Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 92


Greatest Martial Sect, Sky Peak.

Even though the scenery there was so beautiful, the spiritual power there was very dense, but for Fang Jiuzhen, it was a kind l of like torture.

It has been a while since he came to the Greatest Martial Sect. He never had the opportunity to see Ye Zhentian.

He didn’t believe it before coming there.

“Brother Jiuzhen, listen to my advice and forget about it. Ye Zhentian found a spiritual vein and urgently needed manpower. You won’t be able to change anything by coming here.”

Tong Sheng and Fang Jiuzhen were old-fashioned, and they became friends ever since they were young.

Tong Sheng was just an ordinary elder in Greatest Martial Sect as of the moment, and he couldn’t keep up with some true disciples because he fell short in terms of strength. And Ye Zhentian was one of the true disciples. He also couldn’t do anything about it, he didn’t know what to do.

“Brother Tong, you know I’ve had my hands full to support Nine Heavens Sect now. If you’re going to force my disciple to mine the Spirit Stone, my Nine Heavens Sect will be ruined. They are all just mortals.”

Fang Jiuzhen understood that if he allowed his disciples to mine Spirit Stone, they would die from the exhaustion.

As the master who recruited them, he wouldn’t let them be sacrificed at some random place.

Tong Sheng said, “Brother Jiuzhen, listen to me. Forget it. You are a cultivator. They are just mortals. You can still find more of them in the future. There is no need to save them. I want to help you, but you know how things work. I would’ve helped if I can, but I can’t do anything about the true disciples.”

At that time.

Tong Sheng just had a talk with his brother about other true disciples who wanted to use magic weapons as a resource to be exchanged for the Spirit Stone.

Of course, Ye Zhentian wouldn’t just give the Spirit Stone for free.

Everyone knew how important Spirit Stone was, becoming Immortal without it was basically impossible.

Even people at Golden Immortal Realm only had a life span of two hundred years at most.

Cultivating to become Immortal without sufficient resources was just reckless since normal human’s life span was not enough to support that. Becoming Immortal took time. The more magical power, the more time was needed.

That was where the Spirit Stone was crucial.

Moreover, the Spirit Vein that Ye Zhentian discovered may be at third grade or higher. The higher the grade, the purer the spiritual power contained in the Spirit Stone. If the Spirit Stone contained impurities, it had to be cleansed, and it will take some time.

Absorbing third grade Spirit Stone or above could easily boost one’s cultivation, years of hard work are meaningless compared to absorbing one Spirit Stone.

“Why are you still here? Don’t make me repeat myself” Tong Sheng saw Fang Jiuzhen was still standing there. It was quite troublesome.

Fang Jiuzhen approached him and begged, “Please help me, let me see Ye Zhentian.”

When he was in his sect, in order to set a good example in front of his disciples, he tried his best not to embarrass himself in front of his disciples. But his disciples were not there this time, so there was no need to keep up appearances. In order to keep the disciples off from mining, he didn’t care if he had to lay down his pride.

“That’s an interesting thing you said right there. My brother is a true disciple of Greatest Martial Sect. You can’t see him just because you want to. As Elder Tong has just said, you should give up. Why are you so persistent?” Feng Sihai, who overheard their conversation, was very unhappy with Fang Jiuzhen’s behavior.

Feng Sihai was upset seeing Fang Jiuzhen acted like that.

Feng Sihai has seen Tong Sheng for many times, he naturally knew that Tong Sheng was an elder. So he was trying to be polite and said, “Elder Tong, you can’t blame me. You have lived in Greatest Martial Sect for so long. Every time Immortal appraisal time comes, your friend has been going there, taking some people back, Greatest Martial Sect has given him enough leeway, he should’ve at least lent us a hand with mining the Spirit Stone for free.”

“I can report you to sect master if you insisted.”

He was trying to be polite just because Feng Sihai was an elder. But that didn’t mean he was afraid of him.

Tong Sheng’s expression changed, and he said angrily, “What do you mean by that?”

“Oh, Elder Tong, you know that you are just outer elder. This is a matter between the true disciples. You have no right to intervene in this, even if you asked the disciplinary elder to help you, the one who violates the rules here is you.” Feng Sihai was quite impatient.

The outer elder was the person responsible for the affairs of the disciples. Their cultivation base was not particularly high, they weren’t particularly talented, and their spirit root was not that good, but since they have spent a lot of time in the sect, they were assigned as an outer elder with certain privileges.

The true disciples were more respected than outer elders.

“You …” Tong Sheng pointed at Feng Sihai, and his face turned red, but he couldn’t say anything back because Feng Sihai was right.

He didn’t hold that much authority, but he was angry when his old friend was ridiculed like that.

At that time.

A disciple came from afar and said indifferently, “Brother Feng, Brother Ye said to let him in.”

Feng Sihai nodded and glanced at Fang Jiuzhen, “My brother let you go in, but you better keep your heads down. It’s an honor for your sect to do things for my brother, but you don’t know your place.”

Tong Sheng worried that Fang Jiuzhen would be in trouble and said, “I will go with you.”

But the disciple stopped, “Elder Tong, Brother Ye said, please behave yourself, Brother will go to the disciplinary elder to sue you, go back and wait for the punishment.”

Tong Sheng said angrily, “Ye Zhentian dares to do that?”

“Please turn back.” The disciple’s gesture indicated that he couldn’t come along.

Fang Jiuzhen pulled Tong Sheng, shook his head, and said, “I’ll go alone. I’m the one who has caused you trouble.”

“Be careful. I can only help this much, rest assured, he won’t do anything.” Tong Sheng said.

Fang Jiuzhen nodded and then followed the disciple toward Ye Zhentian.

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