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My Doomsday Territory Chapter 104


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 104 – Research and Development Blueprints

The group moved, following the young man.

After leaving the eastern part of the villa district, they did not head outside the city walls but walked inwards from the open space between the two villa districts. Passed the huge training camp building, and then kept going inwards. Soon, a three-story building appeared before everyone’s eyes.

“This is the cafeteria, if you guys can pass the test, your future workplace will be here.” The person leading the way said.

The crowd walked into the cafeteria. The interior inside was just like most cafeterias. At a glance, it was filled with tables and chairs, and after marveling at it, they didn’t stop and went straight to the back of the cafeteria.

“It’s all furnished…”

“…and they’re all brand new.”

Lin De Yun looked at the appliances in the back kitchen, and there was also shock in his eyes. Initially, he guessed that the cafeteria would be located in the hotel next to the central square, which was the only place in the entire resort that was well-equipped.

But despite that, things like electricity, gas, etc. were still a problem. And of course, everything could be kept simple by relying on burning coal and firewood to cook.

After seeing that exquisite adventurer’s guild building, Lin De Yun had a vision in his mind. It also proved that Director Tang had used his own means to build a cafeteria. And yet, he hadn’t expected the place to be so complete with utensils.

It was even more complete than the five-star hotels he had stayed in, and there were even some appliances that he didn’t know the function of. He needed to study it again! The electric gas problem that he was initially worried about didn’t exist either, as if there was some sort of special resource of energy supply here.

After a rough observation, Lin De Yun’s gaze fell on one person in the back kitchen.

Chen Haiping, one of the top executives in the shelter, who had a lot of power and made frequent appearances, was known to almost every survivor.

Right after seeing them, Chen Haiping clapped his hands, and the crowd quieted down, he said, “The cafeteria will recruit two chefs, A master chef, and a sous chef. The test method is also very simple. Each person makes a few dishes you’re excelled at. All the ingredients you need are available here.”

Chen Haiping pointed to the other side, where Lin Lan was displaying all kinds of ingredients. Many people’s eyes lit up, and their breathing became ragged. Lin De Yun was no exception. It was the first time since the doomsday that he had seen so many ingredients.

The Tree Shade Shelter wasn’t the first shelter he had stayed in either. In fact, he had stayed in another small shelter before it collapsed due to a lack of food. A few of his companions left the shelter to survive on their own. And then, they were lucky enough to meet Tree Shade’s patrol team and were rescued and sent here.

While all the other shelters lacked food, Tree Shade not only had enough to eat but even possessed all kinds of ingredients. All those essential condiments were just as much in demand. He couldn’t imagine how the Tree Shade shelter found such a complete range of items.

But while being shocked, he was also excited. He was passionate about this job. Only through this particular job could he make an actual contribution to the shelter.


After handing over the cafeteria matter and all other matters to Chen Haiping, Tang Yu was not going to sit idly. Instead, he came to the research institute. Wearing a white lab coat and an auxiliary eyeglass with analytical functions, he found himself somewhat fond of this place.

Although he wasn’t an academic prodigy, he had always had the heart to become a scientist. Tang Yu pulled up the system panel and browsed from the directory.

The cafeteria was already built, and they were recruiting chefs. With so many survivors in the shelter, even if there were no real chefs, it wouldn’t be a problem to find a few who knew how to cook decently.

However, the cafeteria still faced an important problem if it wanted to open. Can a cafeteria without a meal card be called a cafeteria?

The answer’s no.

Nowadays, the survivors and patrols in the shelter used work points or contribution points to earn things. Usually, when a survivor wanted to redeem an item, they would go to the former employment center. After redeeming the item, the employment center would have a clerk registering the increase or decrease of the survivor’s work points.

The issue of consumer settlement was very troublesome.

If he wanted to open a cafeteria, it’d be impossible to have someone record the work points every time the survivors order a meal. Unless the meal is free. However, Tang Yu was not that generous.

He wasn’t going to give the food away for free. He’d rather spend some spirit stones to produce a proper meal card. That’s why he came here to the research institute.

Through the Research Institute, Tang Yu had already improved many blueprints. And he could also deduce blueprints or formulas here. He had already deduced and even improved the recipe for the Awakening Elixir. Once he found all the required materials and produced it, the finished product would have a higher quality than those produced in Lindong. Similarly, blueprints could be developed here as well.

Theoretically, it was possible to develop any blueprint. This was in the Research Institute’s description, which Tang Yu ignored at a glance. Theoretically, a non-tribe could still draw SS*! It’s possible!

After some time, Tang Yu finally figured out the research and development rules of the research institute. There were three main rules.

Basic information, spirit stones amount, and R&D direction.

He was now browsing through the information in the database. Most of this information was downloaded from the Lingdong Shelter. Many of them were the crystallization of human science before the doomsday. They were not high-end science, but they were the foundation and basics. The Research Institute didn’t come with its own information. Without that, Tang Yu’s R&D work estimates could be aborted before it even began.

Information is the foundation, and the spirit stones are the key.

Without spirit stones, there won’t be a research funding available. Even if it’s a big project, it can only rely on imagination.

The last one was the direction of R&D. This was random after several key information of blueprints were put into R&D, the result would be generated randomly. In short, can you develop the results you want? Yes! Look! Luck! And spent spirit stones! Tang Yu felt this was to drain him out of spirit stones.

In addition to the basic information, there were also some relatively higher-end ones, such as the basics of power source, and Tang Yu had read them. He took out two other hardcover books that he got from the market yesterday.

A Book of Rune Literature Basics.

A Book of Pharmacy Basics.

He absolutely lacked information on those two subjects. After learning them, he can proudly call himself Scholar Tang!

[Selecting input materials: Rune Literature Basics, Power Source Basic Knowledge, Electronic Integration Technology, Logic, Materials Science…]

“R&D requires an investment of 500 units of spirit stones, YES/NO?”

The amount of spirit stones needed as an investment was different, depending on the amount and complexity of the entered information. Now, although he had entered a lot of information, they were all in the basic category, so the cost wasn’t that high. Well, 500 spirit stones at a time weren’t much, even if it were higher, Lord Tang can still afford it!

He chose R & D.

[R & D successful, congratulations on developing the “Rune Encryption Technology”].

This wasn’t what he wanted.

Go on. He’s got plenty of spirit stones anyway.

[R&D successful, congratulations on developing the “Automatic Recognition Door Panel” (blueprint).]


[R&D successful, congratulations on developing the “Victoria’s Secret Underwear** (blueprint)”].

Tang Yu’s darkened. “What the hell is this?!”


He repeatedly touched the panel, R&D, skip, touch again, R&D, skip…

Tang Yu stared at the screen. Maybe because he entered too much information and the direction of R&D wasn’t very specific. He even couldn’t figure out some of the blueprint’s functions. Fortunately, he, Great Lord Tang, had plenty of spirit stones!


[R&D successful, congratulations on developing the “Identity Card” (blueprint).]

Tang Yu’s eyes lit up.

“I’m glad I didn’t give up. I’ve finally got you!”

TL’s note

* I’m not sure what the author means with ‘SS.’

**LOL now he can craft ‘suitable’ underwear for Winnie!

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