Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 86 Retreat


‘Earth Demon: Reshape Dantian’

‘Possible item drop: Golden Spirit Root, Wood Spirit Root, 250 years worth of cultivation, Quick Recovery.’

‘Earth Demon: Reshape Sight’

‘Possible item drop: Earth Spirit Root, 300 years of cultivation, Spirit Sense of Smell, Damaged Treasure Map, Diet Pill.’

Nothing was outstanding about those two demons, they didn’t even have qi.

But those were not important.

When he saw the earth demon, he knew that God didn’t abandon him, God still gave him a chance.

All he needed to do was working hard, and he will succeed.

Those two demons ran away in panic.

They were frightened by some disciples.

When those disciples saw the demons, their eyes glowed like saying that their mission was finally completed.

Lin Fan hid in the dark while watching them.

When those two demons passed by, he followed behind like a tiger, and he swung the green toad sword so fast, aiming at those two demons.

“Who’s there?”

The other earth demon suddenly panicked.

The demon smelled the living creatures drifting around, but he knew he couldn’t escape.

When he saw another disciple was intercepting them, he roared angrily and rushed towards Lin Fan, “Disciple of Immortal! I will eat you!”

The earth demon opened his mouth, and his sharp teeth bit the back of Lin Fan’s sword.

Thanks to that, his teeth shattered into pieces and fell to the ground.

“What!? It hurts!”

The demon wanted to cover his mouth and almost cried because two rows of his beautiful teeth were gone.

Lin Fan kicked the earth demon to the ground, and the green toad sword was lying across the demon’s neck, Lin Fan was forcing the demon to answer him, “Say, how many disciples did you see? And which sect were they affiliated with?”

“Damn, just kill me instead!” The demon roared, he was not afraid of death.


Lin Fan swung his arm, and the green toad sword cut through the demon’s neck, and blood flowed down.

Demon’s expression changed, and then he whispered when he was dying, “It shouldn’t be like this … at least threaten me first …”

‘Obtained Golden Spirit Root Fragment.’

‘Obtained 300 years worth of cultivation.’


Lin Fan searched the earth demon, then he found a broken treasure map and Pigu Pill.

That demon barely dropped anything useful.

But the cultivation was not bad, Lin Fan was reaching 487 years of cultivation.

He wanted to test his new strength and shocked everyone.

He needed to work harder than anyone because there was no shortcut.

Hunting on the Demon Plains was indeed hard work.

Lin Fan hoped that he could find some fragments again and begging the system to increase the drop rate in the future.

Lin Fan was cautiously looking for the earth demons in the Demons Plain.

He did not know how long it has been.

He saw a flash of light in the distance, and a Tai Chi pattern appeared in the sky.

The light was shining brightly, dispelling all the magical energy around.

“Is it because the Demon just said that a disciple came in, and now there is a fight there?” Lin Fan pondered for a moment and then decided to go to see what happened, maybe he did not encounter demon because of those disciples, drawing all the demons’ attention.

He was thinking carefully.

It made sense.

Soon, he sneakily arrived nearby the battleground, hiding behind a boulder while looking at the vast scene.

He was sure those guys would kill him if he showed up, even though he just wanted to say hello.

There were so many disciples.

It was estimated that there were at least twenty people.

The Tai Chi pattern was right above their heads.

A light curtain descended from the sky to cover them.

At the same time, many earth demons were also covered by this Tai Chi pattern.

The earth demon in the Tai Chi magic circle was suppressed and unable to exert all their strength.

They were at a disadvantage.

“It hurts.”

Every time Lin Fan saw the earth demon being slashed to death by those disciples, he felt pain just like the pain of being in love, then the important person disappeared from his eyes.

But the point was, he couldn’t do anything at that moment.

He could only watch his cultivation being snatched away by those guys.

Lin Fan was thinking so hard to find a way.


Lin Fan’s brain suddenly flashed, there was a way.

Then he looked at those disciples in the distance, and it was easy to say that the strongest in that group was not much stronger than him.

After drawing the Green Toad Sword, Lin Fan began to move.

“Uh-huh, not bad.”

Lin Fan was very satisfied with the current situation.

At first glance, he looked like a person who had many experiences.

He sprinted and then shouted in panic, “Dear brothers and sisters, run! There are thousands of demons chasing behind me, run!”

“My senior hunted the demon in the mountain, and one of the demon’s leaders escaped.” Lin Fan shouted.

Those disciples were shocked when they heard that.

What a joke.

If there were thousands of earth demons, then they will absolutely die.

But who was that guy just now?

Was he a martial artist?

The earth demons in the Tai Chi light heard that and immediately shouted, “Our thousands of brothers are coming to stop them.”

After the demon said that, those disciples were stunned. Were there thousands of demons?

“So it means that guy who was run so fast just now was saying the truth?”

“Withdraw, withdraw quickly.”

The disciples who were in the Tai Chi light believed that there were thousands of earth demons in the distance.

Unexpectedly, they were the ones who fell into the demon’s trap, they thought.

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