Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 91


“Fellow immortal, you are a guest in the Earth Demon Plains. We welcome you. These magic weapons belong to our leader, please take it and leave us alone.”

Those demons ran away in fear of Lin Fan, they didn’t expect their strongest leader would end up like that.


Lin Fan used the boxing technique, he threw several punches to knock down those three demons to the ground.

“Fellow immortal, please spare us.” The demon was lying on the ground miserably like a weak woman who was about to be rap*d.

They realized that a young man in front of them was dangerous.

“I’m afraid I can’t let you go, I have to become stronger after all.” Lin Fan touched his bald head, and the Green Toad Sword in his hand radiated bright light.

Become stronger?

Those three earth demons looked at each other awkwardly and could not understand. How are you becoming stronger and killing us related? Is it that difficult to let us go?

But what greeted them was that lightning and merciless sword.




Lin Fan enjoyed the sound of his sword when it slashed through those three demon’s neck, and he was suddenly very happy. Maybe that was how happiness felt.

This kind of happiness was hard for ordinary people to understand.

Lin Fan stood there while looking at the corpses of those four earth demons around him and suddenly waited in anticipation.

Become stronger, that was the only thing in Lin Fan’s mind.

It’s coming.

‘Obtained Spirit Root: Metal Spirit Root’

‘Obtained 80 Qi’

‘Obtained Sword Technique: Breaking Sound Magic Sword (Small Supernatural Power)’

‘Obtained Spirit Root: Wood Spirit Root Fragment’

‘Obtained Talent: The Sense of Life’

‘Obtained 25 Qi’

Lin Fan’s hard work paid off, he got a bunch of good items, and he was really excited. He didn’t expect that God will really give him a jackpot. Although it was not that good, he really needed that cultivation and qi.

The earth demon dropped two kinds of Spirit Root, and they were both complete Spirit Root, not just a fragment. That was Lin Fan’s first time to obtain a complete Spirit Root.

He guessed the complete Spirit Root should have nothing to do with cultivation, and at the same time, it had nothing to do with one’s Spirit Root. Perhaps it was just pure luck.

‘Breaking Sound Magic Sword (Small Spiritual Power): A sword technique that consumes a huge amount of magical spiritual power, the highest level could produce the fastest swordsmanship, even faster than the sound itself.’

‘The Sense of Life (Bronze): Earth monster has supernatural talents, grant an extremely sensitive sense of smell.’

But all items that were dropped were useful items that he really needed at the moment.

Especially the items dropped by the strongest earth demon.

But the only thing that made Lin Fan quite uncomfortable was the System.

He knew that there was something in that demon’s body.

He found the Pure Sun Pill from the Earth Demon’s body, and the damaged vest armor of the demon, but it was indeed damaged enough, so it was useless, but that vest armor’s material was a good thing. Nonetheless, it was useless, so Lin Fan threw it away.

“Hey, that is a Pure Sun Pill.” Lin Fan was speechless, he didn’t know what to say.

‘Pure Sun Pill: Refined using Golden Crown Grass, Taihualu and other dozens of precious spirit herbs, which can grant pure yang qi, which has the effect of destroying evil and destroying demons, and could also give 5 Qi.’

It’s a good thing.

But why didn’t that demon use it himself?

Could it be that the element of the earth demon was not compatible with that?

Lin Fan swallowed the pill, which was like crunching sugar, so crunchy, suddenly a heat flow filled his mouth and then slid down the throat.


His qi increased by five.

He have 160 Qi.

Four elements of immortals.

The first of those was dharma, the method of cultivation, which focused on the immortal technique.

It will take forever to obtain 160 Qi without the aid of the pill.

Wealth was not only a property but also useful to strengthen the Spirit Root.

If one didn’t have the wealth to buy some medicine or pills, one better gave up and grew sweet potatoes at home.

Lin Fan continued to search for the earth demon.

The result made him feel and excited again.


When Lin Fan left, that place became very quiet. Only four earth demon corpses lay there silently. The blood that has not yet solidified proved that an extremely cruel battle has just happened there.

Inside the cave.

Lin Fan searched around, but he didn’t find any traces of earth demon.

Lin Fan was sitting there, he wanted to do something based on the formulas in “The Green Mysterious Magic.”

He got a complete spirit root, although it was only one grade, with that Lin Fan was eligible to become immortal. That was a good start.

“It’s a useless System. It can’t do everything at once. I still need to practice by myself.”

Lin Fan was quite upset, but what else could he say, all he could do was work on it slowly.

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