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My Doomsday Territory Chapter 105


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 105 – Foodies

The news of the cafeteria opening was like a hurricane that swept through the entire shelter in no time. Everyone was talking about it.

“Have you heard yet? Our food distribution will be changed to dining in the cafeteria from now on.”

“I’ve heard it, yeah. I even went to see that cafeteria. Tsk tsk, Leader Tang made a move again. It looked so different, so much better than the place we’re living in. It’s a shame to use it as a cafeteria.”

“You didn’t know? They said Leader Tang is also planning to build several housing units, and those who perform well will have a chance to move in.”

“I don’t know what kind of food is served in the cafeteria. It should be better than the usual, right?”

“That’s for sure. Do you know who the cafeteria’s chef is? Lin De Yun, he used to be a chef in a five-star hotel, that’s something to behold.”

After the day’s work was done, it was originally time to wait to receive food. But now, everyone was heading to the cafeteria. Some of the survivors who had received the information couldn’t help but become curious about the new cafeteria.

When Liang Hao arrived at the cafeteria, he already saw a long line of people in front of him. As a survivor from the early days of the shelter, he didn’t need to do manual labor every day like ordinary survivors. Now, he was the basic manager of the shelter. And of course, he still needed to eat. The line was unbelievably long. At least 100-200 people lined up in front of the cafeteria.

Some survivors who had just arrived looked at the long line and frowned. “Why is there suddenly a line in front of the cafeteria? Can’t they just line up inside? It’s not like the cafeteria is small, right?”

When Liang Hao heard that he immediately replied, “You haven’t heard? There’s a reason why people lined up in front of the cafeteria.”

He pointed out with his hand, and the survivors followed his direction. Liang Hao revealed a satisfied smile and continued, “I got the news in the morning. It is said that the shelter is going to introduce an identity card that can record everyone’s identity information and store everyone’s work points for consumption settlement. In simple words, it’s a meal card.”

“With this single card. The shelter’s future consumption, welfare distribution, etc. will be much more convenient. You guys don’t want to wait for the clerk to record everyone’s work points exchange while waiting for food in the cafeteria, right?”

“And now, this line is for the identification process. Just wait for a while. It won’t be long now.”

The surrounding survivors showed an awe expression and exclaimed.

Liang Hao was smiling with a pleasant face. They moved forward slowly, after 10 minutes, Liang Hao finally arrived at the cafeteria’s entrance. Two staff members held a device that looked like a fingerprint record device when we went to the government office to make an ID card.

After greeting the two, Liang Hao pressed his thumb on the identification device, the green light lit up. Then, he signed his name on the side of the writing pad. Soon, his identity card emerged from the hole under the identification device.

“Mr. Hao, this is your identity card. Your salary will be recorded with this. Any transaction within the shelter can be made with this card.”

It was a decent card with only the simple information of his name and a small semi-transparent box next to it. When the thumb with fingerprint authentication was swiped across it, it would show the remaining work points amount in the card. It’s not much, but at least it’s decent enough for now.

If it wasn’t for the limited information and the excessive amount of spirit stones spent on research and development. Tang Yu would have wanted to get a magic version of the phone, then everything would be solved.

There was a fast-food window in front of the cafeteria. Seeing the wide range of dishes, Liang Hao couldn’t help but feel a little teary-eyed.

The dishes were not expensive, mostly home-cooked dishes or dishes that were commonly made in the cafeteria before the doomsday, such as shredded fish and pork, stir-fried eggplant, mapo tofu, stir-fried pork with potato, tomato and egg and so on.

But the survivors behind him were petrified, smelling the familiar dish. They all felt like they were back before the doomsday. Some of them were feeling nostalgic, but those who moved on quickly had already eaten the meal.

Zhao Ming placed two large bowls on the table in front of him, a bowl of hot and sour glass noodles, and a bowl of beef noodle soup with pickled vegetables. They sucked the noodles noisily and ate with delight. At the end of the meal, they burped with satisfaction.

