My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 10


Chapter 10 – Core Squad

The next day, the weather was normal.

Tang Yu stretched out his body and walked out of the castle. There was a new resident in the castle since last night. He felt the castle was even livelier this way.

After breakfast, Tang Yu and Elaine walked to the small garden in front of the castle.

Elaine wore a simple beige dress. The edge of the skirt fluttered as her body moved forward. Giving off a fresh teenage youth energy.

Tang Yu searched for clothes last night. After all, he’s not fond of women’s clothing. Naturally there’s no women’s clothing available in the castle. Last night’s scene of freshly showered Elaine wearing a cloak still lingered in Tang Yu’s mind.

Although the result of the summoning ritual came as a surprise to him, he didn’t forget the real reason why he had summoned Elaine in the first place.

Elaine was his first follower and she would be a great help to him.

An A-ranked mage!

“Did you sleep well last night?

Elaine nodded softly.

This kind of life was simply too unimaginable for her, she had prepared for all the obligations.

Soon, Elaine displayed her power at the lord’s request.

She learned two spells from that old grimoire.

Ice spike and ice storm spell.

As she raised her hand, the condensed ice flung high and pierced the tree bark in the distance. The ice shards shattered and spread to the surrounding area, left the entire tree frozen in icy blue color.

Tang Yu observed carefully.

Elaine’s power was nearing a double awakening, which was indeed very rare. From the contract, he also learned about Elaine’s brief background story. She lived a hard life as a little girl. Although she had awakened three years ago, she never had a proper magic training. In her world, people couldn’t gain power from killing monsters. Her power came from meditation alone.

Relying on this information alone, Tang Yu came to understand she lived a hard life. He didn’t know how hard it was, but it’s certainly not easy.

Her power was below No. 1 and No.2, but a mage had advantages where the two of them was just a guard puppet. No matter how strong, they were only a tool. But Elaine was a living person, with her current power, she had unlimited potential in the future as A-class mage.

Tang Yu had some speculations, maybe because of Elaine’s high rank and affinity to the ice element, her skin didn’t get tanned and rough even after living such a hard life. Instead, with her continuous improvement of the element, her skin becomes more luminous and smooth, just like an ice crystal.

On the other side, in the early morning, Chen Haiping and other survivor had already awake and was preparing breakfast.

In the doomsday, getting up early was a luxury for an ordinary survivor. They could barely eat enough every day, so there’s no obligation to rise up early for breakfast as they wouldn’t feel hunger if they’re asleep.

But today, they all got up early in the morning, they were hungry. Yesterday, Tang Yu gave a lot of food, so now there’s a variety of food to choose. They can eat porridge with some bacon and pickles. This was very satisfying, indeed!

Even though they hid in the cold storage, there were only rice grain and raw material. Not to mention, they were forced to hide with no sort of tools. They would certainly be starved to death.

But now, they got to fill their belly with rice porridge. A survivor patted his stomach, his face was full of satisfaction.

“It’s just a bowl of rice porridge, why is it so satisfying to eat?”

“Because you’re fat.” A person jokingly answered, “And fat people are easy to satisfy.”

“Nonsense! You were the one whose face almost dipped into a bowl!”

The group of survivors joyfully exchanged words and jokes.

With their energy filled, they had the heart to joke around. Even though                 Chen Haiping was a hunter and never felt hungry, his daily food wasn’t as good as this meal because he’s not one of Wang Tai’s subordinates.

With this comparison, they felt grateful for their present life.

Chen Haiping led the survivors to villa No. 3, beyond that was the restricted area. Tang Yu warned them that the outermost villa area was prohibited, they naturally wouldn’t explore it just for curiosity.

In the doomsday, curiosity killed the cat.

“Why is Mr. Tang hasn’t come yet?”

“Watch it. We will work under Mr. Tang’s staff. Be grateful for Mr. Tang’s generosity, I don’t think he will treat us badly. Also, if Mr. Tang finished building the shelter, we can serve as the first batch of elders.”

Tang Yu had talked to them about the job, it was nothing more than transporting various materials. Although it’s heavy physical work, at least it’s not dangerous. In the doomsday, this job was one of the safest options available. In addition to food, they also got some essential daily necessities. In short, he was already very generous, indeed.

They had hesitation before, but now they already made up their minds. With this shift in mentality, their mindset immediately changed. Although they were still hesitant about establishing a shelter, at least no one would dare to say a bad thing about Tang Yu. They could not leave anyway, so if the shelter could really be established, the quality of their life would certainly improve with Tang Yu’s generosity.

They suddenly wanted to work faster just from thinking it.

“Mr. Tang is here!”

Someone informed suddenly.

They saw Tang Yu walking towards them from the distance, he wore a sports suit with a dagger adorned his waist. No. 1 followed his steps just like yesterday.

Suddenly the people were stunned to see Elaine following behind him.

Elaine wore an extra layer of a cloak with a hood in addition to the long beige dress. For Elaine, the heat was not a problem. Living in the slums made her accustomed to cover every part of her body. Even if this cloak offered no protection, she still preferred to wear it.

Several survivors were still surprised, but they quickly lowered their head, gesturing a small bow.

Some of them might see Elaine as a weak and delicate person. Only Chen Haiping could see her true aura.

Her aura looked similar to a hunter, but it had some differences.

Chen Haiping shook his head of the thoughts. He then stepped forward to discuss today’s job with Tang Yu.


Suddenly, Chen Haiping heard a strange sound. He looked startled and looked up to the direction of the coming sound.

From the blue sky, clouds of dark color approaching. He fixed his gaze only to realize it was not a dark cloud, but a terrifying swarm caused by countless flying demonic beasts gathered together.

“It’s the demonic sparrow!”

Chen Haiping blurted out.

This swarm was originally ordinary sparrows, the red fog turned them into demonic beasts. It’s classified as a low-ranked demonic beast, and its strength was even weaker than those of demonic steel rats.

He tensed. This kind of demonic sparrow was indeed weak, but it moved in large groups. Chen Haiping predicts there were at least several hundreds to thousands of these beasts. More importantly, they could fly!

Chen Haiping was getting worried. Although the armored persons were indeed powerful but still, firstly, they couldn’t fly, and secondly, they didn’t have any large-area attack skill. They weren’t very helpful in dealing with the flying demonic sparrows.

This was certainly bad!

Suddenly, the swarm of the demonic sparrow flew over toward the villa area, they found a target. They swooped down like a black cloud descending from the sky.

At this time, it’s impossible to avoid the sparrow unless they escaped to a sturdy room. But it’s too late, the flying demonic beasts were way faster.

“Is there nothing else we can do?”

Chen Haiping killed two demonic sparrows with a pistol, but it seemed it made no difference to the remained dark clouds. His heart sank with disappointment.

Tang Yu quickly resolve the problem, his eyes brighten with determination.

The work for the transporting team had already been arranged. With Elaine as an additional member of the core team, his territory development progress would be doubled up faster. However, the key to establishing a second building was the spirit stones.

Suddenly, the demonic sparrow who came knocking at his door looked cute. He would always remember the great contribution they gave in building his territory.

Behind him, Elaine stretched out her hand, and a white fog began condensed into a frost.

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