Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 89


Four earth demons sat near the bonfire. Those demons regarded the disciples as an experimental subject.

And they also needed to collect the panacea from those disciples.


“Did you smell something weird?” The demon asked.

The other three were surprised, “No.”

Those three earth demons were weaker than that one, and they were less sensitive to odor.

The earth demon pondered for a moment and then got up to find the source of that faint odor. That smell was somewhat familiar, but because it was too far away, the smell was really faint.

Lin Fan squatted and watched the demons quietly, the two corpses were lying behind him.

“What’s with that earth demon? It seems God has helped me to choose the next target.” Lin Fan stared at the earth demon from a distance.

But he was a bit hesitant when he saw those demons.

The earth demon was a bit stronger. If Lin Fan couldn’t kill it in one swoop, he may attract more demons.

At that time.

He found one of the earth demons acted a bit strange when he saw those demons lying down leisurely near the bonfire.


The earth demon who had the talent Sense of Creatures looked at Lin Fan’s hiding place.

Before Lin Fan had a chance to get away, the earth demon roared, and the rest of the earth demons looked at Lin Fan’s hiding place.

“Shit! He found me.”

Lin Fan realized fighting against all those demons will prove troublesome.

He had to withdraw!

Lin Fan moved from his hiding place, then he threw the two corpses towards those demons and shouted, “Have fun with those corpses.”

He ran into the distance, he was afraid that he would die there. Since he was busted, he should run away.

The earth demon looked down at the two corpses, then he roared angrily, and then chased Lin Fan.

Lin Fan forgot that the earth demon had a talent to track his smell. If that earth demon pretended to not know Lin Fan was hiding there and ambushed him from his blind spot, Lin Fan would’ve been history.

Obviously, the group of earth demons chased Lin Fan in response. The four earth demons’ leaders were the fastest among them, blowing away everything in their path.

Lin Fan looked back, and he felt quite helpless, those four earth demons caught up to him.

“Can you stop chasing me? It’s just misunderstanding. I don’t bear any evil intention.” Lin Fan shouted.

Well, Lin Fan killed their two brothers. He said it was a misunderstanding, what a joke.

“Damn immortal disciple.”

The earth demon was mentally unstable. His anger hit the roof when he heard Lin Fan’s words.

That demon was also angry about how the Immortal disciple came and go and killed the demons as they please.

Lin Fan was considering various things while running away.

If he must fight those demons, one of them had higher qi than Lin Fan.

So it was quite troublesome.

‘Earth Demon: Foundation Immortal.’ 

‘Possible item drop: Golden Spirit Root, Water Spirit Root, Sense of Creatures, Quick Recovery, 80 Qi, Pure Sun Pill, Demon Insect’s Vest Armor, Magic Sword.’

That was the best item drop from the earth demon that Lin Fan has ever encountered.

If he could kill it, he could obtain a bunch of useful stuff.

But how big was the odds?

That problem puzzled Lin Fan.

Lin Fan thought he would encounter that kind of situation in the future anyway, so he must brace himself to fight those demons and obtained the items.

And if it did not go smoothly, he will still be able to run away.

After chasing Lin Fan for a while, those demons saw Lin Fan stopped running away, and they were very curious about what was the meaning behind that.

“Be careful that disciple is very dangerous. He must have some tricks up his sleeve.” Said the strongest earth demon, he felt that he was doing the right analysis because Lin Fan has been running away but suddenly stopped.

Was there any unknown strategy?

“I’ll twist this guy’s head.” The other demon could not help but stepped forward, but he was stopped by the strongest demon, “Don’t act carelessly, let’s see what he’s up to first.”

Lin Fan took a deep breath and was ready to fight, but he didn’t expect that the earth demon didn’t attack him at once.

Everyone took a break for a while.

Afterward, Lin Fan held the Green Toad Sword, pointed at the strongest earth demon in front of him, and shouted, “Come on, you four will fight me at once, let’s see if you’re worth my time.”

The other three demons were quite intolerable.

But the strongest earth demon stopped them, and the more they thought, the more cautious they were.

Lin Fan was analyzing today’s situation. How to fight in the best strategy he could come up with. Those three earth demons naturally were not a threat to him. The only threat was the one with 80 Qi.

The battle with that one will likely be a close battle.

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