Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 93


Tong Sheng looked toward Sky Peak and shook his head helplessly. He couldn’t accompany his friend there. He didn’t know what will happen to Fang Jiuzhen.

Tong Sheng thought he shouldn’t come along. Every true disciple was a prideful individual.

Fang Jiuzhen’s refusal was to prevent Ye Zhentian from embarrassing Tong Sheng.

“I should go find someone to help you.” Tong Sheng pondered, thinking about his colleague one after another, but no one could help him at that time.

Earth Demon Plains.

Lin Fan was practicing, and the blood in his body was boiling. There was a problem with the cycle of his cultivation.

All cultivators, in general, had to achieve the five realms first, but since he got spirit root, he instantly reached Foundation Immortal.

As the result, he had to attain the five realms later.

With the help of the System, Lin Fan could break the norm in that world.

At that time.

Lin Fan’s body was boiling, he burned all the impurities in his body into the mist.


“Yep, as expected of yours truly.”

He could feel the changes in his body as if he had undergone a major transformation.

That was the change brought by the System.

Even if one reached the Half-Initial Realm, that didn’t mean they’ll be invincible, they could still suffer various illnesses, but after attaining the first realm, they won’t experience such problems, their body will be adjusted to perfection and officially enter Initial Realm.

“But it’s a bit strange. I seem to be practicing longer than before.” He didn’t practice that long before. Maybe because of his strong qi.

100 Qi was not a joke.

The next step was to reshape the three fates.

It was such a weird thing. Those who never read the Immortal Record wouldn’t understand its content.

There were three fates for human beings, heaven, earth, and human. The three fires for ordinary human was just to avoid bad luck and prevent them from committing sins, and once they became immortals, they must reshape their fate into Immortal fate.

The three fates recorded in Immortal Record consisted of various elements in general.

And so on, he continued the next steps.

Three days later.

“Get the job done.”

Lin Fan opened his eyes, the fog in his eyes disappeared, he became more divine, calmer, he got all the five realms and took a deep breath, he could feel the circulation of the spiritual energy condensed between the heavens and the earth around him.

“Cultivation really is exhausting.”

He was really tired, he just sat there for three days without moving, he couldn’t even if he wanted to anyway.

He suddenly thought how difficult it was difficult to cultivate for hundreds of years like a normal cultivator.

Although his qi did not increase, he felt that he had become stronger.

Lin Fan sensed some movement outside. He caught the smell of some creatures approaching, human beings and earth demons.


“Aaargh… help, big brother and sister, please help me out, I’m going to die.”


A man was fleeing from countless ​​earth demons. There were too many earth demons, with each step they took, the whole ground shook violently.

For Wang Zheng, it was like hell. He came to the Earth Demon Plains only to find the quiet spring grass that grew there. But right when he picked one, he found that the earth was shaking. He thought it was an earthquake. But when he looked closer, he realized that was because of earth demons.

At that time.

Lin Fan was hungry and thirsty after finishing his cultivation and was itching to kill some earth demons.

But when Lin Fan saw the scene outside, he was stunned.

Wang Zheng saw Lin Fan’s head sticking out and found out that he was a human…

“Run quickly, or you will die.”

What happened? Where did that many demons come?

Lin Fan wanted to kill all those demons, but he held back because if he used his power, he might destroy the surroundings as well.

Lin Fan chose to run away first.

“Fellow cultivator, why are you here?” Wang Zheng caught up with Lin Fan, although he looked panicked, but when he saw someone in the same boat with him, he became much calmer somehow.

“Who are you?” Lin Fan asked.

Wang Zheng gasped and said, “My friend, how can you be so rude?”

“I ask you, what are you doing with a group of earth demons? And you run away straight to this place, do you have a grudge against me?” Lin Fan glanced.

Wang Zheng said, “You misunderstood my friend, I have never met you, how could I have a grudge against you, I am innocent, I’m just picking a spirit grass, and suddenly those earth demons went after me, I happened to find pass by you during my escape.”

“But it’s okay. We can survive.”

He was trying to convince both himself and Lin Fan, although he himself had no solution to their current predicament.

Lin Fan really wanted to kill Wang Zheng. The trouble he caused dragged others down.

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