My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 108


My Doomsday Territory Chapter 108 – Searching for Minerals

Hearing Ma Jia Feng’s words, everyone else looked over, but their eyes showed disbelief. Look at the training ground, double shots fired one after another. At most, two shots could defeat an illusionary Demonic Beast, yet he called this mediocre? If it were them, countless demonic beasts would have crossed the green zone by now!

“You guys have such a bad sight. Don’t you think I don’t know my own brother’s power? Why would I lie to you?”

When Ma Jiafeng said so, indeed, he didn’t seem to be lying. Everyone was a little confused. The bullets didn’t explode like this either. Gradually, their eyes fell on the twin revolvers in Ma Jiaze’s hands.

“Don’t tell me…”

Their breathing became ragged. Although it was unbelievable, the reality was exactly like what they thought. This revolver was too strong! The more time spent in the Fantasy Shooting Range, the more demonic beasts appeared at the same time. There were even a number of flying magical beasts that were faster and harder to target their weaknesses.

Pressure increased on Ma Jiaze’s shoulder. Suddenly, he aimed at a flying demonic beast and fired. But the weapon was out of bullets with a loud click sound. Although this magic modified version of the revolver had a very large magazine capacity, it also had an upper limit. It wouldn’t last long in this high-intensity output.

The observer hunters sighed slightly, there were several Demonic Beasts around at the moment that had approached the green area. Still, they didn’t expect one of the revolvers to run out of bullets, it would be a bit of a pity if he failed in this situation.

Ma Jiaze’s expression also changed. One hand quickly ejected the clip. The other hand holding the gun, went to pull out the clip. This process was a bit messy, yet the movement was fast. He was astonished, when did he have such fast hand speed?!

The others, even more alarmed.

“So fast! Is this the strength of the triple awakening hunter?”

“No, the double awakening hunters shouldn’t be this fast either. I at least have the strength of the double awakening, there’s no way I can’t even keep up with my eyes.”

“That’s right.” Ma Jia Feng also nodded, “I’m a bit stronger than Jia Ze, yet I don’t have such speed. Moreover, I know exactly my brother’s strength, even if he was single for more than 20 years*, he wouldn’t be able to practice such hand speed.”

He remembered Ma Jiaze just said that he felt his body become lighter as soon as he picked up the two revolvers. He didn’t think much of it at the time, but now it seemed like…

Ma Jiafeng looked at the revolver, his eyes blazing with anticipation. In his heart, he was also amazed, as expected from Leader Tang! Only he alone could develop such a weapon!


The training session at the Fantasy Shooting Range was over, and Ma Jiaze wiped the sweat from his forehead and walked out with a tired face. He saw the score that appeared on the display screen on the sida, B-.

How could his normal difficulty score be even higher than easy difficulty?!

He was all excited, “So, I’m that strong? It looks like I should switch to being a gunslinger.”

He nodded his head as he said it, feeling that this suggestion was very feasible. Especially holding those two revolvers, he really felt like he was the ultimate gunner. It’s true, he never practiced firearms much at all. But he’s a hunter and possesses good eyesight, he naturally could aim more quickly, but it wasn’t that simple.

He must be a prodigy!

That’s why he could achieve a B- score in the normal difficulty level!

While he was daydreaming, a big hand slapped his head. Ma Jiaze turned around and saw his big brother looking down at him with slanted eyes.

“Don’t you realize what level of marksmanship you’re at now?”


After the test, Tang Yu let out two more hunters with different strengths and entered the fantasy shooting range. As expected, after holding the swift revolver, they were able to perform well in the normal difficulty level.

After that, someone else tested a higher level at the advanced difficulty level. Although they quickly failed, they also reflected the swift revolver’s power.

One by one, the patrol’s eyes lit up, and they almost asked Leader Tang about the price of such a weapon. The only one who looked confused was Ma Jiaze.

His dream of being a prodigy was ruthlessly shattered. But looking at the two exquisite revolvers, he quickly rekindled his confidence. At least, no matter what, he was a firearms prodigy when he held those two revolvers. He wanted to own those revolvers.

Taking back the twin swift revolvers, Tang Yu smiled with satisfaction. Particularly, when he looked at the eager looks of the patrol team members, his smile brightened even more.

Desire is a good thing…

In this way, the new swift revolver would hit the trigger of competition among the patrol members. And also motivates them to work even harder to contribute to the shelter in exchange for contribution points.

And after a while, the spirit stones and materials he spent would return into his hands.



Back at the research institute, Tang Yu entered the newly measured revolver data into the database. This data could be used to strengthen the weapon. Nowadays, there were two ways to strengthen a weapon. The first one was to improve the blueprint through the research institute. The other way was to replace the materials used to craft the weapon with better ones.

The better materials used in the second method include demonic beast materials such as claws, bones, scales, and so one. The durability of these materials far exceeded ordinary iron. Although they were not necessarily inferior to extraordinary minerals.

A weapon such as the Swift Revolver was powerful, accurate, and compelling. It would be a shame if he can’t upgrade it.

Tang Yu optimized the blueprint of the Swift Revolver and selected the most suitable materials, many of which were the leftovers from the high-ranked demonic beasts in the battle of the spirit stones mine. He then took the drawings to the workshop to craft the two brand new Swift Revolvers.

Perhaps because the materials used were different. The appearance of the new ones was different too. The new revolvers were in a lustrous silver color with slightly elongated barrels. At the same time, it also improved in terms of range and power. Naturally, the crafting costs were higher.

“Unfortunately, I can make an enhanced version of the swift revolver with demonic beast materials. But I still can’t craft the Floating Chariot. There were some specific minerals and were irreplaceable. Besides, to upgrade the territory to level 4, I also need a special rare material.”

It gave him a hint of sadness, these materials were hard to find! The mission to find those materials should be done as soon as possible.

Tang Yu summoned Roger.

“Yes, my Lord.”

Tang Yu took out a stack of photos he had prepared before, “Keep an eye out for these minerals when you and the patrol team went out. Post relevant missions in the Adventurer’s Guild, whether for the actual items or just news.”

Roger nodded.

“Right…” Tang Yu contemplated, “Ordinary shelters might have some kind of special minerals. We should find these shelters and trade with them as well, that way, maybe we can get these special minerals faster.”

“These minerals, when you patrols are out, keep an eye out for them. And along the way, post relevant missions in the Adventurers Union, whether you can take out physical items or just news.”

Back then, he found a large piece of a special metal in Wang Tai’s safe. Now he detected that it was indeed a very high-grade special metal. These metals didn’t necessarily exist in pieces. Just like Wang Tai’s piece of Transcendent Metal was taken from mineral ore. In that way, Tang Yu was more inclined to the fact that for some reason, these transcendent minerals spawned at random places.

Perhaps there were also spirit stones that spawned in patches, like the spirit stones mine, that must also be a strategic level resource. Generally, however, the ability to find special minerals seemed to be unrelated to strength. Instead, luck and numbers were more important.

Rather than letting the patrol search alone, it was better to try their luck at other shelters.

TL’s note:

*Ma Jiafeng you naughty boi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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