Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 88


Night has come.

Lin Fan has been following that group of earth demons for a while, waiting for a chance to kill them all.

“I didn’t expect these earth demons to have their own dwellings. It’s really smart enough.”

He stared at them regretfully, where the lights were so bright, and the earth demons lit a bonfire and gathered around to chat there.

What happened to them during the day was a normal thing for them, so they were barely fazed about that.

Lin Fan was hiding and kept waiting.


Lin Fan didn’t find a chance to attack them, those demons kept chatting all night long, none of them was ever isolated like taking a pee for example.

Lin Fan looked at four demons who seemed to be the strongest within that group, and he could defeat them in one on one battle, but he might lose if he fought them at once.

He still waited but slowly felt a bit impatient.

Lin Fan was ready to take risks, he only had one chance, according to Immortal Record, the earth demons were violent creatures.

He was ready to try a new trick.

Although that trick may not be successful, he will take the risk.

At the campfire.

The earth demons still talked to each other.

The topic was all about them.


One of the earth demons chatted cheerfully with the earth demons around him. When his gaze turned around, he suddenly found something swaying in the grass in the distance. The demon took a closer look, and it seemed like a bear.

Lin Fan lowered his head, swaying up and down with his killing intent.

“It’s so tempting.” The earth demon didn’t know what or who was that.

“What are you doing?” Asked the demons around him.

“It’s nothing.” That demon answered his companion.

He didn’t want to tell his companion what he found.

That was shameful, but as long as he could attract the earth demons’ attention, that was fine.

For the sake of his pride, he must kill all those demons.


Lin Fan knew that demon came towards him, then he squatted because he suddenly disappeared, the earth demon was curious.

That made the demon felt impatient and moved faster, then Lin Fan could not wait to kill them all.


The earth demon saw a bald headed guy looked at him fiercely.

Just as the demon was about to shout, Lin Fan came from the sky and cut his neck directly.

“Brother, you help me a lot. You will be part of me as my cultivation.”

Killing that demon made Lin Fan happier.

‘Obtained Talent: The Sense of Life’

What a stroke of luck.

It was not too bad.

Nineteen demons left.

That number was huge, and he must take it slowly.

The other demon who has just talked to the demon from before was bored.

Then he searched for the demon that Lin Fan killed. He thought his companion was taking a pee.

“What took you so long? It’s just pee.”

“Another one?” Lin Fan was shocked. He felt that the demon came closer and walked slowly towards him, and he heard a voice.

“Just come out already, are you not done yet?”


The earth demon was shocked when he found his companion’s pants, and he thought it was an enemy attack. When he looked to the ground, he saw the black oily trousers, his heart trembled, and then when he looked up, he found the trees shook as if something had happened.

“H, hey …”

The demon smiled awkwardly, “Are you having fun? Let me take a look at what beast you have caught.”

Then Lin Fan saw that the demon stretched out his sinful hands towards the trees.

“Great!” Lin Fan was shocked. He didn’t expect it to be so easy, and he always felt that the earth demons were unbelievably stupid.

Lin Fan didn’t get anything for a whole night, and suddenly things took an interesting turn, how could he miss this.

But when the demon saw what it found was not its comrades…

“You …” That demon just wanted to ask who was there, and but suddenly a sword struck his head.



Lin Fan quietly dragged the corpse into the grass.

Not too bad.

Another silly demon was killed by him.

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