Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 94


Note: Jiutian Sect > Nine Heavens Sect.

Note2: Taiwu Sect > Greatest Martial Sect.

At that time.

Wang Zheng saw a river, with a width of about ten feet in front of him, and he immediately shouted with joy, “My friend, there is a river in front of us. We can jump in and escape from the earth demons.”

“What kind of river is this? Why is the water black? Are you insane? Don’t jump in. This river is dangerous.” Lin Fan said.

He didn’t know what else to say.

When Lin Fan first came to that unfamiliar place, he simply wanted to grow stronger steadily and improve his cultivation, how could encountering that kind of disaster cross his mind.

“Let’s just jump already!” Wang Zheng shouted and jumped.

Lin Fan couldn’t help but jump down too. He felt cold, and as soon as he entered the river, he immediately used his qi to protect him.

The earth demons saw those two jumped into the river and stopped chasing them.

When Lin Fan saw those earth demons went the other way, he felt relieved and came out of the river.

He dried his clothes using his qi.

“So close.”

Wang Zheng climbed ashore, used the magic art to dry his wet clothes instantly.

“I’m so sorry, I dragged you into this, I don’t know where those earth demons came from. Maybe something happened to the Earth Demons Plains, causing earth demons to become restless.”

“Let’s go somewhere safer.”

Wang Zheng didn’t want to stay in the Earth Demons Plains. He thought it would be problematic if he stayed there for any longer.

Lin Fan looked back at Wang Zheng without saying anything.

Wang Zheng was very embarrassed, and then changed the topic and said, “I don’t know your name yet, I’m Wang Zheng, the disciple of Greatest Martial Sect.”

Lin Fan didn’t expect that man was a disciple of Greatest Martial Sect. He has lost any kind of sympathy toward Greatest Martial Sect for the moment.

Since he seemed polite and since, Lin Fan couldn’t bring himself to stay mad.

“Do you know Feng Sihai?”

Lin Fan asked, he has been thinking about finding a chance to kill that guy, but he was not strong enough.

“Feng Sihai …” Wang Zheng was stunned, and then he said, “I don’t know, but I know Ye Zhentian. Did you have something against him?”

“No, it’s not like that, I’m just asking that’s all.” Lin Fan said with a smile.

Lin Fan began to be cautious in front of him.

“I wasn’t affiliated with any sect. My name is Lin Fan, I see you have a lot of potentials, just be sure to pick your friends.”

“I’ll take my leave.”

Lin Fan didn’t want to stay any longer with Wang Zheng, because Lin Fan thought that man was a walking misfortune.

Wang Zheng still had something to say, but Lin Fan was already gone.

“Do I?” After he said that to himself, he wanted to go back as fast as he could.

After a few days.

Nine Heavens Sect.

When Lin Fan returned to the mountain gate, the disciples guarding the mountain gate saw Lin Fan and couldn’t help but shock, “You come back, we all thought you died outside.”

They were shocked to see Lin Fan came back.

“I have something to do around here. I didn’t go that far, that’s for sure.” Lin Fan said.

He couldn’t tell them that he went to Earth Demons Plains alone.

If he said it, he would scare them to death.

“Have our master returned?” Lin Fan asked.


The disciples who guarded the mountain gate were also curious about what took their master so long.

Lin Fan had a bad feeling because his master went to Greatest Martial Sect of all places.


Lin Fan heard something from the gate.

“Master is back.”

Lin Fan looked back.

The disciples who guarded the mountain gate looked at that person in fear. Their eyes kept looking at the person carrying their Master in his hand.

Feng Sihai tossed Fang Jiuzhen from his hand to the disciples.

“Take care of him, and if he is lucky, Brother Ye will forgive him.”

Feng Sihai’s eyes were extremely fierce, and when every student’s eyes met his eyes, they bowed their heads in fear.


Lin Fan clenched his fingers, he was very angry at that time.

Both him and Fang Jiuzhen did not have a good impression of Feng Sihai, because Feng Sihai was so arrogant, he simply could not stand it.

But because none of them aside from Lin Fan had Spirit Root, they couldn’t do anything about it.

“Let’s go.”

Feng Sihai said to those two disciples who accompanied him arrogantly.

“Hurry up, treat our master’s wounds.” Lin Fan said.

Soon, a group of disciples carried their master in.

When no one was paying attention, Lin Fan quietly disappeared and followed Feng Sihai.

He could no longer tolerate that guy’s behavior.

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