Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 95


“Brother Feng, that old bastard is really interesting, but Brother Ye has a bad temper. He easily humiliated Fang Jiuzhen, and he immediately broke and agreed to brother Ye’s request.”

“You just have to find more disciple to mine the spirit stone if we don’t have enough.”

A disciple who followed Feng Sihai smiled and then thought of the insufficient number of people.

Feng Sihai smiled, “It’s okay, you can go to that sect to play sometimes.”

Those two disciples nodded at the same time.

“The old man is not to be underestimated, if we let our guard down, we might be in trouble.”

“It’s okay, Greatest Martial Sect is backing you up. He can’t make a move.” Feng Sihai took lightly of Nine Heavens Sect.

The old man was already humiliated in front of Brother Ye, and he did suffer greatly.

Those two disciples grinned.

Lin Fan has been following them while thinking about how to kill Feng Sihai.

Lin Fan thought Feng Sihai was already too full of himself, so he didn’t care about what will happen if he killed Feng Sihai.

At that time.

The situation has changed.

Feng Sihai told those two disciples to go back first without him.

Lin Fan peeked quietly and found that those two disciples were separated from Feng Sihai.

Lin Fan was overjoyed. Without those guys, things will be much easier.

After watching those two left, Feng Sihai showed a faint smile on his face, and he acted in secret.

There were many small schools near Greatest Martial Sect.

And when he thought of the girls in that small school, his libido suddenly rose.

He could have his way with those girls after kidnapping them on their way to school, and kill those girls after that, and hid their corpses, no one will know his deed.

Lin Fan was carefully watching him from afar.

‘Feng Sihai: Foundation Immortal’

‘Possible Item Drop: Earth Spirit Root Fragment, Gold Spirit Root Fragment, 180 Qi, Sevenfold Cloud Swordstechnique, Tai Wu Physic Technique, Indestructible Body Technique, Destiny Pill, Storage Bag, Detoxification, Fire Avoidance, Dark Iron Sword’

Lin Fan was after his qi.

Others were also good, but those were not really worth mentioning.

Feng Sihai was happy and excited, he didn’t know that he will be bathed in blood.


“Who are you?”

Feng Sihai frowned when he saw someone in front of him blocking his way.

Lin Fan touched his bald head and smiled, “Nobles really don’t think much of us commoners. Even though you just saw me some time ago. You forgot so quickly.”

Feng Sihai was shocked, and then he said, “Oh, I remember, you are the disciple of Nine Heavens Sect, your bald head is outrageous.”

“What are you here for? Could it be that you want to avenge your master?”

Feng Sihai didn’t expect it.

A mere mortal was blocking his path and looked at him with killing intent.

Feng Sihai found Lin Fan’s weapon was very interesting.

“Boy, the sword in your hand is a magic weapon.”

“Give me that magic weapon, and I will let you live, if you refuse, I will kill you and take away the magic weapon myself.”

Feng Sihai said greedily.

“Hehe, you seem to be so confident in killing me.”

“Let’s get straight to the point.”

Without any warning, Lin Fan attacked Feng Sihai.

Lin Fan couldn’t hold his hatred any longer than that, and his hatred will disappear once Feng Sihai dead.

Feng Sihai took out the long sword from his storage bag and blocked Lin Fan’s attack.


Suddenly, an incredible scene happened.

Feng Sihai found that the situation was different from what he expected.

“You brat! You have qi, didn’t you? Fang Jiuzhen was only allowed to recruit disciples without root. How dare he snatched the people with root from Greatest Martial Sect. He will be dead for sure.” Feng Sihai was shocked. Lin Fan’s qi was strong.

He countered Lin Fan with Greatest Martial Sect’s technique.

“That was unexpected, pretending to be weakling, and trying to attack me when I let my guard down.”

“Look at the sword you’re using, what’s with that worn-out sword?”

“Let’s see what you can do with that.”

Feng Sihai laughed but suddenly became cautious when Lin Fan’s sword emitted blue light.

In an instant.

Feng Sihai swung his sword that was imbued with qi. That sword was originally seven swords that were merged into one.

It emitted such a powerful aura.

“Boy, be amazed, this is the real Immortals’ technique, and yours are just scum.”

“Just die already!”

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