My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 100


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 100 – The Way Back Home

Tang Yu stood in the center of the group. Feeling relieved after he watched several high-level demonic beasts forced their way up only to be cut down.

There were so many demonic beasts hiding under the giant tree as he predicted. Especially the shocking advanced demonic beast. If there were so many demonic beasts in the fifth awakening level or above, wander the wilderness. He worried ordinary hunter teams who roamed in the wilderness would never make it out alive. Fortunately, this time, their teamwork was good.

Thinking back then, when he came here with only No.1 and No. 2, he felt fortunate that he didn’t fight every demonic beast. Otherwise, he would provoke one or two high-level demonic beasts like the ice crystal demonic beast. He would have a hard time escaping.

Tang Yu gazed at the distance. His gaze locked at the giant tree. He carefully thought. This place wasn’t particularly close with the Crack of the Abyss, but they were so many demonic beast roaming here. All of which concentrated in this area. There must be a reason for it.

“It’s either because of the spirit stone mine, or this giant tree.”

In comparison, Tang Yu felt that these demonic beasts were somehow attracted by the tree. Especially at the crystal-like leaf on top of the tree. Perhaps it had a certain trait that could subliminally enhance the wisdom of the demonic beasts and promote their evolution, and because of that, more and more demonic beasts were attracted to this place.

Tang Yu recalled, the last time he escaped, the demonic beast only chased to a certain distance. This was also why the Tree Shade shelter, which was located nearby, was not attacked by the beast. After all, they were too busy evolving, suppressing their instinct to hunt down humans.

“Wait a minute…”

Tang Yu suddenly remembered about the two demonic waves that the shelter had encountered. Could it be that the demonic beast’s target wasn’t the Tree Shade shelter but this giant tree on the back? Tang Yu felt it was the only possible explanation.

He shook his head and instructed Roger. “I’ll leave this to you. After finished clearing demonic beast, arrange the team to start mining.”

On the other side, the patrol members were all on mindless firing. After all, they didn’t really need to aim against the raging herd of the demonic beast. They were confused after they heard Leader Tang’s words. Could it be that he was leaving?

But at the next moment, they saw Leader Tang took out a cushion and laid in on the ground. He sat cross-legged and closed his eyes.

Sit? Why would he sit down there?

And why did he closed his eyes??

The patrol members wondered.

Suddenly, someone came up with a possibility, “He’s not going to refining spirit power here, right?”

The people who heard it couldn’t believe that. He should’ve waited until they returned to the shelter. Why would he refine spirit power in such a dangerous place?

But then they realized. Looking around, the arrow constantly shooting out, piercing and bursting demonic beast into a bloody mist. Red brilliant light spewed out from the cannon, blowing a large portion of a demonic beast at once. This kind of massacre was incredible. A huge amount of spirit power escaped from their carcasses. Even if some of it dissipated because of the distance, the spirit power that could be absorbed was absolutely beyond imagination.

Even those who slain demonic beast with heavy machine guns and rocket launcher felt they managed to absorb a large amount of demonic beast. And what about Leader Tang? He undoubtedly was the one who killed the most demonic beast in the area. He might be worried that his spirit power was already full, right? No wonder Leader Tang wanted to refine his spirit power on the spot. The escaping spirit power dissipated because no one could absorb it.

Upon the realization, they were also heartbroken. They also wanted to meditate and refine their spirit power. But no matter what, they couldn’t do it. Right now, they were surrounded by the demonic beast wave. Gunfire sound and roaring demonic beast made them realize that being on a battlefield meant they couldn’t relax. They didn’t dare to refine their spirit power in such a place. However, they saw Leader Tang already closed his eyes and started refining his spirit power at ease.

Somehow, a sentence emerged inside their mind.

Let the earth rumble and the mountain shake, and I’d remain standstill.

Probably, that’s it.


As the sun set, the evening sky was basked with glorious orange-reddish color. Tang Yu opened his eyes and couldn’t help but stretched his body.

This meditation, the process of refining spirit power, was really comfortable. As he opened his eyes, he had raised from triple awakening to fourth awakening. He was not far from the fifth awakening stage. It was the exact reason why he wasted too much spirit power. It couldn’t be helped, his body was too slender, and not big enough.

Tang Yu stood up, moved his body, and touched a crystal bottle in his chest. The Spirit Power Container seemed like absorbing a good amount of spirit power. Later, when they returned to the shelter, he would refine the spirit power from the container and breakthrough to the fifth awakening stage in one swoop.

Although he wasn’t as good as Roger or the others, he would be considered a top master in Lindong shelter. The thought of it elevated his mood. At this time, No. 1 and No. 2 were guarding beside him. Winnie also stood guard nearby.

On the other hand, Roger directed the patrol members to mine the spirit stone ore from the mine. Today, those people had to be both makeshift miners and porters. 

As for Shay… Tang Yu looked around and couldn’t find his figure. But suddenly, the bush shook in the distance. Shay’s burly figure emerged from the bushes. He was carrying a boar with the size of an armored car on his shoulder.

“My Lord, look what I’ve found. It’s a pure exotic beast, the meat will be tasty and chewy. I bet it will be good for barbecuing. As long as we season it with salt and pepper powder, cumin, and whatsoever. That will definitely taste good.”

Tang Yu hesitated. But on the second thought, he hadn’t eaten anything since noon. His stomach grumbled. In that case…

Tang Yu pulled out a set of ingredients and equipment from his space backpack. “Alright, I’ll leave this to you, Shay!”

Most of the raw ore from the spirit stones below the pit had already been mined. In addition to the patrol members, all of the basic puppets were also busy. Every ore available on the surface had been mined. The remaining ores that were hidden beneath the ground couldn’t be mined for now. But this amount of spirit stone ore was already a huge amount. He could come back later to harvest the ores.

The spirit stones ore piled up high like a mountain. Even the two space backpacks couldn’t carry them all. But it’s not a problem. Tang Yu used the box that previously was used to carry the ammunition and guns to carry the ore. The patrol members who acted as a porter when they first arrived also did the same on the way back home to the shelter.

By the time they got out from the mountain forest, the last rays of the orange setting sun had dissipated at the horizon. The nightfall, dark blue color spread across the night sky.

Everyone was relieved. The mountain forest was too dangerous to camp in for the night as it was also uncomfortable. They felt relieved after stepping out of the dangerous place. Even though they had already cleared the demonic beast beneath the giant tree, they never knew what danger lurked in the mountain forest. Furthermore, they were only at the edge of the mountain forest.

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