Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 99


Fang Jiuzhen felt so helpless. He never thought that Lin Fan was only trying to join Greatest Martial Sect all along.

Greatest Martial Sect, Zhentian Mountain, inside the hall.

“Why didn’t Feng Sihai come back with you?” Ye Zhentian’s eyes were burning red, he scared them all.

“Brother Feng seemed to have something to do first, so he told us to go back without him.” A disciple reported.

Ye Zhentian frowned and quite unhappy about the fact that Feng Sihai did not come back because he was in desperate need of manpower.

Ye Zhentian knew what Feng Sihai intended to do.

“If you see him, tell him to meet me immediately.” Ye Zhentian said.

Recently, many people in the school came to him in an attempt to get a share of the spirit vein.

But he was a true disciple, no one dared to steal from him.

After a few days.

At the foot of Greatest Martial Sect Mountain.

Lin Fan looked up at the magnificent sect in front of him, and he was so shocked because of that. That was the real deal for sure. Compared with Nine Heavens Sect, it was simply like heaven and earth.

Countless mountain peaks stood tall, facing the sky, those mountain peaks were like an ancient sacred realm, where countless immortals resided.

Standing there alone, Lin Fan felt realized how small himself was.

“No big deal, I will shine brighter than anyone else.”

Lin Fan said that and then looked at the sun in the sky.

Lin Fan turned around and left. It was too dangerous to stay there. He had to find opportunities because he already had an idea in his mind.

Of course, he must do something with his bald head. Otherwise, it may affect the success rate of his plan.

He walked into a quiet place and used his qi.

Hairs suddenly grew from his bald head, and it kept growing until it touched his shoulders.

Lin Fan stroke his new hair, even without looking at the mirror, he knew that he was handsome and stunning as long as he didn’t say anything silly.

He waited in the forest not far from Greatest Martial Sect.

And that was where his patience and determination was put to the test.

Several days passed.

Lin Fan kept waiting. During that time, he saw many disciples of Greatest Martial Sect passing by.

But those small fries were not his target.

And some male disciples were jealous of Lin Fan’s handsome face.

Several days passed again.

Lin Fan gradually became impatient, but if he gave up, it would all be for naught.

At that time.

A girl showed up, and the girl was not particularly beautiful. She was chubby and cute.

When she pouted, she looked so cute.

Even if she carried a threatening long sword on her back, nonetheless, she was perfect.

“She’s the one.”

Lin Fan had a very good eye when it came to discerning people’s potential and character, and at the same time, various plans popped up in his mind.

Later, he was following the girl all the way, and the cute girl didn’t know that she was being stalked.

To ensure the 100% success rate, he had to be patient.

The girl seemed to be going down the mountain for the first time, and she was very interested in the surroundings as she kept looking around.

“What took this girl so long?”

Lin Fan was getting annoyed.

He planned to talk to her after saving her from a dangerous predicament.

Lin Fan has been following her for half a day.

And the opportunity finally came.

Lin Fan found the girl seemed to be tired, she sat under the tree to rest, and a several meters long snake was slithering around the tree, and its cold eyes stared at the little girl sitting below.


The snake struck like lightning.

“Sister, be careful.”

Lin Fan tried to be a hero who saved the damsel in distress, but immediately afterward, the situation suddenly went beyond his expectation.

He saw the girl drawing the long sword behind her, and her lightning-fast sword cut off that snake.

Lin Fan was shocked on the spot, watching the cute girl turned into a cruel butcher.

“Who are you?”

The girl looked at Lin Fan with vigilance, while still firmly holding her sword.

Lin Fan was a bit embarrassed, how he could tell that girl what his intention was.

“This… That…”

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