Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 98


“Why are you here? What just happened?”

Fang Jiuzhen asked calmly, and he didn’t see any problem at all. As for why he woke up, it wasn’t an important thing.

“Master, do you remember how you came back?” Lin Fan asked.

How could he say that he was humiliated in Greatest Martial Sect?

It pained him to lie, but could he tell the truth?

That was naturally impossible.

“Lin Fan, after going to Greatest Martial Sect, I met a friend. My friend was one of the higher-ups there. He helped me to negotiate with Ye Zhentian, and the matter was quickly resolved.”

“After a few days of discussion, I was exhausted and passed out.”

Fang Jiuzhen really cared about his pride. He has worked so hard to support the Nine Heavens Sect. How could he let it fall apart just like that?

Lin Fan looked at his master and was moved.

Fang Jiuzhen was shocked because when he went to Greatest Martial Sect, he realized that the gap was huge.

“Master, I am also your disciple, I’m not an outsider. The one who brought you back was Feng Sihai. When he sent you back, he was very arrogant. We all know that you suffered a lot at Greatest Martial Sect.”

“Our disciples, no one except Qin Heng knew what happened, none of them want to leave up until now. Naturally, they have felt that they belonged in this sect, so there is no need to act tough, master.”

“But you can rest assured that your turning point is here. The greatest chance in your life has arrived as you recruited a disciple like me. You will be shocked in the future.”

Fang Jiuzhen was lying on the bed looking so serious, looking at Lin Fan as if shocked by Lin Fan’s words.


Fang Jiuzhen knocked on Lin Fan’s bald head. He was very nervous and said, “Lin Fan, are you okay? Why did you start talking nonsense in broad daylight?”

“No, you misunderstand me.”

Lin Fan blinked.

“Master, please have a good rest. Qin Heng must be waiting outside. I will ask him to accompany you.” Lin Fan wanted to know what happened, but he knew he wouldn’t get the answer.

“I’m a bit tired. I want to rest a bit. You lead the others for today’s practice.” Fang Jiuzhen said.

Lin Fan nodded and took his leave.

Fang Jiuzhen was about to cry when Lin Fan left.

Outside the house.

Qin Heng was walking back and forth, and when he saw Lin Fan came out, he immediately asked, “How is it? Has the master woken up?”

“Yeah, but he is a bit tired and wants to rest, let me tell you, don’t go in, oh, yes, master tells you to go back to practice, he said you are a talented person, and not to waste such rare talent.” Lin Fan patted Qin Heng’s shoulder, he looked very serious.

At that time, Qin Heng’s face was full of excitement, he clenched his fist, and he said to himself, “I know that master has always been expecting great things from me. Master, please rest assured, I will not let you down.”

Qin Heng left in such a hurry.

Lin Fan looked at his back and sighed helplessly. He really didn’t know what Qin Heng thought. As long as someone praised him, he will believe it.

After Lin Fan returned, he began to think about what will he do next.

It was impossible to become strong in Nine Heavens Sect.

Earth Demon Plains was indeed a very good choice.

But the risk was too high.

It would be ideal if he could encounter one earth demon at a time, but normally he will encounter the demon in a group.

His current realm was the Destiny Immortal, and his Spirit Root was Golden Spirit Root. If he went to Greatest Martial Sect and asked to become one of the disciples, then he could slowly approach Ye Zhentian and then seized the opportunity.

Well, that idea was not bad.

However, there were still some problems. It was not that simple to join Greatest Martial Sect. Their assessment has ended. Going through the back door was his only way to go in.

But who will help him?

If he told Fang Jiuzhen, could his friend in Greatest Martial Sect do Lin Fan a favor and get him in, but that was impossible.

He had to rely on himself.

Night has come.

Lin Fan was writing a letter to his master in his house.

He held a pen for a long time and thought about how to write that letter. Then he got an idea.

“Dear Master Zhang, your disciple, Lin Fan, is very angry because of this humiliation. I will go out to get new experience and become stronger. Please wait for my return, I must find justice for master. Your disciple Lin Fan.”

He put the letter on the table.

He pushed the door open to see the night sky outside. It was a good time to leave. He quickly packed his stuff and ran toward the mountain gate.

In the early morning.

Fang Jiuzhen came to Lin Fan’s house and found no one. He was quite curious. Then, he saw there was a letter on the table and opened it.

It didn’t take too long…

“Lin Fan, why did you go on your own …”

Fang Jiuzhen was hurt inside. He couldn’t believe Lin Fan’s words in the letter.

Fang Jiuzhen was afraid Lin Fan will get killed by demons because he hasn’t realized yet that Lin Fan has already had Spirit Root.

Fang Jiuzhen immediately went after Lin Fan.

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