On the opposite seat, the Hammer Brothers looked very serious, eating the large bowls on the table. As highly powerful hunters, their food quantity matched their strength, a mountain of food filled their table. This wasn’t a meal, this was a battle. And both of them were very serious.

In the distance, Peng Bo carried a large tray of food in his hand. His tray was already filled with so many bowls and plates. But once he saw the Hammer Brothers’ table, his eyes widened with disbelief. How could someone eat even more than him!

“Da Peng, help me with this, I want to order some more.”

Peng Bo soon took another tray to his table. He observed the Hammer Brothers, who were still eating in the distance, comparing the food in his hand and nodded in satisfaction.

If Chen Haiping had been present, he would notice his mistake at the amount of food cooked today – he had ignored the foodies.


On the other side of the cafeteria.

After Zhao Ming finished slurping up the noodles, he glanced at the Hammer Brothers and their almost depleted mountains of food. He felt inferior to them in all aspects, not just power. Even their eating speed made him humbled down.

But Zhao Ming believed this would be temporary. He had a dream. One day, he would become as powerful as Captain Roger.

At this time, the two Hammer Brothers had finished their shares. They were getting ready to leave when Zhao Ming called them and smiled mysteriously, “Brothers, I have good news. Do you want to hear it?”

The Hammer Brothers were curious, “Didn’t you just tell us this morning about the cafeteria? Is that the good news?”

“What do you think about the cafeteria? I mean, in terms of the environment.” Zhao Ming started to ask.

“Environment…” The tall one, Ma Jiafeng, pondered and said, “It’s a pretty good environment. It’s clean, comfortable, and spacious.”

He couldn’t think of a better word, but the cafeteria’s environment was indeed out of everyone’s expectations. Even though the name was ‘cafeteria,’ the interior inside looked like an upper-middle-class establishment. The seats were soft and comfortable, it’s even better than their residence at the moment.

“I know, right? Well, let me tell you something…” Zhao Ming said with a mysterious face.

A few minutes later, the three of them arrived at the corner of the villa area. This place was somewhat remote, but at some point, several villas here had been demolished, and two eight-story buildings were built in its place.

“What is this?”

Looking at the two brother’s somewhat stupid-looking astonished faces, Zhao Ming harbored a laugh in his heart. He heard a lot of gossips to hang out with strong people like the Hammer Brothers. Seeing their astonishment, he finally said, “This building on the left will be the residence of the patrol team. Captain Roger will announce it tonight. Of course, I asked about it in advance.”

Zhao Ming brought the two of them to the door, took out the identity card he had just received today, and placed it in front of the door to scan it, the door soon opened. They went upstairs and crossed the corridor to enter a room.

The room was simple, a studio room equipped with a toilet and bathroom. It wasn’t big, but it had all the essentials such as running water and electricity… or, to be exact, power source supply. This was much better than living in the villa.

Although the villa was large, many people lived there together. In the night, they could only light candles and had to go to a place one or two kilometers away just to fetch water.

In contrast, it’s like walking from a rural village into a prosperous city.

“This is a benefit that our patrol members had. Each person has their own room. Other survivors who wanted to live in the apartment would have to pay in work points or spirit stones. Of course, I also asked around. Apparently, the shelter will also build several higher class housing such as suites, and a family villa. We can live in those housing once we earn enough contribution points. Isn’t it exciting?!”

Zhao Ming explained it loud and clear.

The Hammer Brothers took a good look at the room and were very satisfied… Of course, this was Zhao Ming’s room.

The two brothers, although they had accustomed to humble living, how could they advance stronger when they need to go out to fetch water every day? It’s a waste of time. But now, it’s better. The basic furniture they needed was already here. Zhao Ming had indeed brought them the good news.

Ma Jiafeng looked pleased and patted Zhao Ming’s shoulder, “Indeed, you have brought us good news. In return for telling us the news, we’ll take you into hellish training today. After all, your strength is still a bit weak.”

Zhao Ming changed his expression puzzled, startled, and bitter.

Happy news = hellish training? What the hell! 

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