Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 97


The item drop he awaited was finally announced by the System.

‘Obtained Spirit Root: Golden Spirit Root Fragment.’

‘Obtained 180 Qi.’

‘Obtained the Immortal Technique: Greatest Martial Introducing Spiritual Techniques’

There were three kinds of drops, and he was quite lucky, especially the qi.

Soon, Lin Fan found several things from the corpse.

Destiny Pill.

Storage bag.

Lin Fan must bury him carefully, camouflage it with the surroundings.

Lin Fan’s qi was too strong, it was reaching 340 years. It was already amazing enough that he could build up such an amount of qi.

Lin Fan found a safe place and sat there.

A lotus seed emerged from Lin Fan’s dantian. That was the foundation of longevity. It absorbed energy and nourished the seeds. He could find out his life span base on the growth of the seed.

What a useful System he had.

The realm in his System has changed.

Realm: Destiny Immortal.      

When stepping into such a realm, Lin Fan thoroughly discovered that everything has changed, he realized that he saw something that he has never seen before.

By the time he broke through to Destiny Realm, he saw his life span was about three hundred years.

Seemed like a lot.

But when he thought about it carefully, it didn’t seem that long for Immortal.

However, in the future, he will be able to get an elixir that will increase his lifespan. However, those elixirs were precious elixir.

“Forget it. Lifespan is useless to me. I just need to kill some people, I will have a chance to get qi, and then raise my realm.”

Lin Fan checked out the items.

‘Greatest Martial Spiritual Art: Greatest Martial Immortal Technique, absorbed the spiritual power of heaven and earth very fast, exclusively for a disciple of Greatest Martial Sect’

‘Destiny Pill: Refined from hundreds of precious spirit grasses, it can increase the chance of breaking through the Destiny Immortal Realm.’

‘Treasure Bag: Contains a small space for storing items.’

All of them were great.

From all of that, Lin Fan thought Destiny Pill was the useless one because he could enter the realm by the System’s help.

Nine Heavens Sect.

The first thing he did after Lin Fan came back, was visit his master, even though he had no attachment to his master.

Lin Fan had some idea to kill the strongest disciple in Greatest Martial Sect.

Pushing open the door of his master’s house, he saw Qin Heng sitting on the bed and crying. He felt uncomfortable seeing his master suffered.

Qin Heng heard the door being opened and found that it was Lin Fan who came in and cried, “What are you here for after all that happened? I would’ve fought them if you didn’t warn me.”

“Okay, hold it right there, you said you want to fight them, but do you really think you can handle them with your strength?” Lin Fan wanted to say that to Qin Heng, but he changed his mind.

“When will Master wake up?” Lin Fan asked.

Qin Heng shook his head, “You think i would know? But don’t worry, I believe he will wake up soon.”

When Lin Fan heard that, he understood that his master just didn’t want to wake up because of the embarrassment.

“I’ll take your place, just let me handle the rest.” Lin Fan said.

How could Qin Heng let Lin Fan took all the credit? He was waiting for Fang Jiuzhen to wake up so that he knew Qin Heng really cared about him.

“You can rest assured, if master wakes up, I will tell him that you are the one who took care of him this whole time.” Lin Fan saw through Qin Heng at a glance, “I want to treat his wound, you’re distracting.”

Qin Heng wanted to refuse at first, but when he heard that Lin Fan wanted to treat the master’s wound, he didn’t say anything else.

“Okay. But don’t lie to me.”

“Relax, I won’t lie to you.” Lin Fan answered.

Qin Heng blinked at Lin Fan and left.

After Qin Heng left, Lin Fan patted his master’s shoulders and said, “Master, no one is here. Wake up.”

Nothing happened.

The master was lying on the bed still didn’t move an inch.


Lin Fan said, “Master, if you refuse to wake up, I will undress you and wipe your body.”

Lin Fan got up as a warning.


He heard a cough.

“Cough cough cough …” The master slowly opened his eyes, expressionless, as if he was stuck in time, he finally woke up.

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