Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 90


Nobody even moved a muscle.

The earth demon was worried about a trap, while Lin Fan was not sure whether he could fight four of them at once or not.

Those earth demons were getting hasty. If they didn’t accept Lin Fan’s challenge, they would be embarrassed.

“Boss, what are you waiting for? Standing around like this won’t settle anything.”

Some demons were quite impatient, they thought there was nothing special about Lin Fan anyway, but the leader was just cautious.

The earth demon’s leader discovered that the Green Toad Sword in Lin Fan’s hand was a magic weapon, and his eyes glittered with greed. If he got that magic weapon, he would be even more respected by the earth demons.

That leader wanted to be the leader of hundreds of earth demon.

Therefore, he must obtain that magic weapon at all costs. Otherwise, everything will end in vain.

Lin Fan was wondering what that group of earth demons was a thing because they didn’t move even for an inch, was it because they weren’t confident enough? Or were they waiting for the backup troops to come?

Lin Fan had reached 50 Qi and nearly 500 years’ worth of cultivation. He had many kinds of talents and martial arts. The outcome of the battle was not clear just yet, but he was confident with his capability.

Not to mention, it was not too late to run.


Lin Fan started to move, he cast one of the swords’ techniques based on qi.

The Twin Sun.


The Green Toad Sword was shining bright, the flame rose into the sky, and the hot waves exploded. Lin Fan was quite surprised. He did not expect the Lieyang sword technique will have such an effect.

He slashed the sword towards the earth demon, then the leader roared and swung his sword enhanced with qi.

“That magic weapon is wasted on you, let me have it instead.” The earth demon’s leader said greedily.

Those two clashed fiercely.

The Green Toad Sword was a magic weapon, so clashing against a normal sword was not a problem. However, the magical power of that earth demon’s leader was too powerful, and it was hard to fight against qi.

Those three earth demons were also extremely greedy, they wanted to have the Green Toad Sword in Lin Fan’s hand too.

“How shameless! I will prove that I’m more suited to wield this sword.” Lin Fan attempted to attack those three demons, but the earth demon’s leader wouldn’t give him a chance.

It seemed that if he wanted to kill those three demons, he must kill the leader first.

However, it was too difficult to kill that earth demon’s leader with his current sword technique level. He sheathed the Green Toad Sword and switched to his fist instead.

That boxing technique was the basic boxing of Immortals, but in any case, it was also a boxing technique with infinite possibilities.

Once Lin Fan could draw its full potential, it might provide all kinds of magical effects.

Suddenly, when Lin Fan performed the Boxing technique, he felt that his fist was draining the power of the earth demon, and the earth demon felt it.

“You really are a despicable immortal. You come all the way to Earth Demon Plains just to trouble us every fucking time, damn it.” The earth demon saw Lin Fan’s boxing technique was superb, so he thought Lin Fan was one of the immortals.

Only the immortals could understand the essence of Earthen Boxing.



Lin Fan threw a punch to the earth demon, but he found that the earth demon’s defense was really solid. Suddenly, the earth demon’s body seemed to have some problem, as if there was something fused into his body, and at that time, it seemed like he was being controlled by external forces.

Lin Fan discovered that the earth demon had an inner armor, and from the looks of it, that demon’s inner armor could no longer withstand any excessive attack.

It looked like a tortoise. Lin Fan threw one punch after another to shatter the earth demon’s inner armor.

“Damn, human!” The earth demon was furious, and the sword in his hand was shining, and at the same time, an extremely dangerous aura was coming from him.

“Breaking Sound Magic Sword.”

In an instant, the earth demon’s explosive qi burned out, and he instantly disappeared.

Lin Fan sensed that was dangerous, that was the first time he fought someone with qi, and he was quite nervous, especially since the said earth demon suddenly disappeared from his sight.

What kind of sword technique was that Breaking Sound Magic Sword?


He felt something was moving on the ground.

Lin Fan jumped back instinctively, and in an instant, the Earth Demon appeared in front of him, and at the same time, slashed his sword toward his throat.

“Eat this!” The earth demon slashed his sword with the Sound Breaking Magic Sword. Its speed was so fast that it should have killed the opponent.

Lin Fan felt chill around his neck. Although Lin Fan avoided it, the sword still cut his skin.

“Die, you human.”

Lin Fan found the magical power of the earth demon was stagnating for a moment, seizing that opportunity, he reached the Green Toad Sword in his waist.


Lin Fan cut the demon’s neck easily, because a magic weapon was containing qi and, and cutting the earth demon’s skin was like cutting tofu for it.

“How is this possible?”

The earth demon covered his neck and looked at Lin Fan in disbelief. He did not expect that was his end.

Even Lin Fan knew that the earth demon had a terrifying technique. If it weren’t for the demon’s magical power stagnation, he would’ve been the one lying on the ground.

Right after the earth demon cast the Breaking Sound Magic Sword, his qi stagnated, Lin Fan, who didn’t overlook that opportunity, ended up winning.

Lin Fan hoped the earth demon dropped qi.

But there was also a complete Spirit Root.

That was the first time he has encountered a demon with a complete Spirit Root.

Maybe that was a mutation.


“Run quickly!”

The other three demons looked at the scene in horror.

Because their leader just died.

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