My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 103


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 103 – Recruiting Chefs

After being amazed by Tang Yu’s ability, the hunters who were not part of the patrol soon started a brand new mercenary team. They should now be called the Adventurer Experience.

On the other side, in the small square in front of the villa area, survivors were chatting and drinking water while waiting. A large truck approached from the ramp below, Lin De Yun opened the door and descended from the passenger seat. Weaving hands to greet the survivors in the distance, “It’s time to get to work, guys.”

Inside the truck were boxes of supplies, some were packaged, and some wasn’t. They looked a bit messy. The survivors of the porter team came over and worked together to move the boxes from the truck first.

Lin De Yun moved down a crate that was half a person high and couldn’t help but wiped the sweat from his forehead. Being someone past middle age, engaging in these things was a bit overwhelming.

After moving all these goods down, the large truck quickly drove off. Instead of sitting back in the passenger seat, he had another survivor instead. He was ready to go to the other side and carry the next load of supplies.

The porter teams were now gradually expanding their activities beyond the resort, transporting things, including building materials and other supplies. It was just when being compared to the speed at which the patrols cleared the demonic beasts, they were much slower.

Often when the patrol finished clearing the area, they would need to take several trips before leaving. Because there was a shortage of manpower in the porter team. In the end, many goods in the wilderness in the field were carried by the patrol members. On the other hand, the shelter lacked large trucks and diesel fuel.

Lin De Yun had heard that the patrols’ higher-ups were trying to find a solution to the problem. He shook his head. It wasn’t something he should be concerned about. He turned to the other survivors, pointing to the goods, “A few large boxes over here are construction materials. Two boxes over there are groceries, and there’s a small box with medicine. Be careful when you take it…”

After sorting the goods into categories, Lin De Yun and other survivors carried the goods to the various areas of the warehouse storage points. After finishing their workload, these survivors went to the side under a tree to rest. Someone handed him a bottle of water, and after thanking him, Lin De Yun opened the cap and gulped down most of the bottle.

“Ah…It feels so refreshing…”

He felt lucky to have water to drink and food to eat, even though he had to do a lot of physical work every day. Suddenly, he heard someone ask.

“Old Lin, you remember you said that you used to be a chef?”

Lin De Yun was stunned and shook his head slightly, “Nah, I just worked as a cook in a hotel. So how can I be considered as a chef?”

Although he said that, in fact, Lin De Yun had worked for around 20-30 years in the culinary industry. Although he didn’t dare to call himself a chef, he was a cook with excellent cooking skills. He had a passion for cooking from the bottom of his heart.

Some people might think cooking is a hard-working job, and some might think it was lonely. But he felt as long as he stood in the kitchen every day; watching the ingredients turn into a delicious dish in his own hand, he felt pleasure from the bottom of his heart.

Unfortunately, after the doomsday, it’s good to have enough food. So who would dare to be a picky eater? At best, it was simple processing of food based on his experience with limited conditions. He was already content with that.

The survivor who spoke patted him on the shoulder. “Anyway, you’ve worked as a chef in a hotel. So, why don’t you hurry up and apply for a job as the cafeteria chef?”

“Cafeteria chef? Apply for a job?” Lin De Yun was stunned.

“What? You don’t know? It’s right there on the notice board at the city gate. There’s new recruitment information posted. You better hurry up and take a look, that treatment is a lot better than us porters, and when you become a chef, don’t forget us. These old brothers.”

His head was a bit dizzy, and he involuntarily went to the city entrance, the notice board.

[First Shelter Cafeteria Hiring for Chef. Chef, cooks, and other positions. Survivors who are interested can apply for the test.]

Lin De Yun didn’t dare to believe it, but after seeing the hiring post, he had to believe it anyway! No one dared to fake the official shelter recruitment post, so it must be true.

“In other words, the shelter is really recruiting chefs and is planning to build a cafeteria?”

According to the information above, the applicant had to go to the employment center. He knew that place. It’s located in the third villa in the eastern area.

Lin De Yun walked into the city walls and followed the path inside. First villa, second vila… suddenly, he rubbed his eyes, “I must be wrong!”

He continued walking past a few resident villas and felt something was wrong.

The employment center was easy to find, a villa with a simple shed attached outside. But he hadn’t seen such a building along the way. He looked at the house number of the nearby villa, villa 16. The housing number was upside down, villa no.1 was at the inner side, and villa 16 was the 6th one from the entrance.

“Alright, this is weird.”

Lin De Yun went back to the third building, or he should say the original third building. He rubbed his eyes again, “It seems like this isn’t an illusion.”

There was no white and blue employment center from his memory. Instead, there was an elegant building with beautiful carved doors, walls, and pillars in front of him. Finally, his eyes subconsciously landed on the sign just above the entrance. There were several large characters carved with dragons and phoenixes.

Adventurer’s Guild!

“I guess…this is the new employment center?”

He had heard about the shelter legend about Leader Tang. He rubbed his eyes again to make sure it wasn’t an illusion before finally stepping inside. The guildhall was huge, there weren’t many people at the moment as most of the hunters had left early in the morning after receiving their quests.

He walked towards one of the information desks. After consulting the staff, the staff asked him to fill out a form, after which he was told to wait in a room on the side for notification.

When Lin De Yun arrived in the room, he was surprised to find that there were already a dozen survivors waiting. Most of them glanced at him and lowered their heads, remaining silent. There was a quiet and somewhat uncomfortable atmosphere in the room.

“These people should be the survivors who applied for the job, and most of them are probably here for chefs’ position, aka my competitor.”

Chefs are obviously treated much better than cooks and handymen. And there’s only a few hundred survivors at the shelter, and there are certainly not many chef positions. Two or three positions are considered too many. After all, you can’t compare the pre-doomsday configuration to the present.

Lin De Yun thought to himself.

Suddenly, a young guy walked in with form sheets in his hand. And after counting the number of people in the room, he said, “Fifteen people, that’s about right. Alright, you all come with me and get ready for the test.”

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