, if we sell this spirit vein to an immortal, we can make a lot of money, but at the same time it will also be a huge loss for us.”

As soon as the disciple turned, he immediately had an idea, “Senior, this matter is easy. There are many small sects around Taiwu Sect. We can use their disciples to add manpower, what do you think?”

“With our Taiwu Sect backing us up, those small sects will not dare to be rebellious.”

“It’s up to you to deal with this matter.” Ye Zhentian quickly calmed down his excitement. He just had to pay attention to those guys who were disciples like him, in case they laid their hands on the spirit vein he got.

“Senior, rest assured, there will be no problem.” That man said.

“Well, I got this pill from you, the enhancing medicine. You already have the foundation. You can greatly enhance the opportunity to break through your limit with this pill.”

Ye Zhentian will not be stingy to his men.

When that man saw the immortality was just one step ahead, he was so excited.

Destiny Pill.

That medicine was hard to get. Ordinary people couldn’t afford to have it at all. Only elders with superb skills level of alchemy who could make it.

He has been stuck in the foundation for a long time and never succeeded to break through, mainly because he could only succeed with a 30% chance.

But with Destiny Pill, his chance to break through reached 70%.


After a few days.

Jiutian Sect.

Lin Fan stayed in the courtyard, looked up at the sky leisurely, and he has already missed Jiangdu City.

He wanted to sing a poem while touching his bald head.

He had to find a way, so his master wanted to take him to the Demon Plains.

Even if he encountered the earth demon, he would be at ease while thinking about the item drop, life was so beautiful.

Of course.

He knew his master’s cultivation was not high. If he encountered a troublesome demon, he would naturally lose, but he did not care about those matters. What he really cared about was item drop.

There will be no problem as long as he laid the foundation.

At that time.

There was a voice from the mountain gate.

“Fang Jiuzhen, Feng Sihai from Taiwu Sect came to discuss something.” Feng Sihai arrived at Jiutian Sect a few days later.

He thought Jiutian Sect was very weak.

But that sect might have something special because that sect could still stand firm after decades if that sect didn’t have anything special they would have been history at that time.

Fang Jiuzhen listened to their story.

He didn’t even know what the situation was.

He didn’t know why they came.

Taiwu Sect was a monster in the Immortal Realm.

Compared with Jiutian Sect, it was like a grain against dust.

They were not in the same league.

Even some of the disciples of other sects were more powerful than Fang Jiuzhen.

When Fang Jiuzhen reached the entrance, he saw someone stood there, with a gaze that looked down on him, and when that man looked at the disciples around and Fang Jiuzhen who didn’t have spirit root and could not cultivate to be immortals, that man could not help but showing contempt.

It was just a bunch of scum.

“Taiwu Sect, Feng Sihai, don’t just stand there, please come with me.” Fang Jiuzhen said hurriedly.

His greatest fear was his disciples will embarrass him.

How could Jiutian Sect clash with Taiwu Sect?

When they come there, it always had something to do with the disciples.

At the distance.

Lin Fan stood there, he looked at the people who came to him, and their cultivation stage was like him, and their qi was relatively strong.

But looking at the attitude of the master, those people seemed to be a big shot.

“No, to make it short, my brother Ye Zhentian needed a group of people to produce rocks, and now he urgently needs manpower. I want to borrow some disciples from your sect. Fang Jiuzhen, you didn’t have a problem with it, did you?” Feng Sihai said.


Fang Jiuzhen looked embarrassed, “Brother Feng, I think Taiwu Sect’s disciples alone is enough, and Jiutian Sect has a limited number of the disciple.”

“Hehe.” Feng Sihai smiled and said, “Why? Are you going to refuse? Do you think we don’t know that every time we attend the assessment’s site, you would bring back some mortals that our Taiwu Sect doesn’t approve.”

“It is an honor for them to do something for my brother now.”

“I’ll say it here. It’s your business whether you come or not. As for the consequences, it depends on whether you can bear it or not.”

When the people from Taiwu Sect left, they looked at the disciples who were like ants in their eyes while showing a slight smile.

The disciples around watched those guys left.

But those disciples had already stayed at Jiutian Sect for so long so they got accustomed to that kind of treatment.

“Stop, how come you talk like that to my master? You must apologize!” He didn’t know when Qin Heng jumped out.

Fang Jiuzhen was really embarrassed, but when he saw Qin Heng jumped out.

He was no longer embarrassed.


“My God, what are you doing?!” He thought.

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